Food Cravings – 6th September 2019

Today I had plans to take Bella to the swimming pool but I was also waiting for Royal Mail to bring me a delivery. In the end the delivery won out. I saw it won out, I still missed it but we’ll get to that later.

Daly had finally finished his night shifts so he is now off. He had gone and met his dad at work once he’d finished work and they had arranged for Grant to give Daly a call or message when he’d finished to let us know he was on his way home so we could drop Bella over. So we had a chilled out morning waiting for the post man.

At about 12ish Daly’s mum rang me to ask when we were going to bring Bella home as Grant was now home and she’d actually been home all morning, which I hadn’t realised, so we could have brought Bella down earlier. Turns out just before she rang I was in the process of beginning to get Bella ready to go and see Grandma and Grandad.

Daly had managed to fall asleep on the sofa. He had woken me up just after 10am debating whether to have a power nap or not. It appears his body had made the choice for him. He had snuggled up under his blanket on the sofa and dozed off for two hours. Once he woke up he got dressed into normal person clothes and then went and got Bella in the car.

We headed over to Grandma and Grandad’s to drop Bella off. The whole morning my anxiety had been high and it gets even worse when I’m in the car. Daly kept giving me encouraging glances and asking me what was wrong. The problem with anxiety is you don’t always know what’s wrong. We eventually pulled up to Daly’s parents and all got out.

We stopped briefly inside for a quick chat but then left off again after saying goodbye to Bella. She had already made herself at home, getting out all her plates, cups, bowls and food from her kitchen and laying it out on the poof. She wasn’t happy Winnie, the cat, wanted to play though. Didn’t matter how many times she was removed from the poof she jumped straight back on.

When we got in the car Daly asked me what I wanted to do. I decided I didn’t want to go home. I was struggling to come up with something. In the end I said what about going to ASDA to check out their Halloween range. I’m so excited for Halloween this year. Normally Rachel goes full out. I’m not planning on going that far but the idea of costumes, trick or treating and of course being able to do Halloween photos has got me excited.

We have an ASDA near us but I suggested going to the one in Canterbury for a change.

It turns out ASDA don’t have their Halloween range out even though they have their Halloween costumes up on their website. That put me on a bit of a down again but we decided to roll with the punches. We had a quick look round the George section and the toys, picking up a Belle doll for Bella on our way.

I soon lost Daly to all the gaming equipment until I started to moan at him I wanted chocolate. I had decided I was craving chocolate and so that had now become my mission. The problem was I was craving truffle chocolate. You used to be able to get a bar of truffle chocolate from Sainsbury’s. I remember going down there in my teens and buy several bars to get me through the week. Now I was really craving this truffle chocolate but unless you buy like Lindor or those seashells you can’t seem to get hold of a cheap generic truffle bar.

It sucked! In the end I grabbed a packet of Munchies. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but it was the only chocolate that seemed to take my fancy.

Our next stop was B and M. I knew they had to have their Halloween stuff out if places like Poundland and Home Bargains did. And I was right. They had a whole aisle full of Halloween bits. I actually had to hold back from buying all of it. I ended up picking up loads and having to put most of it back. I didn’t think I could justify spending so much. In the end I settled for some Halloween glow sticks and a giant glitter spiders web. That seemed to hold my excitement for Halloween a little bit.

The next craving hit me. I wanted a double cheese burger so bad. Luckily McDonalds was near by. I persuaded Daly to take me so I could get one. Normally it’s a bit of a battle but he gave in really easy today. I think it was because he was hungry more than anything else.

As we pulled into the drive through Daly ordered for us. He started by ordering 3 double cheese burgers. And I knew only one was for me. I asked for some fries to go with my cheese burger if he was going to have two. I also have a real love for their Iced Mocha Frappes at the moment. They are nice and refreshing but it gives me a bit of a wake me up as well.

We left McDonalds and went to find somewhere we could park up to eat. Daly decided we were going to head down Broad Oak Road in Canterbury. There are loads of car places along there and some huge car parks so plenty of places to stop.

As we were going down the road we ended up getting caught in traffic, I mean it is a pretty popular road in Canterbury. While we were sitting in traffic and Aston Martin pulled out in front of us – Daly’s favourite car, and then to our left he spotted another one parked up. Before I knew it we were pulling into that road and parking up.

Daly decided he wanted lunch with a view. And he was very happy with the view he had found. I on the other hand wasn’t too thrilled about the view but it didn’t really bother me. Now if we were having lunch surrounded by Ford Mustangs that would be a completely different story. So we sat and ate our cheese burgers while Daly stared at the car.

Once we’d finished eating we made our way out of Canterbury and headed home. We ended up having a pretty chilled out afternoon.

Later in the evening Daly headed off to go pick up Bella from his parents. Now Joe and Jess were suppose to be coming round tonight to finish off our Transformers marathon. So while Daly was getting Bella I headed off to go get some snacks and drinks for us.

I popped into Food Warehouse to get 48 cans of pepsi and then I headed to ASDA to get our snacks. Going to Asda also meant I had a chance to pick up Bella’s Halloween costume I had bought for her.

I headed up stairs to the service desk and wasn’t too thrilled by the service I received. I rang the little bell they have on the desk to get someones attention. Now while I was waiting someone came out of the back with a trolley. I know this area they came out from is linked to the bell so I knew they had heard it. After a while two people went back through the door into the back section and I rang the bell again. First a woman came out pushing a trolley, I rang the bell again. Then the man returned back out with a trolley, I rang the bell again. I then heard the man with the trolley talk to some one in the aisle saying, ‘your bell is going’ Finally a man appeared from the aisles and walked down to the service desk. Now this whole little bit probably sounds like me being right impatient but it all happened over the space of ten minutes. If I wanted to be annoying I’d just keep pressing the bell until someone appeared.

I picked up Bella’s costume and then headed downstairs to raid the snack aisles. I also had to pick up a few bits of normal shopping as well. Bella is eating us out of house and home when it comes to fruit.

I headed back home. As I pulled on top the drive and opened my door I could hear Daly calling Bella. She came running to the door so excited to see me. As I walked in I told her she had a package. She grabbed the package off me and ran into the living room. She then got bit stressed she couldn’t get into it.

I went and helped her open the package and see what was inside. Inside was her Halloween costume, a rainbow witch. I sorted out the hat for her and she instantly popped it on her head. I asked her if she wanted to try her dress on. It looked really small on the hanger so I was a little worried.

Turns out I didn’t need to be. It’s a little too big for her so she’s got plenty of room in her costume this year. Last years costume was a little small for her which was a shame.

Joe and Jess turned up with Jess’s brother and Bella showed them her costume. I knew I was going to have a battle on my hands to get Bella out of the dress though. She hates taking clothes off for bed. It means she often ends up going to bed in the top she’s been wearing during the day or one of her fancy dress costumes. Bella said goodnight to everyone and then I put my little witch to bed.

When I came down stairs the three boys were already set up with Minecraft on laptops and I set about putting the Transformers films back on for us.

Sadly Joe and Jess couldn’t stay the night so had to go home but we had a good night. We had lots of laughs especially with Jess’s brother, he is a hoot. I’ve come to the conclusion if I’m ever feeling low all I need is him to come round with his Minecraft and listen to him play for a while. My mood would definitely be turned upside down.

We had a good day and lots of laughs this evening.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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