Beautiful Ballerina – 5th September 2019

Back to ballet this morning. Bella woke up in such a lovely mood and was ready to get going. She had her breakfast and then let me get her dressed into her ballet outfit. I’ve been trying to get hold of some new ballet shoes for ballet with no luck. We used to be able to get them from Sainsbury’s. I like Sainsbury’s ballet clothes, they’re not badly priced and the great thing is we have a few big stores near us so I can take her in to try the clothes out. However we’ve had no luck this time. I’ve been unable to get hold of any new ballet shoes yet so I’m just hoping last terms shoes haven’t got too small for her.

We got dressed and then got in the car to head off to find Miss Paige. Bella was so excited to start ballet again. I was kinda worried she was going to be over ballet but she recognised the hall as soon as we pulled up. I got her out the car and she ran off to go inside.

She didn’t get very far though. She made it to the classroom door but then she decided she was going to hide. Miss Paige called her in and I thought she was still hiding behind the doorframe but she’d actually snuck in behind me and was hugging my leg.

We said hello and then went and sat in the corner so we could take off our shoes. Putting Bella’s old ballet shoes on was a nightmare. They are slightly too small so they were refusing to stay on. Ballet shoes can be tightened by a string they goes round the edge of the shoe. So to get the shoes on I had loosened the string but then I couldn’t tie a bow back into it. Damn acrylic nails.

Eventually I managed to tie the bows and Bella ran off to join in.

It was like a different child. She was so focused. She joined in with every activity and dance and was even very vocal. Normally she is a nightmare to get to join in or stay focus. Or if she does want to join in she will do it behind me in a corner of a room rather than with the other children.

Not today, today she was in the middle of the class with the rest of the children. She practiced her good toes and naughty toes, her bends and stretches and her points. It was so lovely to see and far less stressful for me.

She lost her concentration during the second to last activity. Everyone was being given shakers but Bella had decided she wanted to go to her usual dance corner and spin around and look out the window. Luckily Miss Paige and myself were able to being Bella back and her focus was regained.

At the end of the class Bella nicely tidied up her Twinkl teddy and recieved her sticker from Miss Paige. While we were putting our shoes back on Miss Paige came over to talk to me and said how lovely Bella had been and it was like having a different child in class. She had done so well. This summer seems to have been the making of Bella.

I had a proper proud mum moment on the way home. I actually got teary because I’d been told Bella had done so well in ballet. I mean I’m really teary at the moment anyway but I’ve been able to keep it in check during the day.

We headed home so Bella could have a play about and have some lunch before starting the second part of her day, an afternoon at nursery.

It was nice to be able to sit down for ten minutes. Thursdays are always busy days and very bitty but that’s ok Thursdays are Bella’s days. Once Bella had finished her lunch I got her dressed for nursery – she cant exactly go in her ballet outfit. She ended up dressed, fed and ready to go.

I dropped her off at nursery and then ran into town to collect some packages from the post office. I knew I had some photography items that were suppose to be delivered but I only thought one of these packages was going to be that.

Turns out both packages were the photography items I had ordered. I collected them from the post office and rush home to open them. It was like photography Christmas, I was so excited.

Turns out my items were a new backdrop I had ordered for autumn and Halloween mini photo sessions. In the box was a backdrop stand. I thought a stand is going to look far more professional than having to tape backdrops to the wall. I’m looking forward to my yearly first day of autumn photo shoot I do with Bella every year. and then looking forward to the halloween shoots after that. I just need to find my autumn leaves, I don’t really want to have to pay for more autumn leaves. Think I need to do a few more shoots before I can start spending money on photography again. I just need to take the view no one is going to invest in me if I’m not willing to invest in myself.

It was soon time to pick Bella up from nursery. She wanted me to pick her up today rather than daddy so off I went. Turns out her good day had continued. I asked her what she had been up to while at nursery. She told me she’d been outside playing in the sun. She’d also played in the sand. I could tell that because of the sand that came off her socks when I took her shoes off.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling and watching Nick Jr. We said goodbye to Daly as he disappeared off to work for his last night shift for a while. Bella didn’t really want to say goodbye to daddy but she eventually gave in and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

Thursdays aren’t the most exciting days. As I said they are Bella’s busy day but I only see her at ballet so I can’t comment on what she has been up to.

So night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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