Pool Party for Oli’s Birthday – 22nd June 2019

Today is Oli’s Birthday and Grant’s Birthday. So because of that todays blog has been split into two blogs. One to cover Oli’s Birthday and one to cover Grant’s Birthday.

We had been invited to a BBQ/Pool Party for Oli’s birthday. I was hoping Bella was going to have fun. We haven’t been swimming in a while so it was going to be interesting to see how she was going to be with the water. Daly was meeting us at Oli’s and Rachel’s once he finished work. So I slapped on the sunscreen, smothered Bella in it and packed the pram. We were walking down and luckily it was such a lovely day.

Bella wanted to walk down wearing her fairy costume. She absolutely loves that thing. So I headed off with my little fairy. I was really impressed with how far she walked before she became fed up and wanted to climb into the pram.

We made it to Rachel’s and Oli answered the door. He was already in his swimming trunks. When we walked into the garden I found Rachel chilling on her giant donut float. She was happily spinning under her parasol. As soon as Bella saw her she wanted to get into the pool. I wasn’t letting her get in the pool fully clothed though. I quickly changed her and then she was able to go in.

I blew up her pool floats that we had bought. We hadn’t taken the arm bands though, her arms are too diddy. She was happy splashing in the pool with Rachel. It was nice to see her enjoying the water. I haven’t seen that in a long time.

Bella happily played in the pool for a bit but soon wanted out. Oli was cooking on the BBQ getting all the food ready for all the guests. We were still waiting for Oli’s mum, cousin, and friend to turn up and his brother was catching the train in. We all had something to eat while we waited. Bella was asking for some food. We gave her a sausage and then she asked for a burger with cheese. Bella’s never really had a burger unless she steals it off someone. I was impressed she wanted one.

Eventually Oli’s mum, cousin Brandon and friend Pete turned up. The boys disappeared off to go get their swim shorts on and then it was on to food and drink. Everyone was starving. We were still waiting Oli’s brother Alex to turn up. Oli got hold of him on the phone and it turned up he was nearly in town so would be turning up soon.

While we were eating Bella became a bit fed up and bored. Rachel went and got her toy box from inside and brought it into the garden. First Bella found her bubble wand. Bella and Rachel played with bubbles before they decided to give a jigsaw a go.

Once everyone had eaten the boys all jumped in the pool. Bella found in funny that the boys were playing in the pool but she didn’t want to join them to play. She didn’t know the boys well enough. Her confidence grew during the day. She especially made friends with Pete.

After Rachel managed to persuade Bella to get into the pool they all had fun splashing about. Oli had been beating up the other boys with Bella’s floats and Bella was not impressed. She beat Oli up to make it fair. It was funny because Oli made it so dramatic everytime Bella tried to hit him.

Bella quickly became fed up of the pool so she disappeared off to play with her toys. Now it was time for the boys to play. They spent their afternoon coming up with different ways to either jump in the pool or throw each other in. I spent my afternoon practicing my fast shutter speed photography. Pretty impressed with some of the photos I managed to capture.

Here’s just a taster from our afternoon

After the basics of throwing and jumping in the pool they resorted to more interested methods. Pete tried to fireman carry Oli into the pool but they couldn’t work out how to do it. In the end he threw Oli in bridal style.

Then they decided to climb on each others shoulders with some help from Oli’s mum. Then they tried to build a pyramid but that didn’t go to well. Their shoulders were too wet for anyone to climb up and get a grip.

They finally finished for the time being playing in the pool. They decided to have fun ‘working out’ I did explain that at most parties people get drunk and do stupid stuff not work out. They tried push ups and other weird balancing things before moving on to yoga poses.

Bella kept getting fed up being outside, luckily Rachel had popped CBeebies on for her in the living room. She’d pop in and out. At least it meant she was taking time to be out of the sun and have some down time.

Soon it was time for presents and cards. Oli recieved some clothes, a pair of deck shoes in blue and a nice medium sized suitcase in red and black. Rachel had bought it deliberately for when they go away. So they can have a suitcase each.

After presents it was time for cake. Instead of your traditional cake or Rachel making a cake, Oli’s birthday cake was a chocolate gateau. Which went down as a huge hit. Even Bella enjoyed the cake. She was covered when she ate her piece. Rachel hovered over her cleaning up the mess as Bella went. It was quite funny to watch.

I went inside with Bella for a bit as the sun and heat was starting to make me feel sick. Bella joined me a little bit but she was having fun just going in and out. Daly was going to turn up soon so we were waiting for him.

Daly eventually turned up. He had a plan to throw Oli in the pool. When we went outside the boys were taking it in turns to skip. They were trying to do all these fancy steps. Some achieved and others they did not.

Daly took his sweet time about throwing Oli in. Rachel and I were stood on their patio waiting to capture it. It was the slowest rugby tackle ever. Daly ended up picking him up in a fireman carry and threw him in. Daly had been looking forward to jumping in the pool all day. He’d been fed up of being at work in this heat, he’d been dying to cool down.

After half an hour of Daly being at the party it was time for us to leave. We needed to go to our next party of the day. We said our goodbyes and headed off to the pub to see Grant.

Stay turned for the next part.

Love CiCi x

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