My motivation is back! – 3rd July 2019

I’ve had a good day today. I managed to get loads of jobs done. I’m extremely proud of myself.

Ok the normal slow morning happened. I knew I had jobs to do but I’ve been struggling to wake up properly in the mornings again. I woke up this morning to Bella jumping on my bed. She managed to bust her way out of her room and came in to find me. Her gate on her door isn’t holding as well as it should. I mean it holds but if she bangs it enough she’s able to bash it so it opens. Bit of a rude awakening but it got me up.

Once Bella realised I was awake she was ready to go downstairs. I dragged myself out of bed and brought all her stuff downstairs. This morning I put my TV programmes on rather than CBeebies. I’m starting to get fed up of children’s shows. I needed some adult TV. Not that you can really call the Big Bang Theory very adult, but it’s nice to have on in the background.

Once again Bella found her princesses and played with them while I tried to build up the motivation to do the jobs I had planned for today. I told Daly that I wanted to do a charity shop run to try and get rid of some of the bits we’ve got kicking around the house. It’s amazing how much junk there is lying around this place.

While I was trying to get my get up and go I received a text from Rachel. She wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping with her on the island. Funnily enough that’s where I was planning to go with all the charity stuff. There’s a huge Cancer Research shop over there where we normally donate. I let her know we were totally up for it.

I had started to put the toys out in the garden for Bella but hearing from Rachel meant it was time to get dressed. And me to get my butt in gear and find all the charity stuff. I dressed Bella and then set about hunting out the bags we had already sorted. There were two from our room that Rachel and I had sorted and then there was also a couple of bags of bedding and bathroom bits.

Bella entertained herself in the car while I filled the boot. Rachel turned up as I was sorting the bags out. So they were sat in the car playing and talking while I packed. Soon the boot was full of bags and I’d packed Bella’s bag so we could get going.

Bella gave me a little bit of a run around today but luckily Rachel had given her a treat. Where Rachel had been doing the float this morning she had come to ours via Tescos. She’d bought Bella another Ariel mini princess. I told her if Bella sat in her car seat I would open the Ariel up and she could have it out of the box to play with.

We drove over the island and went to the shopping outlet. First stop the Cancer Research shop. Rachel went and got me a trolley so we could actually get all the bags into the shop. I was only able to get two of the bags into trolley so I had to balance the other two on top and try to steer the trolley into the shop.

We had a look round the shop once I dropped of the bags off. Rachel found a really pretty black top and I found a cute flowery dungaree dress. Bella also found a toy iPad mini. She broke her full sized one at Oli’s pool party. When we went to pay Bella decided that was the point she wanted to play with all the other toys. I must have been stood in the queue for the tills for five minutes trying to persuade Bella to join the queue with me and give the man a penny to pay for her toy. Eventually she joined me but she wasn’t too interested in actually playing but I got the iPad off her.

The next shop we hit was Poundland. Omg I found the most comfortable jumpsuit in their clothes range. I am in love with it. It’s so pretty and I swear I could live in it. I really want a whole load of jumpsuits with how cute Bella looks in them. I was so happy I was finally able to get hold of one. And this one is made from really loose light material.

Lastly we went into B and M. There wasn’t really anything interesting in there. I did look at garden furniture sets but they didn’t have any that were any good. They only had little three piece sets. That’s no good though, there’s three of us so two seats and a table isn’t going to work.

We walked back to the car to put all the shopping in and decided we were going to go for lunch in Subway. We walked over to Subway rather than driving. It’s too much effort to try to get Bella into the car to just move it to a car park the other side of the road. Bella found a seat at a table while we ordered. Although she didn’t stay at the table for long, she kept coming over to us while we were ordering. She scared the life out of Rachel and I at one point, she hid behind the counter of crisps so we couldn’t see her. Omg the panic! She’s a nightmare at times.

We got out lunch and settled down at the table. I was extremely proud of Bella she ate all her subway. Although it was a bit of a battle. When I finish my sub I started my crisps which distracted Bella. She knew she had a packet of crisps as well and thought I was eating hers.

We all finished our lunch and sat chatting. Rachel kept taking photos of herself. She’d had her hair done this morning and had had curls put in it. It looked really pretty but I was taking the mickey out of her, she never takes photos of her self so it’s a bit weird to see.

I needed to get some bits from a supermarket so I said about heading to Morrisons which was on the same estate. We agreed that Rachel was going to walk round with Bella while I brought the car over. Off they went and left me with all the rubbish. And the bags. On my way to the car I stopped in Poundland again as Daly had rung me asking me to pick him up some cheap sunglasses. He had broken his expensive ones from Vision Express, I told him they would break.

I drove round to Morrisons, parked up and then headed into the store to find Bella and Rachel. As I started my shopping I could hear Bella squealing. I found the pair of them playing the clothing aisle. We carried on doing the rest of my extra shopping, I needed to pick up a few bits for Daly’s lunches.

We made our way back home. Once we were home, Rachel went into the garden while Bella watch Sleeping Beauty. I had managed to get it working on the car DVD player and it meant Bella wanted to watch it. She’s really taken to the film. I told her we’re going to have to get her an Aurora mini Disney princess.

While Bella watched her film I started the washing up. I completed all the washing and then got annoyed with all the bits on the kitchen window sill. I cleared all the teapots mum had collected over the years off and placed them to one side. I knew which teapot I wanted so the rest we’re planning on either selling or sending them to the charity shop. We’d discussed this with mum when she was alive, she knew there we’re going to be things we’d have no interest in keeping. Now the window sill is now nice and clear. It’s made me happy

My next job that I want to do was to clean the deep fat fryer. It’s been needed to be done for ages but I’ve only just got the motivation to get on with it. I’m so proud of how clean I got it. It took a lot of elbow grease but it’s now clean.


I hope my motivation doesn’t give up on me. I have big plans for it. I want to rearrange our bedroom and sort out everything in it. Never know there might be a few more charity shop trips on the cards.

Anyway’s night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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