We’re over our fear of water – 26th August 2019

Today Bella decided she was going to dress up. First outfit of the day was Sleeping Beauty. She had asked me yesterday to wear it but it was too close to bed time so sadly I told her no. But it’s a brand new day so there was plenty of time for her to dress up as a princess today.

We decided we were going to have a fairly chilled morning being bank holiday monday. We popped on some films on Disney Life. Bella wanted to watch Bugs Life this morning. I was taken back as she’d never expressed an interest in the film before but I wasn’t going to say no. It was nice she was branching out from the Princess films and we weren’t watching Frozen or the Little Mermaid again.

Where we now have a bigger TV and a lower TV stand Bella keeps trying to sit right in front of the TV even though she has been told to sit back. To encourage her to sit further away from the TV I’ve placed her giant unicorn uncle Zach bought her for Christmas, in the middle of the living room floor. She also has been given a cute Frozen camping chair by Cathy which we’ve also placed away from the TV and she has a choice of either to sit and watch TV from.

Bella decided she was going to snuggle up on her unicorn this morning to watch her films. She cuddled up on the floor using the unicorn as a pillow and wrapped herself up under her blanket. She looked so cute all snuggled up.

While the film was playing I thought I’d do some tidying of the garden and put up her new swimming pool. Cathy had got her after I’d moaned about all the problems I was having with inflatable things. Her nice big paddling pool Zach had bought her seemed to get a puncture in it after only two times of being blown up. And her giant unicorn sprinkler exploded. This new paddling pool wasn’t very big but it wasn’t inflatable thank God. I’m thinking it’s gonna have to take a lot to put a hole in it.

I tidied up the garden a little and found a spot to put the new pool in. I also emptied out the mini pool I’d put up at the back of the garden. I had planned on putting up her new giant unicorn sprinkler but after testing it with the hose we discovered the hose didn’t attach properly. It leaked badly where they joined. I had thought about putting the small pool under the unicorn to catch any water that leaked out. However I couldn’t find the attachments for my air pump which meant I was unable to pump her unicorn up so bang went that plan. So I stuck to just putting up her new pool and filling it.

After a the film she didn’t want to be Sleeping Beauty anymore instead she wanted to pop of the flamenco dress Cathy had bought her – that family do love to spoil Bella but she loves absolutely everything they get her. She put her new dress on and headed out into the garden. She decided that she was going to move her car next to her pool and wash it using a dish cloth.

Daly was on nights and had gotten up while I was filling the pool. He was outside tidying up out the front of the house. The problem with gutting a house is having boxes of stuff sitting outside. I had a few errands to run so while Daly stayed at home I headed out.

My first job was to fed Rachel’s Guinea pigs. She had been away for the bank holiday weekend so Bella and I had been walking over every night to fed them. However because of the heat I didn’t want to walk over with Bella tonight. So I had gone over in the car and fed them mid afternoon. Once I’d fed the Guinea pigs I drove round to Aldi.

I’ve discovered I prefer Aldi for our fresh food. It’s so much cheaper. The amount of fruit and veg we get through a week it’s ideal. I mean Bella eats on average two apples and two bananas a day minimum. That doesn’t include the pieces of fruit I give her with lunch and all the veg we’ve been eating at dinner time. I really can’t moan at the price. Everything shown in the photo below cost me under a tenner.

Bella continued to enjoy herself in the garden during the afternoon. Jess had messaged me asking if it was ok to pop round. Of course it was. If we’re not up to anything I have no problem with people dropping round. Joe and Jess turned up but not for long Jess had work but Joe was coming back to hang out afterwards rather than going home on his own.

Daly sadly had to go to work so he had to say goodbye to us. Bella was still playing in the garden. It was lovely, she’d been in and out of the pool all day. I think we’ve managed to get her over her fear of water. Can’t keep her out of it now. Joe went and joined her out by the pool and the pair of them were splashing water at each other.

While they were playing in the pool I cooked us dinner. It wasn’t much but it was dinner. We had a nice relaxed evening just sitting in the garden. Bella playing in and out of the pool and just chatting to Joe.

I love evenings like this. Nice chilled and with friends.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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