Mini Blog – Bella cleans the car – 30th August 2019

We’ve had a fairly slow day today. Daly had a few jobs he wanted to do but I took it easy.

We spent our morning with a bit of CBeebies. Bella was having fun playing with her toys. She went into her playroom and dug out her giant piano. I’ve discovered a better way to put the piano across the room now but it does mean the cats actually have to run across it to get from one side of the house to the other. Every now and then you hear a little tink tink as they walk across.

Bella loves her piano. She spent the morning practicing her ballet across it. Doing her bend and stretches and arabesques, which is a new one. She’s never pulled them out before.

Our morning was very uneventful. Just before dinner Daly decided he was going to wash the car again. To try and keep Bella focusing on her own car and not getting under Daly’s feet I put Bella’s Little Tykes car out on the front garden.

Daly showed her how to wash it off with the hose. She wasn’t too confident with it though. I think the force of the water coming out of it worries her.

Bella washed her own car for a while and stay away from Daly and the grown up cars. That didn’t last too long. Daly finally got round to actually washing the car. He’d filled a tub with water and I came outside to find both Daly and Bella using sponges to wash down the car.

It’s lovely they were spending some daddy daughter time. It doesn’t happen much with Daly being a work all the time. While they were outside washing the car I was in the kitchen again cooking again. Tonight we were having spaghetti bolognese.

I eventually got the pair of them in from the front garden so we could all sit in the back garden as a family and eat our dinner. Bella turned up soaked from washing the car but at least she was having fun.

I very rarely use spaghetti when cooking spaghetti bolognese so it’s a rarity for Bella to experience eat spaghetti. As it was a treat I taught Bella how to suck up spaghetti. She hadn’t quite got it down but it was so cute to watch her try.

Very short blog today but we have had a wonderful chilled out day.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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