Picnic at the Park – 20th August 2019

I had a doctors appointment yesterday evening for all the stomach pains I keep getting and the basic outcome from that appointment was I am now being tested for everything lol. So this morning we were off to the local hospital for blood tests. We ended up waking a little late so I hurried off to the hospital with Bella and left Daly to lock up the house and then meet us at the hospital.

We walked down towards the hospital and it wasn’t long before Daly caught us up. I hate blood tests – actually anything that requires needles. They scare me so bad so Daly was coming along to hold my hand while they jabbed me

When we got to the hospital we had quite a while to wait. Turns out a lot of people needed blood tests. It also didn’t help that they were short staffed today. We ended up having to wait for over an hour to be jabbed but while we waited Daly took Bella for a walk outside and also snuggled down in the corner and the pair of them watched Paw Patrol.

Once I’d had been jabbed we walked back home. We had a chilled out morning once we were back. Bella was happy playing with her little princesses and her FiFi and the Flower tops watering can house. Daly and I were lazing on the sofas. I was waiting for a phone call from the doctors with regards to some other test results.

I eventually received my phone call with the test results. Turns out I have an infection so the doctors had already sent a prescription for antibiotics to my pharmacist.

Daly decided we were going to go out for lunch. So we bundled ourselves into the car and headed off to where Daly wanted to get lunch. It was a pretty day so why not.

We went to a little sandwich shop the next town over. Daly and I both got baguettes and got Bella a wrap. I wasn’t sure if Bella was going to like the wrap but I wanted her to have something proper. As well as our baguettes we also picked up some treats and drinks.

We weren’t to sure where we were going to eat our mini picnic. Eventually Daly settled on a little quiet park on the outskirts of town. It was lovely, we parked up and opened the boot up out on to the field and had our little picnic out the boot of our car.

While we were eating out picnic Ed, who we used to hang out at the pub with, turned up. He had come up with his brother to have a kick about. Bella was very excited to see him, especially as they had brought a ball.

Once she’d finished her lunch we allowed her to go and play with Ed and his brother. She was running around, chasing the ball. She did really well kicking the ball across the field. At one point she was kicking the ball further and further across the field away from us. No idea what she was doing but she quickly realised it wasn’t a good idea and needed to get her butt back towards our car.

Daly went and joined in with the boys and Bella. They ended up standing in a triangle passing the balls between themselves and with Bella.

After having fun at the park and enjoying our picnic we decided to move back home. When we got home I was feeling a bit hot and gross so decided I was going to have a bath. I left Daly downstairs with Bella so I could go and enjoy some me time.

Of course I had my lovely bubble bath and scented candles. I can’t have a bath with out those bits.

While I was in the bath I heard Bella start to creep up the stairs. I guessed it was going to happen. Bella always has to know where I am and I didn’t think I’d be able to have me time for long. However even though Bella’s footsteps were coming up the stairs Daly’s footsteps started to follow them.

I was so grateful that Daly came and caught Bella before she found me in the bath. There were tears but they were short lived before I’m guessing Daly found something to distract her with.

I enjoyed my bath and actually managed to relax. Once I’d finished my bath I got myself into my pyjamas and went and snuggled in bed. I thought I’d make the most of Daly being on daddy watch. I pulled my iPad and caught up on a bit of my Youtube watching.

I ended up relaxing so much that I actually fell asleep. Well at least I got to nap undisturbed. Well undisturbed until Daly came upstairs to tell me the time and that we needed to have dinner soon. We were going out for the evening.

Once a month there is a kinda car meet I suppose you’d call it rather than a car show. It’s lovely going up there. All the cars meet up at Minnis Bay and then everyone just wanders around having a look and enjoying some chips along the seafront.

We went down as a family today. In the past we’ve gone down just Daly and I but not today. We had to park a bit of a way from the sea front with the amount of people up there but it didn’t matter. We had the pram with us so Bella could ride instyle.

We made our way to the cars and I went into photography mode. The problem is I end up just photographing little bits of the car rather than the whole thing. Means when I get home there’s really any tourist kinda photos. It’s all this artist weird angles of random bits of cars.

However I did take a few normal photos. Bella loved it as some daddy daughter time. They went walking off round the cars together. It was nice as Daly had some time to share his passion of cars with his daughter.

We had a good look around all the cars but it was starting to get dark so we decided to call it a night. Bella happily walked back up to the car with Daly. She likes to follow the little paths of concrete that you find in the pavement where they’ve been dug up for wires and pipes. We made our way back to the car with Bella following these little paths and then headed home.

It’s been lovely having a family day. We don’t get to do them often.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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