Mini Blog – Shopping in the Rain – 12th August 2019

Time to complete our unsuccessful trip on Saturday. I knew we needed to go to the post office so I could send two packages now. I’d managed to sell another item off my ebay page.

Rachel had come round like she normal does on a Monday or Wednesday. I had told her I needed to go into town and we got Bella ready to go. Just as I’d finished getting ready Rachel said I could borrow her car to go into town. I didn’t want to go on my own though so I suggested Rachel came with us. We haven’t done anything together really recently. It actually worked. I succeeded in getting Rachel to come with us. Only bad thing it was chucking it down.

We got Bella all ready to go in her trainers and her raincoat (that I think we need to buy a bigger one of) and got her in the car.

We made our way into town and parked up. I suggested that Rachel took Bella to the library while I ran to Poundland and the Post Office. Bella loves the libraries and books so I thought it would be nice for her. Off they went to go look at the books and I ran into town.

I had to go to Poundland quickly to pick up some of those envelopes with bubble wrap in so I could send my ebay items off. Sadly although it wasn’t too far it was still a bit of a walk. I tried to stay close to the buildings so I didn’t get too wet. Not that that worked very well.

They’ve changed the layout in our Poundland annoyingly. You have to walk down one long aisle before you can make you way through the rest of the shop. I get that it’s suppose to prevent shop lifting but it means shopping is now a mission. Rather than just going in and getting what you want you have to walk through the whole store. Makes it an absolute joke if you forget something.

I bought my envelopes and then headed back out into the rain. I went over to the Post Office to post my items. I remember when I first used their postage machines they were so confusing and I always needed help but now I think they are so easy to use. It was nice and quick to get postage for my two packages and the proof of postage. Once my packages were done and posted I went over to the library to find Rachel and Bella.

I entered the library and instantly I could hear Bella down the children’s end. Bella and Rachel were sat in the comfy chairs and Bella was looking at books. She kept picking up Supertato. I remember reading the book when I was working in schools.

I told Bella that I had found her library card so she could take some books home if she wanted too. She chose Supertato, a dinosaur book, a book about pirates and I discovered a book called Economics for Babies. Of course that’s a book every child needed to read but Bella wanted it so we took it home.

Once we’d finished in the library we left town and headed out to the industrial estate so Rachel could do some shopping she wanted to do.

Bella became a bit of a madam while we were at the industrial estate. She kept running away from me in Food Warehouse. Even Rachel tried to keep her under control but she continued to run away. As we got further into the store I put Bella’s reins on her. We didn’t have the pram and the trolley was full so this was the only option we had.

She calmed down slightly by the time we got to the tills. However she then through a paddy because I told her she had to come out of the way so Rachel could pay and pack the trolley. I ended up sat on the floor in the packing area past the tills with Bella trying to get away from me while I had hold of the reins. She ended up making this semi circle round me at arms length. And everyone watching me while they went about their shopping. And do I care no. I will happily sit on the floor and have Bella pull on the reins and scream, I’m not embarrassed. My daughter needs to learn she needs to listen and she needs to stay safe.

We finished in Food Warehouse and headed next door to Home Bargains just to have a look around. Again Bella’s behaviour didn’t improve. In the end even Rachel ended up telling her off as Bella was refusing to listen and Rachel could she how stressed I was getting. Rachel ended up putting her in the trolley and pushing her along so I could have a little break.

They have all their In the Night Garden stock in at the moment but a lot of it is for little babies. I mean Bella doesn’t need a sippy cup or a changing mat. And we don’t have another one on the way so no need for that stuff yet. Rachel did find a breakfast set and offered it to Bella, she wasn’t interested though so it ended up back on the shelf.

We came to the conclusion we were all hungry so we finished in Home Bargains and got in the car. That’s when the usual question of what should we eat for lunch. Not that it was lunch time, it was coming up to 3.30pm. We settled on the easiest option for lunch, McDonalds. I swear we should buy shares in the place. We drove over to McDonalds and walked in to make our order.

Bella seemed happier now food was on route. She happily walked in with Rachel although she did throw herself on to the floor while we ordered at the little machines. Rachel ordered our food and then Bella found us a table to sit at. She chose one with a bench seat because we all know how much she loves those things.

While we were waiting for our food I went and got Bella a colouring sheet and some colours. I returned to the table and Bella instructed us all to colour with her.

Finally our food arrived and we enjoyed our lunch. Then guess what happened – we went home.

Not much of an exciting day but a mini blog is better than no blog.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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