A tidying sort of day – 15th August 2019

I normally would have blogged yesterday but I had a migraine all day so spent most of it asleep on the sofa. So not a fun blog to read. It would have been about 3 sentences long.

This morning did not start well. Daly is in the process of switching to nights which means he is trying to sleep during the day. Bella however had other ideas. She woke up shouting ‘Mummy!’ continuously. In the end it woke Daly up and he went into her to try and get her to quiet down. He asked her to play for a little bit and that I would get up with her in a bit when I was ready.

It seemed to work. Bella happily played. I could hear her playing with her Duplo. That didn’t last long thought. The shouting for mummy soon started again so I dragged myself out of bed and Bella and I went downstairs.

After all the shouting this morning I have come to the conclusion Bella needs a few more toys in her bedroom so my mission for this morning was to sort out her playroom so I could pick some toys out to go upstairs.

While I was sorting the toys out Bella kept coming in to choose toys and pull them out in to the living room. Little bit counter productive but there was no way I was going to be able to stop her. It was just a bit of a pain when the toys I was trying to sort out and put into boxes for Bella’s room were the ones she was dragging out. It made life very difficult.

I had decided that one of the shelving units we had bought for the playroom could go upstairs so she could have a range of toys to play with in the mornings. I moved her crayola shelving unit upstairs and then moved the little storage boxes that go in it. I had sorted out her princesses, Paw Patrol cars, her In the Night Garden toys as well as a range of other toys.

Once I’d finished moving some of the toys upstairs, some I weren’t able to because Bella was playing with them, we had a relaxing afternoon. Bella played with her Paw Patrol cars on the carpet. It’s funny how children suddenly want to play with toys they haven’t been interested in for ages as soon as you try to tidy them up.

Daly and I had a chilled afternoon on the sofas once he’d woken up, and finished his tickling fight between him and Bella. Daly sat on one sofa watching various Youtube videos while I sat on one of the other sofas and enjoyed some more Friends episodes.

After a while Bella found all her playdough in the playroom and decided she wanted to play. I wasn’t too keen on her playing with it though. That didn’t stop her. Instead she marched off to the dinner table where she knows she is allowed to play with the playdough. She sat up to the table and found a few toys I had put into a pot for being moved up stairs. Daly caught her sitting up to the table and making two dinosaurs kiss.

As she’d been sat up to the table so nicely and playing quietly I decided to let her have the playdough out. We haven’t really done any messy play this holiday. We’ve done experiences and days out but nothing creative. I sat with Bella at the table while she played.

Bella sat at the table and used to the two colours of playdough I had given her to make sandcastles. She sat there shoving all the playdough in to her little bucket and using her spade to push it all in. Once she’d finished she added a fish head as a flag.

While Bella was playing Daly left to go to work. We said our goodbyes but Bella wasn’t too fussed, she was happily playing.

I started to think about what to do for dinner. I’ve been really craving spicy food at the moment and ever since I was pregnant with Bella and first had that spicy food craving I’ve wanted to learn how to cook things like chilli. So I’ve recently been looking into again. I had bought some Taco’s for dinner as I enjoyed them when I went away with a school one time and thought it was a good stepping stone for chilli.

I love the Good Food app from the BBC so I’ve have been looking through for recipes. I had found a few so I decided so I was fully prepared for when I finally get round to cooking chilli I’d go and stock up on some of the ingredients.

I got myself and Bella sorted and then we headed down to Sainsburys. I had given Bella the choice of ASDA or Sainsburys and she chose Sainsburys. Bella had found me a bag for my shopping as well as her little straw hat. We hadn’t seen that recently so it made it’s way to Sainsburys with us.

We went round the shop with Bella carrying the bag. I got Bella involved by telling her which items we wanted and asking her to put them in the basket. We filled our basket with all the herbs and spices we needed for chilli and then headed to the tills to pay.

I ended up having a little bit of a mix up at the checkout. With loose products you have to look them up. I messed up though. I had a loose garlic but I accidently put it through the till as a loose ginger. I had to wait for a member of staff to help me so I could put it through as the correct item. There’s times I’m too good for my own good. I could have just put it in my bag as ginger but I’m too honest.

When we got home and I was putting the shopping away I found some of the fresh stuff I bought the other day in the fridge. I decided instead of making chilli or the tacos I was going to use the fresh stuff by having salad and baked potatoes. So I set about cooking the potatoes and preparing the salad.

While I was cooking Bella discovered the cats had made a mess with their food in the kitchen. Without instruction Bella found the dustpan and brush and swept up the mess. It makes me proud that I’m raising such a caring little girl and that she’s willing to help me out without encouragement.

Bella and I enjoyed our dinner, chatting and enjoying eachothers company. Bella didn’t really eat much and hasn’t done really. I’m not quite sure where her appetite has gone. Once Bella finished her dinner she disappeared off to play with her toys again.

After dinner I decided to crack open my chocolate ice cream that Daly had bought me. I had already promised Bella that she could have some ice cream after her dinner. But I managed to get to enjoy it by myself for a little bit while Bella enjoyed a milk ice lolly. Soon I was caught out though. She discovered my ice cream so I had to share. We enjoyed our ice cream together while watching TV. It was a nice relaxing evening just Bella and I.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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