Strictly is Back! – 7th September 2019

This morning I got up early and started my day tearing the living room appart. I’d lost my bank card … again! I swear I need a tracking device on it. I noticed yesterday evening when I went to ASDA that I’d managed to misplace it again. I knew I had to have lost in somewhere in the house. I have one of those little shoulder bags but I’m really bad at zipping my bag up. Not good when you throw it on the back of the sofa and then it falls of upside down spilling everything everywhere.

I searched all around the sofa and behind it. I even pulled it out into the sofa bed to see if my card had ended up there. Where I was coming up empty with the sofas and all the bags of stuff behind our sofas I thought I’d check my handbag and purse again.

Hunting through my purse I was able to narrow down the time period I’d lost it in because my driving licence was missing as well. That meant I had lost it at some point between going to the post office to now. Instantly that made me think to check the car. And that’s where I found my cards, wedged down the side of the passenger seat. But at least I’d found them. I really must remember to put my cards back in my purse and to do my bag up.

Joe had given us a call about helping him pick up a car from his work that he was buying. We had been prepared to do it yesterday but Joe had been let down by the person selling it to him. We were getting ourselves ready to go over that way. I was getting Bella dressed when Daly came in and told me we needed to be over at his work about 12ish. I was already ready to go and just needed to get Bella dressed. I wanted to stop at the post office on the way to Joe’s so I was already organised and getting ready to head out the door.

We stopped at the post office on the way to find Joe as I had my package from yesterday to pick up. The postman had turned up while we were in Canterbury. Apparently the package was too big to fit through the door. I guessed my package was my business cards for my photography so I wanted to pick them up sooner rather than later just so I knew I had them.

It was my business cards and they look so good. I’m happy they’ve turned up because hopefully I can drum up some business with them.

Once we’d finished at the post office we headed off to find Joe. We made it to his work place and sat outside waiting for him. He eventually appeared and it became a boy/car dominated fest. Bella and I went interested so we found somewhere out of the way to entertain ourselves. By Joe’s work there was a little alley with a few chairs to become a make shift smoking area. To keep out of the way Bella and I set up home there. Luckily I had brought the iPad mini with me to keep Bella entertained.

Bella had great fun playing in this alley being a creative little munchkin coming up with games. She started with making stone castles I’d guess you’d call them. She kept pilling the stones up on each other and making little mounds. After a while she got bored of that so started to dig little hole into the stoney ground.

She managed to find a metal post that she decided she wanted to use it as a hobby horse. She was skipping up and down with the post between her legs and shouting ‘horsey horsey’ I’m thinking we might need to get her a hobby horse for Christmas.

After a while she got bored of playing with the stones and the post and sat down next to me. She happily played her games on the iPad. Every now and then she asked me for help but she’s pretty independant with her games so I sat and happily typed away at my blog. It was the perfect chance to catch up and get ahead of myself.

I was getting proper hangry waiting for the boys. I don’t know what is with me at the moment. Normally I can get hungry but I can ignore it easily but not this morning. It hurt because I was so hungry. Daly had suggested going for a walk with Bella to get some food from the Sainsbury’s round the corner but Bella refused to go. I couldn’t leave her as Daly was busy so instead I had to sit and suffer in hunger.

After what seemed forever the boys had finished what ever they were doing. Joe had suggested me taking Bella off to get some lunch and the boys were going to see what was going on with this car and meet up with me later. That didn’t happen though.

We ere finally able to leave Joe’s work at about 2ish. Bella and I were starving. I had been asking Bella what she wanted for lunch and she decided that she wanted some chicken nuggets. Luckily McDonalds was round the corner from where we were. That made lunch nice and easy.

Lunch didn’t quite go as I had planned. My stomach began killing within minutes of me finishing my lunch. That was not good. I was glad Daly was driving us home because I can not drive when I’m in that pain. I just want to curl up in a ball and die. We walked back to the car and I curled up in the front seat trying to ignore the pain – I failed.

As soon as we got home I dashed off because I was in so much pain and feeling sick. The problem was we were going out within the hour to go round to Paige and Adam’s, they were celebrating five years together and had invited us round for a buffet. I had wanted to wash my hair before we left but now I also wanted to change into something more comfortable. I didn’t want anything pressing on my stomach. I washed my hair and got myself ready to go back out hoping the pain would ease soon.

Daly had said to me to not worry about going but I refuse to let my stomach pain rule my life, my narcolepsy and anxiety don’t so why should my stomach. I had said that I would still go, we weren’t going to stay all evening though. I would bring Bella home and put her to bed at her normal time. That way Paige and Adam got to see Bella and we were there to celebrate with them but I could go home and get comfy after a few hours and Bella could go to bed at her normal time. That way as well no one had to worry about drinking around the toddler.

