My insomnia is driving me crazy! A mini Insomnia routine.

I was diagnosed with insomnia nearly two years ago now and it’s not getting any better! Oh man it’s driving me loopy. I just want to sleep! Annoyily I’m not allowed to take any form of medication to help it. I have tried melatonin pills and the first time I had insomnia it worked but now it’s been back and nothing will touch it. I have also had counseling and sessions in sleep hygiene and it hasn’t work. Anyways lets get into what this blog is actually about, it’s a mini insomnia routine lol.

I went to bed last night about half 9, I was exhausted. I didn’t stay asleep for long though. I woke back up at 2am. I tried to fall back asleep. Not happening. I watch a few Youtube videos while snuggled up in bed. Not ideal to get you back to sleep but sometimes it works.

If it isn’t working out of bed you get. I was always told if you struggle to sleep for longer than 20 minutes you need to get up and do something. Last night, for once, I actually had the energy to get up.

I got up and headed downstairs. I popped my Youtube videos on the TV wondering if I was going to fall asleep on the sofa. Nope.

I’ve been watching a lot of autumn themed videos recently. I like to watch them for inspiration, also autumn is the best time of the year so what better way to enjoy it than be fully immersed.

I had a few cleaning jobs to do so I thought I’d get them done now rather than leave them for the morning. My first job was to hang up some washing I had done before bed.

Once all the wet washing was hung up I started on the dry washing. I had loads that needed sorting and folding.

I managed to fold all the washing up and placed them into piles. One for our room and another for Bella’s room. I didn’t plan on taking the clothes up to put them away now. I didn’t want to wake either Bella or Daly.

I tidied the living room. Throwing away any rubbish that had been left kicking around. I also put away anything that was out of place. My mum’s display cabinet had become a bit of a dumping ground for all sorts. I cleared that off and sorted out the stuff that needed to stay downstairs and bit put away and the rest was put into bags to go upstairs to then be tidied away up there.

Once tidying had been dealt with it was down to the cosy side of insomnia and trying to get myself back ready for bed. I’ve burned off all the energy I have keeping me away and now I just need to wind my brain down.

To do that I made myself a nice cup of tea, had myself a snack, snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket, had my Youtube on in the background and had my laptop there and completed my daily blogs.

It turns out burning all that energy and then having that down time worked. It may have taken a while to get to that point but by 6am I felt I was ready to get back into bed.

So my top tips for insomnia

  • Find a way to switch off before bed eg read a book, watch some Youtube, listen to some music. The idea is to do something to make you feel safe and relaxed and get rid of all that daytime stress.
  • Complete a night time routine, brush your teeth, have a drink, have a shower, wash your face, say your prayers. Whatever helps your brain tell your body it is time to sleep
  • If the switching off doesn’t work get up and do something. Don’t lay in bed going crazy.
  • Burn off any nervous energy, like cleaning.
  • Have some down time away from the bed. Chill out on the sofa until you start to feel yourself start to go.
  • Make sure you’ve drunk enough and eaten. Being hungry and dehydrated do not help.
  • When you finally go to bed just go to bed, don’t faff, just go lay down.

Insomnia is rubbish but if these tips can help one person I’m happy.

Sleep well

Love CiCi x

One thought on “My insomnia is driving me crazy! A mini Insomnia routine.

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