Chilled out day – 3rd September 2019

My narcolepsy has been playing up big time recently so we were having a chilled out day. Our morning started with our normal routine of Bella shouting ‘mummy, mummy, mummy!’ from her bedroom door until I get out of bed. I got out of bed and let her come downstairs with me. I was feeling great but wanted to get some work done. I ended up setting up camp on the floor with the laptop and gave writing this blog a go.

Now I mentioned my narcolepsy has been playing up. It’s bad at the moment to the point I’m tired but able to function but my arms have given up. They are exhausted and it’s like the rest of me is awake but my arms have fallen asleep – but not asleep like pins and needles, asleep as in they do not want to move they are so heavy and it’s hard to get my fingers to actually do what I want. I mean typing the blog is very hard when I’m struggling to actually control what keys my fingers are hitting.

I settled down with my laptop and tried to get my arms to do what they are suppose to. I had managed to find the iPad mini last night. It had been missing for at least two weeks so I was so grateful it had finally appeared. Bella grabbed the iPad and came and settled next to me. And that’s how we spent our morning. The pair of us on our electronic devices.

Bella soon got bored of the iPad. She came across one of her dad’s dusters. She obviously remembered cleaning with her dad the other day. She sat at the backdoor trying to clean the windows. Luckily I had hidden the squirty bottle full of water. I didn’t need to have a soggy carpet thanks to Bella.

Our cat Misty seemed very interested in what Bella was upto. She went and sat with Bella by the door. I was surprised Misty was allowed to stay with Bella. Normally Bella will shoo away the cat. She’s very funny about the cats being around her but she seemed perfectly happy with it today.

After Bella had done some cleaning of the windows she hunted down the rest of the dusters. Daly had made me buy him 15 of the damn things the other day. Bella managed to find 7 of them and laid them out on the floor like a hopscotch. It was cute to see, I don’t know where she got that idea from but she had fun jumping from one duster to the other.

Once she’d finished jumping from one to the other she was a little tired so sat across the dusters but continued to play with them. I’m not sure why she’s got so into cleaning but it keeps her happy.

After a bit of duster fun and entertaining herself Bella wanted some down time. I popped on Netflix so she could choose something to watch that wasn’t flipping Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol.

Netflix does give us a better choice of shows. Bella settled on one of the My Little Pony films. She seems to really like them at the moment. We watching the Friendship Games. We’ve watched it a couple of time but not enough that I feel like my brain is going to mush.

I had to stop the film halfway through so we could have some dinner. But as soon as we’d finished dinner Bella was allowed to go back to watching her film.

A nice chilled out day playing indoors and trying to turn mummy’s brain to mush. Luckily tomorrow is a Wednesday so we’re off out for family day.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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