We went to pick up Dawn as we were taking her with us as well. There were a few of our friends coming as well so it was going to be a nice little gathering.

When we got there we were the first ones there. The TV was playing the Ashes when we turned up, I quite like cricket so I settled on the sofa and ended up tuning into the cricket. Eventually other people started to turn up and the gathering started to take form. All the girls ended up in the kitchen sorting out the food and all the boys ended up playing in the garden being boys. I stayed curled up on the sofa and kept an eye on Bella. She kept drifting through to the back door to see what the boys were up to but would then come join me in the living room.

After a while Bella started to become a bit of a trouble maker. She had brought Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy with her but they were only entertaining her so much. Paige found Nick Jr on the TV for Bella and Bella settled down on the floor to watch Peppa Pig.

Soon the food was ready so we all congregated in the conservatory to have something to eat. Bella had been hungry so Paige had sorted out Bella some food and then Bella sat on the beanbag next to her eating nicely. I collected my food and then decided I was going to sit on the floor under the table to stay out of the way. After a couple of minutes Bella decided she was going to join me under the table. She managed to finish her pizza before she wanted to go back to watch the TV.

After eating all the boys went on the hunt for another one of Adam and Paige’s guests. Sadly it was getting close to Bella’s bedtime though so I started to pack up our stuff so Daly could drop us home once he got back.

Eventually the boys came back and Daly said that he would get a lift home with a friend and that I could take the car home. Bella and I said goodbye to everyone and then we left to go home and to bed for Bella.

Once Bella was in bed I curled up on the sofa in my PJs under Daly’s fleecy blanket and sat there waiting for Strictly Come Dancing to come on on BBC iPlayer. I’d missed it by being out but that didn’t matter that’s what catchup is for.

Strictly eventually came on to iPlayer at 21.14. I had watched the little promo they do the week before where they do mini interview with each celeb on the outside stage and once I’d finished with that the launch show had come on on iPlayer.

Let’s see what it was all about and what I thought about it.

I loved the opening number. I mean Kylie is amazing even all these years on. The medley she did was great. Very suited for the show. I heard once the way Kylie stays in shape is just by being on tour and constantly dancing in heels. Man I wish I could do that. It would be a great way to get my figure back.

I have to say I did find my eye drawn to little Diane. I loved her and Joe last year. I now follow his Youtube channel because of last year. But her red hair is so bright, I didn’t remember it being so bright but maybe having it against her white outfit makes it stand out more.

I sadly have to say at first glance I have no idea who most of the celebs are. I know Jamie Laing – I used to love Made In Chelsea.

The official opening dance sequence was amazing. It’s so cute seeing Diane and AJ dance together. Put your hand up if you can guess who my favourite dancers are. I just think they make a cute couple (Still shipping Joe and Diane though) dancewise I think they are great.

I did not like Claudia’s outfit tonight. It looked like she’d borrowed her dad’s red sequined suit. I don’t think it flattered her at all. It just seemed really baggy on her. It’s a shame because sometimes she can look amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tess’s outfit but it was ok.

I think the new judge is so cute. That dress is huge and it made her look tiny. She’s got an amazing smile though. She reminds me of someone but I can not place who it is. I’m sure I’ll work it out by Christmas.

Out of the celebs I’m sure I’ve heard of Chris Jamie Laing Anika Rice and James Cracknal but the rest I’m drawing a blank on. It’s a shame I’m not sure if they are more obscure celebs or I’m just out of touch.

Ooo the pairings! Time to find out who these people are.

Catherine Tyldesley – I recognise her from the odd time mum put on corrie. However before they showed clips of corrie I had no idea who she was

Saffron Barker – Not someone I’ve come across and I spend a lot of on Youtube. I’m going to have to look the girl up now and see what sort of things she uploads

Michelle Visage – I love her already. I was a bit unsure when I first saw her but seeing her little video bit and finding out her background I think I’m going to like her.

Alex Scott – I recognise her from the photos of her younger football years. I don’t really watch sport so I haven’t seen her being a pundit but she’s really pretty lol probably not what she want’s me to take from this but she is.


