A Day of Visiting – 13th August 2019

Today we ended up visiting quite a few people.

Yesterday was Daly’s Grandad’s birthday but Daly had been at work yesterday so we’d arranged to go visit his Grandparents today. We all got ourselves ready and then jumped in the car to head over there.

As we pulled up to Grandad’s Paige was just leaving. She must have been round there wishing Grandad Happy Birthday. We parked our car up on the drive and got out. Grandad had already been outside saying goodbye to Paige so we had a welcoming committee when we got out.

Bella was a bit unsure when we got out. She wanted to stay attached to me even though Grandad was encouraging her to enter the house. I don’t think we’d been round there since they had their living room done so I was a bit taken aback by the new carpet in the hallway. It was a very pretty lavender colour.

Grandma was upstairs when we entered the house but she soon came downstairs once Grandad had shouted up to her to let her know we were here. She came downstairs and settled in her seat and Grandad settled in his. Daly, Bella and I all sat down on the couch to talk. Bella was a bit unsure and was demanding me to sit back on the sofa and still wanted to hold my hand. I found Grandad’s birthday card and told her to hand it to Grandad. She actually did it which was quite a surprise considering how shy she can be.

We chatted with Daly’s Grandparents while Bella played. I’d packed a few of Bella’s princess dolls to play with. She played with them on the cat’s scratching post. After not too long Bella took a little wander into the conservatory with Grandma. While they were in their Bella spotted a sylvanian family caravan and car. I was a bit weary of Bella playing with it but Grandma was happy to let her.

Bella took the caravan and car into the living room and sat on the floor playing with it. She liked opening up the caravan and seeing what was inside. I even joined her exploring it. I grew up with sylvanian families but I’d never seen a caravan and car. We had the gypsy caravan with the shire horse. I need to get them all out of the loft one day but not yet. Bella is still too little.

It soon came time to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandad. Just as we were leaving Daly got a call from his Dad asking if we were going to go up and see them. I suggested seeing them now as we were going round to Zach and Cathy’s for dinner. If we saved going round until after dinner it would be Bella’s bedtime and Grant would have probably been in bed as he has to get up stupidly early for work.

We popped round there for a quick visit to say hello. Bella made her usual tea party on the foot rest. She refused to go over to Grandad though. It was a nightmare trying to get her to say goodbye to them. She kept trying to run away from them.

We moved onto our next visit of the day and last. Off to Cathy and Zach’s we went. As soon as we got there she was straight in the house and making herself at home. She has got a real soft spot for her Uncle Zach.

Cathy had a toy dog sitting on their coffee table that Bella was instantly drawn to. It turns out it had a sensor in it so every now and then it would woof and wag it’s tail. She real liked it – not as much as me later on it the evening, I found it really relaxing stroking it. Ended up spending most of the evening sitting on the sofa stroking the toy. Daly’s now on the hunt to find me one for Christmas.

After having snuggles on the sofa with me and the dog Bella run over to the other side of the room and jumped on the sofa with Daly and Zach. Daly was trying to show Zach a video on his phone but of course Bella didn’t care. She jumped up and started make the dog lick Zach. It’s so cute.

We were having take away for dinner so now came the debate of what we were going to eat. In the end we settled on KFC. I wrote down everyone’s orders and then Daly and Zach headed out to go get it. I had got all excited when I saw KFC have started delivering but it’s not available in our area yet.

While the boys were out picking up the food us girls settled down to watch Mary Poppins. I had been chatting to Cathy about it the other day so she popped it on for Bella to watch, although we ended up engrossed in it as well.

After being gone an hour the boys finally returned with the food vowing we weren’t allowed KFC again because it took far too long to get. We all enjoyed our food while watching the film. I ended up eating Cathy’s chips. Turns out she doesn’t like chips from KFC and I had the serious munchies. At the moment I keep going from being really hungry to no appetite at all. My body can’t seem to make it’s mind up.

After Bella had finished her diner, and my corn Daly let her enjoy her yoghurt. She was under strict instructions to sit on Daly’s lap to eat it. I know how messy she can get and I thought her dropping yoghurt on Daly was way better than dropping yoghurt on Cathy’s carpet.

We stayed for a little bit longer after dinner so we could finish the film and chat a little bit more but then we decided we should really go home so we could put Bella to bed. We said our goodbyes and Bella gave nice hugs and kisses as we left.

When we got home Bella was already asleep, I took her off as Daly as he carried her in the house. I took her straight up stairs and popped her in bed taking off her shoes and socks. When I came downstairs Daly had brought all the bags in from the car and settled on the sofa.

Daly had turned on the TV and set up the PlayStation so he and Zach could play GTA. I actually enjoy it when Daly is playing. Even though all I can hear is Daly talking to himself. Every now and then he’d say something to me but 99% of the time he is just chatting to Zach.

While Daly was playing I decided to try and sort out our holiday. We had been humming and haing about it and I thought we should actually get it sorted. It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to work round Daly’s shifts but I finally found a holiday for us. We had been looking at going to Portsmouth but I couldn’t find a holiday less than £300 for just 4 nights so we scrapped that idea. In the end we settled on returning to the Haven site in Hastings where we went for our holiday last year.

I’m happy we’ve booked our holiday and we have something to look forward.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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