Sheppey Carnival – 17th August 2019

Today is Sheppey carnival. My anxiety is sky high for today but I’m not going to let it beat me. It’s been hard without my medication. Everyday more things seem to be triggering my anxiety but I refuse to go back on to my medication.

I got up with Bella this morning to get ready. I had to leave by 11.30am so I wanted to get ready quickly. My first job was to pack the car. It had been driving me crazy how messy it has been recently. Daly always organises the car how he wants but it’s not always the way I want. I sorted out all the marshalling bits into one storage area and then all our day to day bits, blankets, coats, rain cover, into another storage area. It was nice to finally get the car looking the way I wanted and not have everything rolling around in the back.

Once I’d done with the car and also packed our bags and popped them in the car. Next my battle was Bella however she wasn’t interested in what I wanted to do. Instead of having a battle with her I thought I’d try and put some make up on. I’ve come to the conclusion I need new make up. I’m either allergic to it or it’s started to go funny because it always seems to give me and headache and sneeze and also it does not sit nicely on my skin anymore. Guess I’m going to have to do a shopping trip to get me some more make up.

Now it was time to battle the child again. She however decided she wanted daddy. She went running up the stairs and ran into him in bed. It’s cute she wants to be with her dad but she was suppose to be coming with me. We eventually got her out of the bedroom and back downstairs but then the battle began to get her dress. I was so glad I’d already packed the car because Bella made me late. However I eventually managed to get her into her clothes and then into the car.

I had decided I was going to grab a Costa on my way. The traffic in town was awful though so my idea for a Costa quickly went out the window. The road to Costa was completely blocked up so there was no way I was going to be in and out in a couple of minutes. At the last minute I changed my mind and decided to go via McDonalds to pick up an Iced Mocha Frappe rather than a Strawberry and Cream Cooler from Costa. That was a much quicker stop. Soon we were on our way to the island.

We eventually turned up at the hall where the pre carnival meal was happening. Bella and I went in to see who was there and get ourselves settled. There wasn’t many people at the hall yet.

The top table had been set with a little police teddy and flashing blue lights. The theme of Sheppey’s carnival float is the emergency services so the decorations tied in with their theme. Bella was very taken by the teddy. She ended up knocking it over. We popped it back up and Bella was told she could play with it later.

More and more people started to turn up but we were not there with any association so we didn’t have anywhere specific to sit. We ended up sitting out in the bar area where we could watch everyone coming and going. Bella however was driving me slightly crazy. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re had to put up with each other far too much. We seem to be getting on each others nerves at the moment. Which is resulting in a lot of shouting and crying and tantrums from both parties.

Now while I was trying to get Bella to sit nicely with me in the bar area and play on the dreaded iPad but she was having none of it. She kept running off into the main room where all the carnival courts were sitting. She wasn’t interested in any off them. She wanted to dance. The DJ definitely had a fan in my daughter. Everytime I dragged her out, she’d run back into the hall shouting ‘dancing!’ After this for about 15 minutes I finally had enough so decided to take her away from the hall. I guessed she was probably hungry so I took her off to get some food.

I thought we would pick up some McDonalds and then go sit up the field where the carnival lines up. We ordered and drove up to the field (obviously once we collected our order) Sadly we weren’t able to get into the field though. There were football games going ahead on the field. So instead I parked up on the road near the field. We climbed into the back of the car and opened the boot up as it was a nice day and it added to the impression of a picnic.

Bella loved being able to stretch out in the boot of the car and enjoy her Happy Meal. It was nice to see she’d actually calmed down. It meant I felt less stressed out.

Finally the gate was opened up and we were able to move the car into the field. We stood and chatted with the guys from Ramsgate while we waited for all the courts to turn up at the field. Soon they arrived and the field started to become filled with floats and people. Bella enjoyed being able to run around the field, it was nice to finally be somewhere she can do that.

The Teynham girls turned up and were sat in the car for a while when they pulled up. Bella had started to play around again so I offered her to the court. They happily took her in and she sat in the back of the car with the girls.

Soon the girls had to get to work so Bella went on the hunt to see which court she could find. She seems to have taken a liking to Ramsgate’s court, their float and sound system. The girls were on the float dancing and Bella did a little dancing next to the float. They were dancing and singing along to ‘Let it go!’ She really likes that song at the moment. She constantly goes around just singing ‘Let it go’ at the top of her voice.