Catherine – No idea

Saffron – AJ (I was right, the two babies together)

Michelle – No idea I wanted to say Anton but I feel he’s going to end up with Anika

Alex – Aljaz (I was wrong, I’ve never seen Neil before so I hadn’t really thought about him)

I wasn’t too sure about the judges routine. I know they are all dancers in the past and I think because obviously judging is now what they do rather than dance so in parts it looked a little bit awkward but hats off to them I mean I couldn’t do that. I think Craig was the most awkward to watch in their solo boxes but they all looked great when everyone was dancing together. Motzi however, she is sass on the dance floor. I love her.

Time for the first lot of boys

James Cracknall – I recognise him from the Olympics. He’s funny, he sounds like he’s been put off a lot of things. But he seems to be willing to do a lot of crazy stuff.

Karim Zeroual – Him I’ve never seen before. Bella is too little for CBBC’S he seems to have a lot of energy. I think he’s going to do well.

Chris Ramsey – I thin he’s funny – he’s obviously doing his job right then. I mean he’s a comedian. I’m sure I’ve seen him on TV with his comedy in the past.

David James – Another one I recognise now. I’ve seen the odd little bit of football in the past, especially England play.


James – Katya (I was wrong, another dancer I didn’t remember so hadn’t added into my predictions)

Karim – Amy (I was right)

Chris – Janette (I was wrong, I thought of Karen at the last minute)

David – No idea

The new Mark Ronson song I really like. It’s nice and upbeat but not too in your face. It’s a great feel good tune in my opinion.

Aw bless AJ in his little car. He’s car is just a bigger one of Bella’s

It’s so funny seeing everyone in dance rehearsals with make up on. Like seriously how easy do you think it’s gonna be. I gave up wearing make up to cheer and dance about a week after I started. And they are probably training a lot harder than I used to. My make up used to just fall off. I need to know what setting spray they’re using. Also why are there people in long sleeves. I’d be dying. Like seriously your about to work

Emma Barton – Omg I remember her in Eastenders. Her character was off her rocker. So another one I know vaguely.

Emma Weymouth – She reminds me of one of my friends. They have the same smile. And also I love Longleat. She is a busy person with all her different roles. Oh man she even dances cute. I love her.

Anneka Rice – Haha before health and safety was invented. Great TV. Just chuck her in a helicopter. I feel bad coz I feel I’m already predicting she’s going to be the worse female. Hopefully she proves to me she can do it.


Emma – Kevin (Did not see Anton being partnered with her, he was so funny when he found out she was his partner)

Emma – Aljaz (I was right)

Anika – Anton (wow didn’t think I’d have gotten my Anton and Kevin predictions around the wrong way)

Stacey and Kevin are back. Bless Stacey with her cuppa. Can’t beat a cuppa. Haha so funny watching them arguing over moves. I never really liked them last year, well not I didn’t like them but I was team Joe and Diane all the way. I can’t stand the pasodoble. I never could when I used to watch the ballroom privates before my cheer training. Other dances are way more fun. Fell the paso is so choppy. Oh well they won with it and you can’t argue that.

Back to the boys

Mike Bushell- No idea who he is. It’s another sports person, I don’t really watch sports programmes.

Will Bayley – Sadly another I don’t know but he’s so sweet. I really like him. I think he’s going to be one of the ones I’ll be cheering for this year. He’s sexy face is to die for lol

Dev Griffin – I recognise him but I don’t know why. Oh man now they’ve shown the CBBC’s clip I remember him. Haha. I think he’s gonna be good.

Jamie Laing – Love him and his biscuits. He’s so cute and seems so innocent. Ok I don’t think innocent is the word but he’s so childlike.


Mike – Janette (I was wrong, it’s Katya. Them doing the jump together! Brilliant)

Will – Katya (The hug with Bruno makes him even cuter) (He has Janette, I think they’re going to be fun together)

Dev – Diane (I was right)

Jamie – Oti (Which means this one is right)

Oh man Jamie and Karim and their little shake. I’m gonna say it again, they are so cute. And check out Will not only doing Strictly training but he’s off to the European Championships.

Looking forward to see the huge group routine. Let’s see how everyone does. Looking panicked by not too bad. I mean fair play to them, it’s the first routine they’ve ever done and that stuff is scary.

Check out Jamie for continuing the dance with a busted foot. Now that is a true dancer. It takes a true professional to continue dancing with an injuring. I have watched the performance twice through, once not knowing about the injuring and the second to watch to see if I could see it and in all honesty he kept going. You can not tell he has an injuring – that is unless they filmed the routine twice. He just looks a bit unsure what he’s doing at times. But to know he’s just injured himself he did an amazing job. Gutted he wont be able to dance though. It’s a shame.

Not sure if I’ll be doing this next strictly episode. I might just do a summary of what I thought of the episode at the end of my daily blog.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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