Girls Lunch – 5th July 2019

Today we went to see Morganne and her daughter. I’d arranged to meet up with her when we were unable to make it to her baby shower. I had told her I’d take her out for lunch so we could meet up and catch up. And it was going to be a great opportunity for the girls to get together and play.

Before we could head off to see Morganne I had to go see my dad to give him some paperwork and letters that had been sent to ours. I drove into town so we could stop into the shop he works in to drop them off. We popped in and I asked if he was in. They looked a bit confused for a minute, the staff behind the till, but then it dawned on them who I had asked for. It turned out dad had gone up the bank but should be back shortly. I thanked them and decided to take a walk in the high street rather than just stand in the shop and wait for him.

As we crossed the road to go into Poundland dad was actually walking down the high street towards us. We stopped and chatted with him. Bella kept running away and hiding behind signs rather than see him. When it came time to say goodbye Bella didn’t want to give dad a hug so I suggested a high five. She wasn’t having any of that either though so we gave up. She did however nicely say goodbye and wave as we walked back to the car. I suppose that’s something.

We went and picked up Morganne and her little girl and then drove into their town. They live the next town over to me. We were going to Wetherspoons for lunch. We parked up in town and got the girls out of the car. we walked round to spoons and chose a table. We ordered all our food on the app seeing as I was paying. It just made life easier. Bella and Sophie chose the say thing for their lunch and Morganne and I both chose burgers.

While we were waiting for the food I decided it was present time. Sophie helped Morganne open all the presents. She’s an excited big sister. I think I slightly spoilt the baby but I’m allowed.

I handed over the original baby shower present first. Daly and I had both chosen bits to put in it. We’d got the baby some socks, a little bro tshirt, a polo shirt vest and a cute little dinosaur hat and mitt set.

Next up were my internet buys. Again Sophie helped opening these. Morganne loved the little onesie I’d got. I just had to get it, I couldn’t resist. It was a little gryffindor onesie. Morganne and her family love Harry Potter so as soon as I saw it I had to buy it. Sophie got excited too. She really wants to go to Harry Potter studios.

I’d tried to get some bits with colour. For some reason all the boys stuff at the moment is black, grey or white. I mean they don’t even have blue anymore. What is wrong with boys wearing colour. I mean babies don’t want to being in boring colours. It’s just depressing.

Eventually our food turned up and it was time to tuck in. I’d remembered to order a meal that came with onion rings this time rather than having to order them later.

The girls enjoyed their dinners. Although they both ended up in high chairs towards the end of lunch. Sophie wanted one for the extra height. And Bella ended up in one because she decided the pub was a playground and kept running around all the tables.

We did taken them into the beer garden after out dinner so we could just sit and chat while the girls played. They were running up and down the garden it was so cute to see. They very rarely get to see each other and play. When Bella’s at nursery Sophie’s off and vice versa. Makes play dates very hard to schedule.

It was so cute as we walked back to the car, the girls held hands. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Truly a special bond between those two.

I dropped Morganne and Sophie home and then took Bella round to her Grandparents. Dawn wasn’t feeling too great because of the heat so was at home lead on the sofa. They were happy to have Bella for the afternoon though. Luckily because Bella had already had effectively dinner at lunch time they only needed to give her something small at dinner time.

I went home but via Costa. I was so hot I needed something to cool me down and I lovely Strawberry and Cream Frostino was going to do it. I absolutely love my frostinos – if you read my blogs regularly you’ll know I love these things.

I got my frostino and headed home to chill out. I knew I didn’t need to cook as Bella was at her Grandparents, I’d eaten at lunchtime a dinner and I’d made Daly some Spag Bol for work today. So I just chilled out. I made the most of just having some me time with no interuptions. I was very tired so I did try curling up on the sofa and falling asleep but that didn’t happen.

Daly came home from work in a grumpy mood. He’d been rushed off his feet all day so it turned out he hadn’t actually had a chance to eat. He also didn’t realise Bella was at his parents where he knew his mum hadn’t been feeling great. He decided to chill out on the sofa for a bit before we went to pick up Bella.

Bella had had a lovely day at Grandma and Grandads but we got the normal cries of ‘mummy’ ‘daddy’ when we opened the front door. She was happily munching on a lunchable. Bella gave Grandma and Grandad hugs and we told them we’d see them on Sunday.

A nice chilled day. Much needed.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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