Primark Shopping Haul – 19th August 2019

Rahel, Daly, Bella and I took a little shopping trip to Canterbury today. So instead of a blog we have a shopping haul.

Thumper medium sized make up bag

I love Thumper and Primark normally do really cute Thumper pyjamas but they haven’t got any new ones in at the moment. They have however brought out some Thumper make bags. I bought all nautical ones for my wedding so it felt like it was time for a change. I was going to ask Daly to get them for me for Christmas but that’s far too long to wait.

This make up bag is cute. It has three different pictures off Thumper with a bit of gitter here and there. On the other side it has glitter polka dots. And to top it off it has a cute little fluffy pom pom on the zip.

Thumper small sized make up bag

To match the medium sized make up bag I also bought the small one. This one is like a cuboid shape. It matches the medium sized one with the glitter polka dots and the picture of Thumper. I’m guessing glittered polka dots and cute Thumper pictures are the theme of these bags. Once again the zip has a fluffy pom pom.

Tartan skirt

Autumn is coming and I love wearing tartans of different types. I used to have a red tartan skirt and I’ve got a blue and green one. I think it looks cute wearing them with boots and leggings or tights. I love this brown and white one, the colours remind me of autumn and I think it’ll look cute with a white top and my boots. But we’ll see.

Red knit skirt

I love the burgundy colour all year round but especially in autumn. It such a lovely warm tone and autumn is full of warm tones with the oranges and browns. The good thing about this skirt is it’s a nice knit material so it’s stretchy and should be warm as it starts to get colder.

Friends Pyjamas

I ripped my tartan pyjama bottoms this morning so I needed to get some more. I normally get Thumper ones but Primark didn’t have any in. Well none that weren’t skin tight. Daly however managed to find some cute Friends pyjamas as I’ve been watching Friends so much. The good thing about these is they have warm tartan bottoms.

Knit dress for Bella

I did try to find some little skirts for Bella but I couldn’t find any I liked. Instead there were a few warm dresses so I thought I’d get her one for the colder days. She’s started to love wearing dresses so I knew it would be a hit.

Minnie Mouse Ears

Now we are planning to go to Disney next year and Bella stole my ears that I bought for when we’re in Paris. I saw these cute little pom pom ears on a hair band so I thought these might do Bella for the holiday.

Black Pumps

Bella seems to be getting through shoes like there is no tomorrow at the moment. Luckily Primark shoes aren’t too expensive so easy to replace. I picked up Bella some little black pumps as you can’t go wrong with black pumps.

Not a huge haul today but I bought a few bits.

Love CiCi x

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