Toddlers are permanently tired

I’ve come to the conclusion toddlers have to be permanently tired. I mean think about it. When us as adults have an emotional breakdown or a damn good cry how do you feel afterwards. Do you feel refreshed and ready to face the world or do you feel like you’ve just done 10 rounds with a soul sucking demon and need a lay down, maybe even a nap. I’m the latter. If I’ve cried or got angry all my energy has gone into that. I don’t have energy to do anything I just want to curl up and go to sleep.

Now think about your own toddlers. How many times do they have an emotional outburst when something small seems like the end of the world. With Bella currently we’re looking at around 5 times a day this happens. That’s five times a day where all her energy is being used up in anger or tears. Could you do that five times a day and function normally. I would be having a two hour nap after each session. But toddlers don’t. They scream and shout and cry and throw themselves to the ground and after a big hug and some sniffles they are ready to just carry on.

So I have come to the conclusion they must be permanently tired. So I can completely understand the emotional outbursts, they are drained and tired. Now when I’m tired I want to kill everyone – I don’t do being tired. When we’re hungry some people refer to it as hangry because they are hungry and angry. I mean toddlers are just permanent angry, tired, grumpy little people. So how do they keep going? I mean they must have a massive energy bank or they are constantly running on empty.

I really feel for them, they’re trying to negotiate this big scary world with all these emotions and all they want is food and sleep and do what they want. Just like you when you’re hungry and tired. Can you blame them for losing it all the time.

Poor little things

Love CiCi x

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