Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning – 10th September 2019

Sorry guys, I’ve been cleaning again.

My car went in for it’s MOT today and Daly being the mug it is booked it in for 7.10am or something. Now I was no way getting up to take it in. I remember how it used to kill me taking my car in at 8am to get it MOTed. So Daly was getting up early today and taking the car for me. I say for me, he’s the one who booked it and paid for it.

I woke up to Daly bringing me a Costa latte in bed. He’s sweet like that, if he’s getting up early and coming back home to me he will often bring me a latte. I popped my latte on the window sill and ended up dozing off for about an hour. My latte was still warm when I woke up, it had been in direct sunlight so had kept it warm. It meant it was perfect for waking up to, it was the perfect drinking temperature.

Bella was still asleep when I woke up but me popping my head though her door woke her up. We both headed downstairs and found Daly sitting on the sofa in the dark watching a film. I don’t know what he had against opening the curtains. He said it was so there wasn’t any glare on the tv screen but did that mean he couldn’t open the curtains in the kitchen and hall way. I annoyed him by then opening all the curtains.

I decided to carry on with my cleaning streak and today my target was Bella’s play room. Now like an idiot I don’t have any before photos from today but I’ve found a photo from a previous day.

How bad is that. It had just become a dumping ground for stuff. I can’t even say it’s all toys but we had just ended up putting anything and everything in there.

Bella and Daly watched the film while I started to play room. Once the film was over Daly went outside to tidy the drive – again it had become a dumping ground for stuff. Daly did a tip run to get rid of some bits and then rearranged the rest of the bits. It does look much better out there now.

He wanted to do the gardens so that was his next job. I however was still plodding on with the play room. Bella was not helping matters though. It’s not impossible to tidy with a toddler but it definitely is not easy. She kept coming in a using her broom on the floor going ‘clean, clean, clean’ And then she kept grabbing the toys I’d found and running off into the living room with them. So the play room was becoming less cluttered but the living room was becoming full of toys.

Daly rang his parents to come and get Bella. I felt bad because all she was hearing from us was no. Not how I wanted her day to go. Grandma and Grandad turned up and I quickly got Bella dressed. She had been running around in her nighty. Luckily her bag was already packed and I managed to find her a little summer dress to wear. We said goodbye and then Daly and I were able to crack on.

Daly did a little bit of tidying in the back garden but where we needed to empty and clean the paddling pools Daly was unable to cut the back gardens grass. I carried on with the play room. It was getting better.

Once I’d emptied and sorted the play room I ended up sat in the hall way and sorted out all the stuff I had pulled out. You know all those toys and various bits you suddenly come across. So while I was sorting all of that Daly was on the phone to Joe. He needed our help to pick up a car and we’d planned to help him out all the other times he was suppose to be getting this car so we knew it was coming but it was whether it was actually going to happen.

Daly ended up going out to help out another friend. I had finished Bella’s play room and now wanted to sort out some other little bits. I wanted to walk into town to go pick up some bits. That was my next job. I chucked on some clothes, grabbed my head phones and walked into town.

My back was killing by the time I got into town, I have no idea what’s going on with it at the moment, it keeps hurting. But I made it to town and grabbed the bits I wanted. Just as I finished in the high street Daly rang me to tell me he was home and to find out where I was. We’d decided we were going to help Joe out. I’d asked Daly to meet me at Sainsbury’s. It’s a nice easy place to be picked up from and I also wanted to grabbed something to eat, clean meant I forgot to eat. I also needed a drink so I could take some pain killers.

We went to Joe’s work and helped him bring the car he had bought home. I had the privilege of driving his car home thanks to my insurance. It was quite nice driving a manuel again seeing as my car is an automatic. I also fell in love with his sound system. I was proper rocking away the whole way home.

Once we’d sorted the cars and I had a brief visit with Char and Richard it was time to go and pick Bella up from Grandma and Grandad’s. She seemed to have had a lovely time with Grandma and Grandad, but she was so excited when Daly and I turned up. It was so cute that she was jumping up and down shouting ‘Mummy! Daddy! Yay!’

Now that is pretty much it for today. That seems like a really choppy blog but it was a bit of a boring day. Anyways here is the finished play room from that bomb site earlier …

A varst improvement on what it did look like.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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