Sleepover – 1st September 2019

Today hasn’t been the most exciting of days but we did still do stuff. This morning/afternoon has been one of those lazy ones. We’ve been in our pyjamas all day. We spent our morning enjoying rubbish children’s TV I swear I’ve seen the same episodes of Blaze, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig 5 times. Nick Jr need to spice it up a little bit.

We had some lunch. Wasn’t the healthiest but as long as Bella eats I’m not too fussed, well as long as she eats healthy more often than not. I mean in the morning she normally eats two bananas and one or two apples.

This afternoon I was going to do us a roast. I always aim to do a roast on a Sunday if Daly is off or on days. Tonight we were having roast beef. Joe and Jess had mentioned coming around and I had asked them to let me know by 4.30pm so I made sure I cooked enough. They gave me a call to say they were on their way over with about an hour to spare before I started dinner.

Joe and Jess turned up and Jess entertained Bella while I started the dinner. Bella seemed to want to do her make up today. So I found her and Jess sat on the sofa playing with my make up, it was so cute. I was interested to see what she was going to look like if she was let loose with make up. Turns out not too bad. With Jess guiding her she didn’t end up looking like a clown.

I carried on coking the roast, I’d made a bit of a boo boo though. I’m so used to cooking roast chicken which only takes an hour and half to cook. I hadn’t read the cooking instructions on the beef, that was a mistake because it was going to take nearly 2 hours to cook. Now I only read this once I had starting cooking with half 6 being the aim, so dinner was set back but 30 minutes.

Daly came home from work and I left everyone entertaining themselves. I sorted out the table in the garden for us to all have dinner.

It was soon time to dish up dinner. It was nice to have Joe and Jess round for dinner. I enjoy having people round – I think I keep saying that. We enjoyed eating and chatting outside in the garden. Bella wanted to get down and play but that was ok. She ate all her vegetables and stuffing. She’s not a huge fan of potatoes and meat so it wasn’t too bad she hadn’t really eaten them.

We had decided to have a movie night and sleepover tonight. We weren’t too sure what we were going to watch though. We popped Lilo and Stitch on for Bella to watch before bed.

Once Bella went to bed we decided we were going to pop on the Transformers films. Turns out I actually have all of them on DVD. Two years ago mum had bought me a box set of the first four films and then last year for Christmas she bought me the 5th film before she died.

While we were watching the Transformers films Daly and Joe decided they were going to play Minecraft. Well Joe was going to teach Daly how to play Minecraft. Bless them, they set up their little gaming station with the laptops and tables and that was how they stayed until Jess was far too tidy to stay up anymore.

We set up the sofa bed for Joe and Jess so they could spend the evening and Jess crashed out within seconds. Joe and Daly however stayed up until gone 3am playing Minecraft. I gave up staying up with them and went up to bed.

A very long day but a chilled one none the same.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.#

Love CiCi x

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