The chaperones were working on the float’s sound system so Bella went to have a look at what they were up to. She was very taken by the lady who was trying to sort out the sound system and making sure it works. Bella was extremely nosy and decided she needed to step in.

While we were waiting around for the carnival to start, Bella and I decided to go for a walk down the line up. Bella had seen a huge lorry decorated in balloons and wanted to go have a look at it. It had a space theme with aliens, rockets and astronauts. We went and looked at the float and then Bella wanted to do some posing with the iron railings around the park.

It was lovely to actually get some posed photo of Bella. She very rarely lets me get some cute photos of her. She was lapping it up today. It was also a good chance for me to get used to using manual mode on my camera.

Soon it was time to return to the cars ready for the beginning of the carnival. We were playing lead car with Drew again today. We strapped Bella in to the back of the car for her nap and off we went.

We parked up at the top of the road waiting to get going. We discussed we were going to go behind Drew and then the fire engine and the coast guard. During this discussion we came up with our contingency plan for if either the fire engine or coast guard had to disappear off. They were both on call.

Eventually it was time to move off. Considering with had the fire engine behind us, every now and then setting of their sirens Bella slept on in the back of the car.

Being lead car we didn’t get to see much of the procession today. We did however have a little buddy to keep us company. My friends son was walking along side the car for the first bit of the car. That was until he decided he didn’t want to walk anymore so we stowed him in the back with Bella. His grandad caught him jumping in the car and who got the blame for letting him jump in … me of course.

The carnival seemed to go without a hitch. We made our way around the whole route with no problems. At the end of the carnival all the floats returned to the field while we blocked the road with the car. Once all was back to rights with the roads, Bella and I headed back to the hall for the evening part of the day.

Bella was very excited to be back at the hall. It meant she could go dance. Bella made her spot on the dance floor, dancing, of course, with the girls from Teynham and the girls from Faversham.

Bella did play for a little bit with another little girl with one of the pool tables. They were rolling the ball across the table and trying to get it in the pockets. This was a fun game and the girls were playing so nicely. The other little girl disappeared off to go dance but Bella stuck with the table. Sadly instead of rolling ball across the table, Bella decided she was going to throw it across the table. I kept reminding Bella she needed to be gentle and roll the ball but in the end one of the barmaids came and took the ball off Bella. Didn’t bother me she had been told what to do several times and didn’t listen. The barmaid taking the ball away meant I wasn’t the bad guy.

After this Bella went back to dancing with a few of the courts. A few of them have young girls called rosebuds and they all love running around and dancing together.

While Bella was happy on the dance floor I ended up having a very interesting conversation with the Teynham girls and their chairman. We were discussing the difference between a roof and a ceiling. It was one weird conversation and nothing could be agreed. I don’t think I can even explain the conversation because it would just be a muddle of the words ceiling and roof.

While I was stood with them Dawn, Grant, Paige and Adam returned from sorting out the barriers. As they were walking through the hall Bella came running up to me with desperation. She grabbed my hand and dragged me through the hall going ‘mummy, come!’ She dragged me to the hot drink and cake table. They had brought out a chocolate cake and Bella was desperate for a piece. I went off to get my purse and returned to buy her a slice of cake.

She took her piece of chocolate cake and went and sat with Grandad to eat it. She ended up pretty messy but I didn’t mind. I just told her not to get to close to any of the carnival girls. I didn’t want any of the chocolate to get on any of their dresses.

After her cake I had told her we were going to go home but I ended up having to wait for something. Insted of going home Bella hit the dance floor again this time with one of her carnival court friends.

She’s taken a real shinning to Little Miss Invicta. I was on the carnival circuit the same time as her mum so it’s cute that now our girls are enjoying carnival together.

When I walked into the hall to track Bella down I found her in front of the stage with Little Miss Invicta. Turns out Little Miss Invicta was teaching Bella how to do a carnival curtsey. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. I was blown away watching these two little girls go through all the moves. Even more impressed that Bella was able to copy it. She’s been dying to play princess but she’s too little at the moment.

Once the girls had practiced their curtsey they hit the dance floor again having a good boogie. They also ended up playing a few games of chase but that ended pretty quickly when the girls started tripping over their dresses and acting a little less princessly.

Sadly it was time for awards and it was also time for us to leave. The good thing was as everyone was sat down listening to the awards I was able to get out of the hall and out of the car park easily.

We had a lovely day at Sheppey carnival but now it’s time to call it a night.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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