Hitting the cleaning head on – 29th August 2019

The living room has been driving us loopy recently. Dad came round at the beginning of the summer and took his little display cases down from the wall and we’ve been dying to attack the rest of the living room since. I’d spoken with dad about a week ago and he let me know we were free to do what we liked with the furniture which was music to my ears.

We have this annoying uncomfortable yellowy/white sofa in the living room that we never use. To hear we could do what we like meant that sofa was going. And that was the project for today. Get that sofa out of the house.

However I started my morning dying on the sofa. I woke up with a horrible migraine. Didn’t help that Bella had wanted to get up and go downstairs. All I heard was mummy, mummy, mummy. The only way to make it stop is go downstairs with her. Where I felt so rubbish I just curled back up on the sofa trying to sleep my migraine off.

Daly eventually woke up and decided he would take Bella out with him for a little bit to let me rest in peace. Now this was good in theory. However because I had the house to myself and the living room had been annoying me I ended up getting up and tidying. I sorted out all of Daly’s DVD’s and bits and bobs he had down by the sofa. I then stripped the red sofa and removed all the cushions and covers so I could wash them all. I wanted to air out the cushions because for some reason the house had been smelling weird lately. So all the cushions ended up out on the patio in the hopes it would get them smelling a bit fresher.

As well as washing all the cushion covers, I hovered out all the dust and rubbish from under the cushions. So when Daly came home the living room looked like this …

I wanted to go into town to get some deodorizer for the carpets in the hopes that would help the house smell a bit fresher. Daly had also needed to go into town so we decided we would go altogether. We parked up in town and then wandered through to the shopping centre. In Pound Stretcher we ended up buying an awful lot of cleaning supplies for both me and Daly.

We stopped to see if uncle Zach was working and ended up chatting to him for a bit. Turns out he was working. While the grown ups were chatting Bella went to play on the ride on toys. I don’t mind as long as I can see her. The funny thing is, I know if I put some money in the machine she would freak when it started moving.

While we were chatting I also bumped into a few people I knew. That never happens but for once I seemed to know more people out that Daly. I still needed to pick up a few more bits in town and Daly needed to go over to Homebase, so we split our ways. Daly headed back to the car to take it over to the industrial estate while I walked into town to finish off my shopping.

I took Bella to go choose Daly’s birthday cards. His birthday isn’t until the 12th September but I wasn’t sure when we’d be in town again to choose some cards.

We collected our cards and then we went round to Sainsburys. We’d run out of nappies and I wanted to see if there were any ballet shoes in Bella’s size. Sadly there weren’t any ballet shoes. I’ll just have to keep looking.

When we got home Daly decided he wanted to clean the windows. And his little helper wanted to join in. Bella helped Daly, following him around with her duster and trying to reach the windows. It was so cute to watch.

Once Daly and Bella had finished, they both went out the front of the house to give the car a wash. Apparently as cute as it was for Bella to try and help Daly, he had to redo all the bits she had done and she kept getting under his feet. Oh well that’s what kids do.

While the pair of them were cleaning the cars I was inside cleaning up the kitchen and trying to cook the dinner.

I think we did pretty well today trying to clean up the house. It’s no where near done but we are starting to see some improvements.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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