Beach trip – 24th August 2019

Today the heatwave seemed to hit. And I don’t do well in heat.

We were having a few problems with our car so we were taking it off to our friend to hopefully get fixed today. There was a charity event at one of the parks local to me that I had planned on going to this morning. It was a sponsored dog walk to help raise money for Breast Cancer and other cancers. Sadly I keep getting really bad dizzy spells so I didn’t think walking down to the park was going to go well. I would have taken the car but Daly had said he needed it so he could go get his food for work and take it to get fixed. Instead we stayed in and had a chilled morning.

Joe rang me to ask me if we were coming down to the dog walk. He was down their with his sister and Jess with their dogs. I told him we weren’t coming down with how I was feeling but they were welcome up to the house after if they liked.

About an hour later Joe turned up but without dogs. It turns out Jess and Joe’s sister were walking them up from the park. 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door and it was the girls with the dogs. Bella was a bit unsure of the dogs. Especially as one of them was very excitable. We tried to get Bella used to the dogs, Joe encouraged her to stroke the calmer one of the two. She was a little unsure everytime the dog was facing her but she eventually grew in confidence and was happy to stroke them.

She found one of the dogs leads and decided that he needed to be wearing it. With Joe’s help she managed to clip the lead on the dog.

Once the dog was on the lead she wanted to take him for a walk in the garden. Jess went outside with Bella to make sure she was ok and to take over having the dog if needed. Bella took him up to the back of the garden to show him her little paddling pool and all the toys she had in it.

We spent our morning watching Bella play with the dogs. Jess and Joe invited us to go to the beach with them later when Daly went to work. It was so hot so seemed like a good idea. I started to get us ready to go. Sorted out Bella’s bag with spare clothes and got dressed.

Now I was planning on having a little longer to get ready – you know finding our swimsuits, getting towels maybe even grabbing a bucket a spade for Bella to use. However we didn’t get the chance Daly had woken up and had discovered the car battery was dead. So we had to charge the car battery up so we had enough to get it to Richard so he could fix it. I was planning on getting Bella dressed into some beach appropriate clothes but I didn’t get a chance. I suddenly had Daly shouting at me that he guessed he had enough charge to get it seven miles down the road and we needed to go NOW! Bang goes being organised for the beach – however this does now mean I have a beach ready bag at home for the next time we plan to go to the beach and I get hurried out of the door.

We made it to Richards to drop off the car and I hurried into his house to get Bella changed for the beach. We said a quick hello to Char and Euan but then we were back outside at the cars to discuss where we were going. We decided on a place called Greatstone near New Romney, I used to go there as a kid and also it had the earliest high tide of the day of any of the beaches in Kent. Jess and I quickly popped into the corner shop to grab some drinks with how hot it is.

We said goodbye to Daly and Richard and set off on our long drive to the beach. I was a bit anxious driving all that way but we made it and I had no major freak out.

We arrived at the beach and found a car park to park up in. Although parking wasn’t as easy as it should be. We used the Ringo app but single wasn’t the greatest by the sea. It took forever for our phones to connect to the app and actually put the payment through to park. Even longer for me as my app had decided to kick me out and I couldn’t quite remember my password. Trying to log back in with rubbish signal was not fun. We managed to get the parking sorted and then it was down to the beach.

Joe and Jess had a chance to get their swimsuits so they were all ready for the sea. Our main goal of the day was to see if we could get Bella paddling. She’s had a major thing against water recently. This is why I stopped her swimming sessions but I want to start them back up.

We got down on to the lovely sandy beach. It wasn’t too busy considering how warm it was. We found a spot to settle and Joe set down the towels they had brought with them. The see wasn’t too far away from us and Joe and Jess set off down to the water with Bella.

Bella seemed to be doing really well in the sea. They ended up going quite far in and Bella didn’t seem phased at all. They came back from being down at the sea and Bella was happily wet.

They headed back up the beach to me but didn’t stop long. They now dragged me down to the sea front. We went for some paddling which soon turned into wading. We ended up going in so the water was up to my knees. I wasn’t happy about that. I’m scared of water and I can’t even swim. While we were walking into the sea the sand kept going from under me which freaked me right out. It freaked me out so much I actually screamed and ran back to shore. This resulted in scaring Bella – bad parenting move but I am really scared of water.

Bella came back to the shallower waters and paddled for a little bit before we headed back up the beach to chill out.

We went and sat down on the towels and Bella had great fun playing in the sand. Sadly I didn’t have a bucket or spade with us but she made the most of using her hands. She kept building little sandcastles and then destroyed them.

