Whitstable Carnival – 3rd August 2019

Double carnival weekend this weekend. This morning Daly and I seemed to be a bit stressed at each other today. Was one of those days where we both seemed to be getting annoyed with each other. After a bit of snapping at each other I spent the music hovering around doing jobs and tidying. I tidied the living room, did the washing up from the BBQ, cleaned the kitchen, packed Bella’s bag for Grandma and Grandads, sorted out my own bag for the carnival and found us both outfits. My next job of the day was to make us all lunch.

I’d decided as it was going to be a busy weekend with carnivals that we would have bacon rolls for lunch. Sadly they weren’t the best rolls, the bread tasted funny as they were a different type of roll to the ones we normally used. Daly only managed to eat half his roll so I’m guessing he didn’t like it at all. Bella, however, has a real thing for bread rolls at the moment. She finished her roll and then demolished Daly’s roll as well.

After lunch we all got in the car and made our way to Daly’s parents. When we got there, Bella played while Dawn and I arranged our shopping list of items we need for our picnic tomorrow. As they are coming down with us we decided to do a massive picnic between us all.

We left Bella with Daly and Grant and Dawn and I wandered round to Sainsburys. We had a little bit of an issue when we got to the tills. Both Dawn and I had picked up our own little bits of shopping as well as the bits for our joint BBQ. We decided it was easier to put our individual items through first and then halve the cost of the picnic between us.

While we were heading to the check out Daly rang asking how long we were going to be. As we had picked up so much stuff as well as 9 large bottles of drink and there was no way we were going to be able to carry it all back round to Dawn’s. I asked Daly if he would be able to pick us up. At which point he got all grumpy at me down the phone about how were going to be late to Whitstable but that I was going to be the one to moan about it.

Then as we were heading in to the Argos section of the store quickly to pick up some nose studs, Joe rang as he was with Jess who was coming to the carnival with us. He then moaned about how he had taken a slow drive to McDonalds thinking we were on our way by now.

We made our way out of the store and loaded the car up. We had to quickly pop to Char and Richard’s to drop off something and then we head back to Dawn’s so we could drop off all the shopping, I could say goodbye to Bella and pick up my handbag in the process.

We were on our way to Whitstable. Joe and Jess were already at McDonalds waiting for us. I like to head in and pick up a Raspberry Cooler on the way to the carnival. It’s tradition. Can’t go to Whitstable carnival without one. I made Daly smile on the drive down. I was dancing and singing in the front seat next to him. It seemed to work. He had a smile on his face by the time we got to McDonalds.

We pulled up and parked next to Joe and Jess and I went in to go get my Raspberry Cooler. Turns out Daly wanted a whole meal as well so I picked him up some food then we did the teenager thing of sitting in the car and eating our food

Once we finished our food, we made our way down to the line up at the carnival. We drove down to the front of the line up with our lights flashing and parked up. Jess and Joe parked up behind us and we all sat down the front of the line up having a chat.

After a while of chatting, Joe headed off and Jess and I were bored of sitting the the car so took a walk along the line up. While we walked we chatted. It was quite nice just catching up on each others lives. I wanted to walk along the line up and take some photos. I’ve recently seen a decrease in my interest of photography. I haven’t found anything to take my fancy while using my camera. It’s a shame if I ever plan on making a mini career out of it. I’ve got a few photo shoots coming up but they are few and far between.

Anyways I tried to take some interesting shoots of the carnival line up. There were quite a few floats/entries. While we took a walk back I stopped and chatted to a couple of ladies on mobility scooters. One had her scooter covering in wool items. She gave me a teddy bear, a keyring and some stationary bits when I commented that Bella would love the little knitted animals she had on her scooter. We also spoke to one who had covered her scooter in balloons.

We made our way back to the front of the line up to where Daly and the car were. We found half the marshals hanging out, no big surprise. The fire engine turned up and parked up next to us. Meaning the road was now completely blocked off and it would soon be time to move out.

After a couple of minutes getting settled in the car it was time for the line up to walk down. All the entrants started to move down and line up behind the car and fire engine. I decided to sit of the side of the car, leaning out the window to take photos.

We were advance car so when it became time for the carnival to set off it was time for us to shoot off and close the roads. Jess sat in the back while I sat in the front with Daly. Soon it was time to disappear off and begin shutting the roads.

Off we zoomed, lights flashing. We got to our destination shutting off the first main road. We sat on the roundabout at the end of Tankerton high street, shutting it off so no one could set off down the road towards the carnival.

I jumped out sitting on my window sill and watched the carnival start to make it’s way down towards us. First we saw our friends Grace and Tony walking down the street towards us, ready to shut the roundabout off properly so we could head off to block the next section of road. They were followed by the flashing lights of PaPa Smurf and the fire engine. Rob came up and told us our next destination and Jess and I ducked back into the car so we could disappear off.

Our next stop was by Whitstable castle before moving on to beside Whitstable harbour. While we were stopped by the harbour we experienced our first bit of fun with the public. We were parked in between traffic lights on the wrong side of the road – which is allowed as we were shutting the road. And several cars tried driving at our car thinking we were going to move. Little hard when Daly is stood in the middle of the road directing the traffic. Flashing your lights and then driving at the car is not going to magically open the road. It’s closed, follow the marshals directions! Like seriously this big black car covered in flashing lights is not moving anywhere no matter how much you scream and shout and try to intimidate us.

Jess and I were again leaning out the windows but this time playing Pokemon Go. It was a great opportunity to raid all the Pokestops. We were also being quite entertained by the drivers who thought a driverless car was going to jump out of their way. I kept feeling like I was going to fall backwards out of the car window while I was taking photos so Jess held on to me to make sure I didn’t fall. We had a bit of a Titanic moment.

We made our way up through the town. Again experiencing the same problems. I seriously do not understand what goes through peoples heads when they decide driving at a parked car is going to help them.

Our last stop was the other side of Whitstable where it joins Seasalter. We parked up across the road and then the three of us got out of the car to play marshal. Daly was directing traffic coming out of about 3 different roads and Jess and I were keeping an eye on the direction we had come from. Cars were still able to exit out this way they just weren’t able to go down that way. Otherwise they’d meet the carnival.

I helped for a tiny little bit but my anxiety got the best of me and I had to go sit back in the car. I used to marshal in the past but always ended up on my own and never felt safe so I had stopped. This was the first time I had tried to do since I quit 6 years ago and turns out I couldn’t cope. Luckily Jess had been marshalling for years so she took over fully. Although her method of marshalling was a creative one. She put my high vis coat on and sat in the middle of the road claiming she was a traffic cone.

Obviously she didn’t sit there for long. Knowing the crazy people on the road someone would have attempted to run her over. Another marshal, Mikey, came and joined us to help out with the road chaos. Eventually we were able to reopen the road and head down to where there were drinks afterwards. On our way we picked up Tony and headed to the pub.

When we got there we bumped into Kaci, Morganne, Hannah and Lisa. They had come down to watch the carnival and were now enjoying a drink with everyone else. We however didn’t stay long. My anxiety was still really high so I didn’t feel like being social and we knew we were going to have a busy day tomorrow.

Jess and Tony decided we were having a party at ours after the carnival so we all headed back that way. Joe was going to meet us there with Jess’s brother.

When we got home to mine Tony’s creche was going strong. Tony and Bella were doing some colouring using chalks which was cute. But it soon descended into a session of them covering each others faces in chalk. This seems to be a pattern between Bella and Tony. They always seem to manage to end up covering each other in something and tonight it was chalk.

We had a wonderful day at Whitstable carnival. Along day but tomorrow is going to be a lot longer.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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