Fun at Dover Carnival – 7th July 2019

We’re off to Dover Carnival today. Carnival season in Kent started a few weekends ago but I was busy so today is my first carnival of the year. I’ve been looking forward to it. We were going down with Joe to watch it with Char’s little boy.

My morning however was spent trying to come to life. I was really tired so I was struggling to try and stay awake. Bella however was ready to go. She was playing happily this morning and enjoying herself.

I decided to bite the bullet with one of these ‘every blogger needs to know this’ courses. I had a lesson booked in for 12pm via the web so I was trying to get everything ready to go for the carnival before I sat down I took in this course. While I was sorting myself out I received a panicked kinda phone call from Paige asking if I had space to take our friend Tony down to the carnival as they had hardly any marshals for the day. So I assured her that it was fine and I’d get in touch with Tony to arrange picking him up. Once that was dealt with I went back to my course.

I wish I hadn’t now. The course was a complete waste of time. I felt that the way they were telling me to grow my site and monetize my site and gain online followers and gain brand deals was just not me. In all honesty it felt to me like a complete scam, the advice I was being given was rubbish. So instead of sitting through the whole of the lesson I actually logged out and used my time for something more useful. Getting Bella sorted and packing the car to briefly go see Daly before going to pick up Joe, Char’s son and Tony.

We stopped at Dalys work and said hello. Bella didn’t like the fact she wasn’t getting out of the car but luckily we didn’t stop too long. I had asked Tony to meet me at Sainsburys so I could pick up something to eat and some painkillers as well as some cat food and biscuits. We’d run out yesterday so desperately needed to get some.Luckily Tony was happy to meet me. It meant I didn’t have to Bella in to Sainsburys because that is a mission.

We met Tony, I got my bits from Sainsburys and then we set off round to pick up Joe and Char’s son. When we got there I popped Euan’s car seat in while Joe put his pram in the boot. Bella had asked to watching Sleeping Beauty on the way home but Euan had found the other DVDs in the back of the car. He wanted to watch Go Jetters so I made an agreement with him. We’d watch Sleeping Beauty on the way to Dover and Go Jetters o the way home. The kids settled down to watch the DVD and we set off driving.

Half way to Dover Joe discovered Daly’s keys in one of the little drawers in the car. He sent him a Snapchat to let him know we had his keys. I wasn’t going back to Daly to give him his keys. He was just going to have to wait for when we got back.

On the drive down to Dover Tony managed to fall asleep in the backseat. Apparently watching Sleeping Beauty made him sleepy. Luckily I managed to find the line up for the carnival. I always get lost when I go into Dover. It has a stupid, confusing one way system which I really don’t like. We eventually found the car park and I parked in the private little car park that the carnival is given access to for the vehicles that aren’t involved in the carnival. Besides I had already messaged ahead to arrange my parking space with the Head marshal.

We all got out of the car and went to look round all the floats. We met up with Daly’s parents, Char, Richard, Paige and Hannah. I went and saw my friends at the Dover Carnival Association float and also chatted to the girls on the Teynham float who I’m also good friends with.

Soon it came time to go find a spot to sit and watch the carnival. We found a nice low wall to sit on by the entrance to the car park where the carnival lined up. Dawn, Grant, Joe and I all settled on the wall with the kids ready to see all the floats go past. Bella found some mini water pistols in Dawn’s handbag so she started a mini water fight unsuccessfully as there was hardly any water in the pistols and she struggled to push the trigger.

Eventually the carnival started and we watched all the floats go by. Bella wasn’t too sure but we encouraged her to wave at all the princesses. She received a few leaflets. She also got a fire safety sticker from the Sheppey court and even a colouring sheet.

Once the carnival had past us we said goodbye to Dawn and Grant who were going home and Joe and I walked through the the town hall the watch the carnival again. I like to get my moneys worth lol and see the carnival past me at least twice if not more. We found our spot outside the town hall and waited for the carnival. Bella and Euan decided they were going to hide in their prams with the hoods down so we couldn’t see them.

The carnival turned up and we watched all the floats go past us again. Once again we said hello to all our friends who we marshalling or with the floats and waved at all the carnival Queens and Princesses.

The carnival past us and we walked back to the car. Joe sat with the kids in the car while we waited for the carnival to return to the car park. The roads were closed so we couldn’t go anywhere until the carnival was over. The kids wanted to watch the Go Jetters so we popped that on for them and then I went and stood by the road to watch the carnival to go past again.

Finally it was all over and we headed home. The kids happily watched Go Jetters in the back of the car while Joe and I chatted.

We had a lovely day at the carnival and the kids were as good as gold all day. Both of them enjoyed watching the carnival and waving and they even both tried their hand at photography. Bella with her little camera and Euan used the camera on his iPad. It was nice to see them getting along and behaving so nicely. We didn’t even have any issues on the journey down or back, they happily watched DVD’s. It was a brilliant day and it was so nice to take the kids out together to do something fun.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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