Family Beach Day – 10th July 2019

Today we are off to Botany Bay, a lovely secluded sandy beach with rock pools. We came here with mum last summer and we thought as we’d been having such lovely weather we’d go on our family day. As we had been in London yesterday visiting family I had packed our beach stuff on Monday night. I did however need to sort out our picnic this morning. Rachel had messaged me yesterday asking if I needed anything for our picnic as she’d have picked it up after work yesterday.

I had asked Daly to message her back yes, if she could pick us up some bits for a picnic and I’d give her 20 quid for all our food. He however just messaged back yes. So I wanted to go get some picnic bits but I thought we were running late as normally we leave at 10am and we’d been on a go slow this morning.

Turns out I didn’t need to panic, turns out Rachel had over slept. Although we didn’t find this out until we got to hers. As we got to hers though I realised I’d left my phone at home and I was also planning on popping round to Aldi to get us some picnic bits. So while Daly drove home to pick my phone up and Rachel was finishing getting herself sorted I walked round to Aldi and did my shopping. By the time I had finished Daly had returned and parking in Aldi car park and Rachel had walked round to meet us.

We set off and drove to Botany Bay. Now when we got there it didn’t look so fabulous and sunny as it had. It was cloudy and dull but still extremely warm. We set up camp with Daly putting up the wind breaker and then we all worked together to put up the tent I had bought when Bella was a tinie baby to try and keep the sun off her.Once we’d finished setting up the tent and settled down with our blankets, we tucked into our picnic. It turns out I had bought all the healthy stuff and Rachel had bought all the sweet and naughty stuff. Of course Bella found Rachel’s picnic far more interesting.

After lunch I popped Bella into her swimsuit and changed into my bikini top and some shorts as it had started to heat up quite a bit. Bella and Rachel headed off to the wet sand so they could build a decent sandcastle. We were hoping she wasn’t going to destroy the castle this time like she did last time when we came to Botany Bay. Rachel was most upset.

Daly went and joined the girls and helped them build their castle up while I watched from afar. Someone had to stay with the tent and picnic. Eventually they had finished their castle. Can’t beat a bit of team work to build a sandcastle. They were very proud of their castle.

Bella and Daly came back over to me at the tent. They decided to it was time to put the swing ball up. Daly and I tried to put it up. We had a brand new swing ball that we decided to put up. Now that was a little bit of a struggle. They have these weird plastic attachments where the poles slot into each other I’m guessing to stop it wobbling but they were a pain to attach to each other. Eventually we set the whole thing up and Bella and Daly set about playing. It was lovely watching some Daddy daughter time.

Bella eventually gave up with the swing ball so Daly was left on his own. So funny to watch him getting so competitive with himself. He was playing so roughly he ended up on the floor diving all over the place on his knees.

The swingball game paused to make friends with a crab we had found. Bella wasn’t too sure off the crab but she was brave enough to come over to look at it. It was quite a big crab.

Now you’d expect kids to be curious with animals but no it was us adults. We were wondering how they pinched and what it would do on the sand. Turns out he’d happily just walk on the sand. And it’s true, crabs do walk sideways. We even discovered he had quite a good grip. He hung on to a stick and also a piece of chalk.

I think Bella was scared the crab was going to pinch her so never got too close, but she enjoyed meeting a crab. She kept telling us it was going snap, snap, snap.

Once we finished playing with the crab I took a walk down to the sea. I normally hate being in the sea but I thought I was going to give it a go today. I took a walk to the shore while Rachel decided to have ago with the swing ball. So I left her there. I was trying to work out if the sea was going in or out. Turns out it was coming in. The rock pools were starting to disappear so definitely coming in.

After I’d been down at the sea for about 5 minutes Daly and Bella walked down to join me. I tried to encourage Bella to paddle in the sea with me. She dipped her toe but very quickly retreated and ran away from the sea and up the beach. I stayed and paddled in the sea trying to cool off a little bit. It had started to heat up a lot.

While I was down paddling in the sea my phone started to ping like crazy. Turned out that standing in the sea was the only place on the whole beach that I could pick up signal. This did mean however that the whole time I was up on the beach I was actually present and not having Facebook, Instgram, Snapchat etc interrupting family time. I think technology is great but it’s always there now. You can’t seem to get away from it. But then again I need to learn to step away myself.

I headed back up to the beach back to our tent where Bella and Rachel were now chilling out on a blanket. After awhile Bella started to get a little bored so went back to playing with her sand toys and sticking her windmills into the sand. Daly however was back to beating up the swing ball.

It was starting to look gloomy as if it was going to rain so we had decided to pack up and head home so we were off the beach before the rain hear. It turned out to be pretty successful. It turns out we were back in the car without getting a drop of rain on us or our stuff.

We’ve had an amazing family day at the beach today. We had great fun and to top it off it was our first trip to the beach as a family. As in a proper beach day not just an hour popping to the beach. It was perfect.

Anyways,night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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