A lovely clean Kitchen – 4th July 2019

I had an awful nights sleep. I think I managed to finally fall asleep about 3.30 am snuggled up to Daly who was getting up at 4am. I’d tried several times during the night to settle down but nothing was working. I even ending sitting downstairs watching TV for a bit. I was always told if you can’t go to sleep it’s better to get up and do something rather than just lie in bed.

I had a rude awakening this morning. My alarm went off at 9.30 am and as I went to roll over and turn my alarm off I realised it said Babyballet on top of it. I had a mini heart attack when I realised I had half an hour to get up, dressed and over to Bella’s ballet lesson. Thankfully Bella was awake and in a wonderful mood. That made things a lot easier. I was able to get Bella up and dressed quickly with very little fight. I gave her her breakfast and then got myself dressed. We were out the door on time surprisingly and off we went to ballet.

Bella was very happy to be at ballet when we pulled up but then refused to actually enter the room. I had to carry her in because she kept trying to pull me back out of the room. I eventually got her in the room and was able to put her ballet shoes on. We went and found our spots on the mat and Bella went from being clingy to running around. She was very hit and miss with ballet today. She would join in briefly and then become bored and disappear off to the wall or doors to look out the window.

I’ve discovered her new favourite song at ballet though. The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. She joined in fully and didn’t want my involvement at all. Normally I will hold her round the waist for balance but she was so into the routine she didn’t want my help at all. I’ve realised that’s the little dance routine she makes me do outside nursery with the wiggling and shaking.

She got into a little fight with the little boy in her class. They do one dance with a fairy wand and instead of using it like one, these two were using them as lightsabers and fighting. It’s cute she’s got a friend to play with but not the time, place or equipment to use in that manor.

She danced very nicely with Twinkle teddy at the end of her class. She rocked her to sleep and then span round dancing with her.

I don’t take photos in Bella’s ballet class as it feels odd to and also I’m too busy helping and dancing with Bella I don’t have time. Although we’ve been told it’s presentation week next week so I’ll be taken photos then.

After ballet it was home time for lunch and a change of clothes. When we got home Bella went and entertained herself with her mini princesses and her bus. I hit the kitchen hard again. I normally come home do the washing up and make Bella’s lunch but I had already done the washing up the night before. My crazy cleaning bug has hit me. I must be starting to feel a bit better and motivated because it’s been a long time since I fully blitz the kitchen. Yesterday was the deep fat fryer, today the oven hob.

As well as cleaning the hob, I wiped down and cleaned all the cupboard doors and drawers. Put all the washing up away. Cleared the counter tops and cleaned them. Cleaned the fridge door. Sorted out all our carrier bags. And swept the floor. I have to say my kitchen looks so clean now. I love it. I just hope I’m able to keep it that way.

We’re trying to sort the house out and all of mum’s stuff so kinda taking a room on at a time. I’m gradually working my way through the kitchen cupboards but mum was a bit of a shopaholic so there’s a lot of stuff. The next rooms I want to sort however are the bedrooms. We are planning on completely moving ours around I just haven’t found the energy yet.

I managed to get the kitchen tidy by the time I was suppose to take Bella to nursery. Bella was a bit of a nightmare to get dressed and out the door today. She was obviously tired as blanky had to come with us and I ended up carrying her in. Normally blanky stays at home and she walks in herself, dancing around outside while she waits for the door to open.

After dropping her off I went to do a few jobs I needed to do. I’d ordered a few bits from ASDA for my friend Morganne as a present for her new baby. I was excited to go pick it up. I’d gone a bit crazy on internet shopping buying far more than I should have but I couldn’t resist. She had had a baby shower on Sunday but sadly I was never able to make it. This led to me feeling guilty for not being there which led to internet shopping.

I picked up my orders from George and did a little bit of shopping before heading back to the car. I had seen anything that really took my fancy so luckily it was a cheap shopping trip for me today. I headed home to open my goodies and wrap them up for Morganne.

Christmas had come early, as well as my parcels from George I had another one waiting for me as I walked though the door.

I opened the presents for Morganne first so I could get a good look at them. I’d bought her two cute outfits, a sleepsuit and some dribble bids. I always hated dribble bibs when I first had Bella but they turned out to be a massive life saver.

I love dungarees but all the dungarees in stores at the moment are either shorts or they come with short sleeved vests but I wanted to get some winter clothes that will fit the baby through the winter months as it’s due in September. So sadly no dungarees for baby but that’s ok the outfits I got him are so cute.

Next I opened my present. I’ve been really liking jumpsuits on Bella. They’re so easy to put her in and so cool in this hot weather we’ve been having. I decided I wanted a few for myself. I had planned on wearing one to Morganne’s baby shower last weekend but I had had to alter the straps on it as it was a bit tight. I had bought myself a nice flowery red jumpsuit. Now I swear the models in these photos must be really short. The jumpsuit was too short for me in the legs and the straps were tight.

So my afternoon was spent unpicking the hems around the legs to make them longer and adding material to the straps. And even after all of that it isn’t great. I mean I don’t think there is anyway I can save this jumpsuit. I’m going to take this as a life lesson that when it comes to jumpsuits I need to buy them in person from a shop so I can try them on.

I had to go pick Bella up from nursery so I left the disaster of a jumpsuit and went to collect her. She came out of nursery so happy. She’d obviously been playing in the water outside but that’s ok. She loves it. We headed home so I could get on with dinner and the tidying.

I made spaghetti bolognese for dinner. It’s the first meal I ever cooked for Daly and it’s become my speciality. I hadn’t made it for a while so I thought I’d treat us to it tonight.

While I was cooking I tried to keep the kitchen tidy. It didn’t really work though. The bolognese sauce spat out and got my nice clean hob dirty. I was not happy after all that hard cleaning. Oh well it can’t be helped. Luckily while the sauce was cooking I have time to wash up all the pieces I had use so I didn’t have much to wash up after dinner.

So hopefully I can keep the kitchen nice and tidy. It seems to help with my anxiety. Now the rest of the house to tackle.

Anyways night all amd let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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