Mummy Daughter Date – 10th August 2019

I have been going stir crazy being in the house all the time. Stupid anxiety and the amount of prep it takes to get a toddler out of the house. I hate when I have the car having to plan every little journey I take so Bella isn’t constantly in and out of the car. Having to try and plan it so she only has to go in and out of the car say twice. But today we were going out.

I have been putting my Hello Kitty items up on ebay to sell – and I have a lot. My teens and early 20s I collected everything Hello Kitty and I came across it all while I was sorting out my room. I have some really pretty pieces of jewelry and rather than just throwing then or sending them to a charity shop with everything else I wanted to try and get a bit of my money back.

I had managed to sell three of my pieces and I wanted to go into town to send them off. I prefer to do it at the post office than just at home with a crazy amount of stamps. That way I also can get a proof of postage if anyone wants to argue with me. I had checked online the opening times of the post office and then got Bella ready to go out.

Now it is miserable out today. Ok not as miserable as it could be but it is not like the 6 week heat wave the news claimed we were going to get. It was cold and windy. I ended up putting Bella in her pumpkin picking outfit to try and keep her warm. She also ended up in her little ugg boots as it was so chilly. She doesn’t feel the cold as bad as me but there was no way I was dressing her as if it was summer.

Daly had my Babiie pram so I was using my Orb. I love my Orb. it’s far lighter than my Babiie. You wouldn’t think it to look at it but it is. It is so much easier to push up the hill I live on.

Our first job was to go to the post office. Google had said that the post office was open until 2pm. However when we got to the post office it looked pretty closed. I walked round to the door thinking maybe it was just very quiet and the wind had meant the door had been shut. Nope, it was closed. It was only 1pm so I expected I’d have at least an hour to faff with trying to post things. However Google had lied to me. On the door the little sign that said all the times actually said the post office closed at 12.30pm

As the post office was closed we set about the other job we had to do in town. It is Daly’s Grandad’s birthday on Monday so we needed to pick up a birthday card. We headed into Card Factory and disappeared to the back to see what Grandad cards we could find.

I found about 5 or 6 cards and just laid them out for Bella to chose her favourite. Bella picked out a card with a dog on it and decided that was the card we were getting for Grandad. We went and joined the queue for the till. I gave Bella the money and she gave the money and the card to the the lady behind the till.

As we left the shop Bella decided she needed to rearrange the balloon weights. She does this everytime we’re in Card Factory. She likes to match up the different types of weights as well as the colours. I suppose it’s her way of being helpful.

Once we’d finished rearranging the balloon weights we headed up into town. I thought we’d take a wander around the shops and then go to Costa. We visited the Works first. I had a bit of a disaster as I walked in. I managed to catch the pram on a display and knock down a whole load of Fortnite figures. Not good. Bella wandered off towards the back of the store and looked through the books.

While we were shopping I found a potential Christmas present for Rachel but knowing the way our family is, she’ll end up buying it before Christmas. I decided to leave it for another time but I made sure I took a photo of said item for future reference.

Bella found some bumpy flashing balls near the front of the store. She grabbed two of them, one in each hand and waved them around like she was a cheerleader with pompoms. Quite surprising as I’ve never really exposed her to cheerleading but then again I was never really that kind of cheerleader so she must have picked it up when she’d seen pom dancers at the carnivals.

We left the Works and Bella went to run over to the other side of the shopping centre. We used to go to the Works followed by the Cancer Research shop on the other side of the centre. Bella obviously still remembers this routine and took me into Cancer Research. We didn’t find anything but Bella did hide in one of the fitting rooms with some toy cars. I had to shoo her out so we could eventually make our way out of the shop and head to Costa.

We walked to Costa. Bella chose her gingerbread ice cream, while I ordered a tea cake and a Strawberry and Cream Frostino. I sent Bella to go and sit down at a table in the corner while I waited for my tea cake and frostino to be cooked and created. She settled her self at the table, pulling herself up on to the chair waiting for me. I soon came over with my bits and sat down next to Bella so we could enjoy our Costa.

We haven’t had a Costa date for a while so it was so nice to sit down and get to share one with my little girl. Bella enjoyed her gingerbread ice cream while I tried to enjoy my tea cake and frostino, not that that lasted long. Bella soon made herself known and tried to steal half of my tea cake. I told her no and that the tea cake was mummys snack. She had her own and therefore was not allowed to steal mine. She wasn’t happy about it but she needs to understand she can’t always have what she wants and has to share.

In the end I shared my tea cake and gave Bella a small bite of it. I mean this tea cake was my lunch so I didn’t want to give up too much of it. We sat and took it in turns to enjoy my Frostino. While we were sitting there I received a message from Jess asking if I wanted to go to Herne Bay later with her and Joe. It’s Herne Bay’s carnival today not that I remembered that at the time when I took up their offer. I was just excited to get out of the house.

We decided it was probably time to head home so we could get ready for when Joe and Jess turned up. Also I had started to not feel so great so I wanted to go home to die.

My little monkey decided she was going to lay claim to my Frostino. She stole it and sat in the pram enjoying it. She did get very upset however when I took the empty cup off her to throw it away. But I didn’t need her carrying an empty sticky cup home with us.

It was nice to take my girl out and treat her to some mummy daughter time. I’d been planning on taking her out for quite a while but we’ve just never had the chance. I’m looking forward to our next mummy daughter day.

Anyways, stay tuned for part two of today – Herne Bay Carnival – 10th August 2019.

Love CiCi x

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