She was having a wail of a time playing in the sand. Which was very evident on her clothes, she was covered in sand. Her top was no longer white with flowers all over it, it was now a yellowy brown with flowers. I didn’t care. I always have at least two spare outfits for Bella on me.

Joe and Jess went back to the sea and were playing splashing each other while we were chilling. They seemed to be having fun and my little girl was enjoying her castles while I did a little sunbathing.

Joe and Jess returned and it was Jess’s turn to get some sunbathing in. Joe was trying to get me over my fear of water and took me back down to the water.

We walked out into the see, everytime Joe encouraging me to go a little further. The problem was the sand wasn’t solid underneath my feet so I kept sinking which just added to the fear. I’ve seen the tv shows where people go wading and then get stuck in the mud and the sea comes in and they drown. I remember that episode of Children’s Hospital. And the kid was found and they had to give him mouth to mouth under the water to keep him alive until the life guards could finally free him. That was a horrible episode and I was only a little kid when I saw it. Way before there was children’s channels.

Joe kept telling me that the ssand became solid I just needed to step a little further. He lied. I believed him stepped a little further and sank like a foot which freaked me right out. I was hanging on to Joe’s arm for dear life. I was very unhappy the water was nearly up to my butt.

I ended up freezing and couldn’t move. Joe was trying to encourage me to go further again but it was not happening. I felt like I was clawing at his arm with how much I was grabbing at him and freaking out. I made him go back to shore.

Joe ran off to encourage Bella to come join me down at the sea. She happily joined me and we had fun splashing about and jumping up and down. She was having fun splashing. It was nice that she was having fun in the sea and actually joining me in the water for once.

She ended up soaking wet as did I. We made our way back up the beach in the hopes I’d dry off. We settled on the towels and I started to let the heat dry off. Bella and Joe were playing in the sun. First Bella was encouraged to bury Joe’s feet then Joe got Bella to sit where he had been sitting and the pair of them buried her feet.

Jess had been laying on her stomach sun bathing so Joe and Bella decided they were going to try and bury her feet. She didn’t seem to mind.

After a bit of sunbathing and drying off we decided it was time to head back to the cars and make a move home. First it was time to shower off. Joe took Bella over to the outside showers and gave her a rinse in the hopes we’d get some of the sand off her. She was caked. Once she was rinsed off I took her in to the toilets to dry her off and get her dressed.

We decided to grab some food on the way home. Good old McDonalds was our restaurant of choice. We all bundled into the cars with our dry clothes ready for the long drive ready for the long drive.

We managed to get to McDonald’s although it was a bit of a faff as the SAT NAV wanted to send me a different way home to the way we’d came. I knew there was a McDonald’s on the route we had used to get to New Romney. Luckily all I had to do was find McDonald’s along our route and set it to go via one of them.We pulled up at McDonald’s and all got out.

Jess took Bella into McDonalds while I locked up the car. We made our orders at the little computer screens and then found somewhere to sit. Bella decided I was sitting next to her. I wasn’t sure if she was going to want to sit with me knowing how much she likes Joe and Jess, so I was honoured.

Bella enjoyed her nuggets, eating very nicely. Dunking her nuggets into her ketchup. We didn’t really chat much as we ate. I think we were all hungry. I know I had done Bella some lunch at midday but knowing me I don’t think I’d eaten anything.

I followed Joe the rest of the way home as he knew where he was going. It meant I could save my battery on my phone by not using the SAT NAV. We waved goodbye to Joe and Jess just as we got into town, they were heading the opposite way to me so they could get some fuel.

Bella and I headed our way ready for bedtime when we got in. I got Bella ready for bed as soon as we got in and she settled down nicely in bed. She’s always pretty easy to put to bed after a day out in the sun and heat. As Bella was in bed and I’d been in the sea I decided I was going to have a nice relaxing bath. I hate the feeling of dry sea water on me so a lovely warm bath seemed like the perfect way to finish the day.

I laid in the bath while enjoying watching Friends on Netflix. I heard Bella get out of bed and could hear her banging her gate at her bedroom door. After a few minutes the banging stopped and I suddenly heard footsteps on the landing. Bella disappeared into my bedroom – the lights were off in the bathroom, I was using candles and the laptop for light. After a quick look around she realised I wasn’t in my room and discovered I was in the bathroom.

Apparently I was doing a good job of cleaning and washing myself. Bella went hunting through her bath toys and found her sponge. She then spent the next ten minutes washing my leg and saying to herself ‘wash, wash,wash’

Once I’d washed my hair and finished up in the bath I took Bella back to bed. She happily curled back up and said goodnight to me. I left her in bed and went into my own room to carry on watching Friends.

We had a wonderful day at the beach with good friends.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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