Herne Bay Carnival – 10th August 2019

Joe and Jess turned up just after 4.30pm to pick us up to head to Herne Bay. I had got Bella already but I’d been feeling so ill since we’d returned home from town that I wasn’t ready yet. I gave Joe the car seat and pram to pop in the car while I quickly ran upstair to get dressed. I returned and we all got ourselves settled in the car.

Bella was enjoying herself in the back of the car. She had found a party bag from her birthday and decided to bring it with her. She sat in her car set colouring in a little dot to dot but that didn’t last long though. By the time we made it to the duel carriage way she was sound asleep. Obviously the wind had taken it out of her while we were in town.

We made it to Herne Bay and made our way down the carnival line up. Joe parked along the sea front and I jumped out. Next thing I knew however he had driven up shouting he’d be back in a minute. While they’d gone I decided to get in some photos of the coast. There are these gorgeous little beach huts along the beach and the sun looked so pretty so I thought I’d capture some quick photos.

Joe, Jess and Bella soon turned up walking down the line up towards me. At least they hadn’t run off and left me. It was freezing along the sea front, although saying that it had been freezing inland there was just a bit more wind by the coast.

We decided we were gonna walk down the road past all the floats so we could go and find somewhere to sit to watch the carnival. The easiest place to walk was in the road. The amount of people standing next to the floats was making it hard to get through, even harder with a pram.

While we walked I try to capture a few photos of the floats. I’m trying to hone my capture style when it comes to carnivals. I want them to be good photos, but interesting and not just boring snapshots. I don’t edit my carnival photos that much. I take so many and as it’s not the type of photography I really want to go into I don’t need too many for my portfolio. But I like to capture the memories and it’s all good practice.

We went and found a spot on the wall outside the arcades to sit and watch the carnival. As we settled down Daly rang me to find out where we were and to find out where is a good spot to park for the carnival.

As he was asking for directions I handed him over to Joe so they could discuss options. I ran over to the arcades to grab Bella some pennies to put in the buckets. The last few times she’s ended up watching with me I haven’t had any pennies and she does love putting them in the bucket.

By the time I got back to Jess and Bella Joe had disappeared. Turns out he’d gone to find Daly. And next thing we know the pair of them have been roped into marshalling and Daly is lead vehicle again. I was a little bit annoyed as it’s my car and I was also looking forward to us watching a carnival together as a family but instead we were going to have a girly day and us girl would watch the carnival together while the boys played with traffic.

Now how did I find out Daly had ended up being lead vehicle. Well 6pm came and Jess and I were looking out for the carnival. We soon saw some flashing lights coming towards us. Before long Jess and I both recognised the car the lights were on – mine!

We went over to say hello to Daly and Joe and then went and found our spot again on the curb. Bella wasn’t interested in me this evening. She spent the whole carnival sitting on Jess’s lap.

Bella enjoyed jumping up to put pennies in the buckets. Every now and then she’d drag Jess along with her to go finr the buckets. Poor Jess was up and down constantly. Must have been a good leg work out for her.

There were many floats, especially sports teams. They had a netball club, two youth football clubs, a majorette troupe and a pom dance troupe. The football teams all had nets and were hanging over the edge of the float so people could ut their pennies in the nets. It seems to be a far more popular method at Herne Bay than any other carnival.

As well as sports teams they had the emergency services. There were the fire brigade with the fire engine, the coast guard and the police even entered with a riot van and car and a police dog which was walking along and waving to everyone. Sadly Bella didn’t get to meet the dog though. I don’t know how she would have reacted to him anyways. Sometimes she likes that sort of thing but other times they scare her. She liked the children’s entertainment characters though. She waved at Chase, Skye, Peter Rabbit and Peppa Pig.

The carnival soon passed by us and we decided to walk up to where it ended to watch it again. We had planned to do that anyway before the boys put a spanner in our plans. We had a while to wait though.

While we were waiting Jess and Bella were playing and chasing each other along the pavement. They were pretending to be scary monsters and attacking each other. Bella kept running behind the pram to hide before popping out and attacking Jess.

This went on for a while, every time Bella ran away though she was getting further down the part. Eventually she went so far down the path she was using a lamppost to hide behind.

I saw Jess head down that way but the next thing I knew I was being shouted at by Jess and Bella. Turns out Bella was climbing the lamppost, with a little help. She looked so cute and happy though hanging from the lamppost. Bella definitely is my little monkey.

After a while of climbing the lamppost we convinced Bella to come sit back with us on the floor. Jess and I had been sat on the floor leaning up against someones garden wall. She reluctantly came and joined us but she wasn’t happy about it.

Jess went and stood on the island in the middle of the road to see if she could find the beginning of the carnival. We could see the flashing lights but they weren’t moving. That didn’t concern Bella though, she was more worried about the fact Jess was stood in the middle of the road. Bella stood with me shouting at Jess ‘Come back!’ ‘Here!’ She was very grumpy Jess had left her. So Jess was under strict instructions that she had to stay with Bella. I however was free to roam as I wished. If I went and stood on the island Bella couldn’t care. She had her Jess, she didn’t care where her mum was.

Eventually the front of the carnival started moving again. Daly came zooming past us and chucked Joe out to close a road, then he zoomed up a different road to shut the section off.

We watched the carnival go past but sadly people had started to sort out their floats and people stopped walking to jump in vehicles. That’s the problem with watching it right at the end. We saw all the floats go past though and then we decided to walk up to find our other halves. Joe had disappeared by this point as well.

We walked up the road where all the floats were being put down on the hunt for them. We didn’t have much luck though. I suggested we should walk to find Joe’s car because I guessed Joe had met back up with Daly and he would get dropped at his car.

We made it to the car and we had also met up with another partner of one of the marshals. We were all on the phone trying to get hold of our other halves when Daly came down the road towards us with all the lights flashing. He pulled up and announced we’d all been invited to the evening. Joe and Jess jumped into their car and Bella and I jumped in with Daly.

Daly started to head the wrong way to the hall and I had to direct him. Turns out he hadn’t been to the after party bit of Herne Bay carnival for a long time that he didn’t realise they had changed halls.

When we got to the hall none of the courts had turned up yet but there was a DJ in the corner. We took up camp in the corner of the room as we weren’t sure where we suppose to sit. The boys were still out by the car so we felt a bit out of sorts.

Bella was having a great time dancing on the dance floor. That girl loves to dance. I think she was a bit gutted she had no one to dance with but Daly danced with her once he came into the building. It was so cute to see the two of them dancing together.

Eventually Andy, who runs Herne Bay, turned up and showed us to a table in the corner that had been set up for the marshals. I still felt a little bit out of sorts as I wasn’t a marshal. We’d only come to Herne Bay to watch it, it was our other halves that had been roped in to marshal. But we went and sat at the table.

The courts were all invited to go up and get something to eat and then Andy came over and spoke to us all sat at the marshal table. He told us that once he had gone up for food it was free rein over the food. Jess and I went up and get some food. They had curry as their hot part of the food. Normally I don’t like curry but I was starving. It was pretty good curry as well. I just hate chick peas. Bella kept stealing food off of Jess’s and I’s plate but she wouldn’t try any curry off my spoon. Joe didn’t want his curry so we offered it to Bella. This time she was willing to try it but she didn’t like it.

Not long after the food we left. Daly wouldn’t eat any of the food – yet he claims he’s not that fussy. So we were going to stop at McDonalds on the way home.

We had a good, windy day at Herne Bay carnival. Sheppey next week. Wonder what fun we’re going to have there.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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