Mummy’s little girl – 14th September 2019

We’ve had a lovely chilled out day today. Daly returned to work today so we are back to our lazy mornings just Bella and I. I had planned on getting some tidying done today. Dad’s coming round tomorrow to move all his stuff out to his new house but I just didn’t have the motivation and also spending time with my daughter is far more important than tidying up so the house is spotless. What a waste of a life. The cleaning is going to be there tomorrow but you only have a limited time while your children want to know you. So I’m making the most of that time. As long as my house is safe and tidyish I’m doing enough.

Bella had her normal breakfast of a banana followed by an apple. She spent her morning playing with her toys in the playroom. I watched a few Friends episodes but it wasn’t long until Bella was getting a little frustrated. I popped on Nick Jr on the TV for her. She wasn’t too interested in that at all. Instead she came and popped herself next to me with what turns out was a DVD insert. She sat next to me and we discussed the pictures together. It was lovely cuddling up with Bella and having some mummy daughter time.

Once she’d finished her book and she didn’t want to sit on mummy’s lap anymore, she headed off back to playing. She had been spending her time with her little kitty carrier. For some reason that’s become one of her toys of choice at the moment. At least it’s being played with so can’t complain too much.

She got a bit bored of playing with her cat. She noticed I had been doing my nails recently. I decided to take my acrylics off as I’d ruined the paint work on them and couldn’t really afford to go get them fixed yet. Bella had noticed me filling my nails down so decided she wanted to give it ago. She tried on her nails and then decided she was going to do mine to be helpful.

I spent my afternoon ‘working’. I had both my laptops going, one for Memories Photography by Claire and the other for the Making Memories blog. I needed to reply to some client’s emails and also transfer some documents from one laptop to the other. My blog laptop has become my main laptop. Sadly my poor little original HP is a bit worse for wear. The screen is only attached on one side and the battery doesn’t charge anymore so it can only be used if it’s plugged in. Bit of a pain as my ‘office’ is constantly changing.

It was nice to get on top of things though. Bella was happily playing and happy to just be in my company. I ended up getting loads done so a very productive afternoon. Can’t beat having a cuppa while catching up on emails and organising photos. I need to do Bella’s first day of autumn photo shoot soon. It’s an autumn tradition and it’s a perfect chance to see how I’ve grown over the years of photography. I just need to find the autumn leaves. They’ve disappeared.

After replying to emails and finishing the blog up from Daly’s birthday I made my way to my normal spot at home – the kitchen. It was a bit of a mess like normal and Sundays always end up making the kitchen messier so I wanted to get on top of things.

I filled the sink and got working on all the washing up. My kitchen looked so pretty in the window today. I had a lovely citrus wax melt going to make the kitchen smell all fresh and also this beautiful bunch of flowers I had received from someone Daly works with. Against the white I just thought it was a lovely view for an autumn afternoon.

I’m loving these wax melts. Daly bought me 3 different scents and they are brightening the house up it’s lovely. Not bad for 3 packs of melts for £5.

We ended up having pizza for dinner like normal on a Saturday. Joe and Jess popped round for a chat after a long day shopping. Jess had also come to borrow some nail bits so she could take hers off as well.

After they left we settled down to watch BBC1. We watched Strictly and then Celebrity pointless. Once those had finished Daly put a Disney film on for Bella. She chose Sky High. She was really into it. She just curled up on the carpet and was glued to the screen.

While we sat and watched the film I worked on my nails. I found soaking my nails in a bowl of acetone wasn’t working very well so I went of the soaking of cotton wool in the acetone and placing it on the nails before wrapping it in foil. Turns out that seemed to work a lot better.

My nails eventually came off. I don’t like it though, my nails are so weak and brittle underneith I need acrylics back on so it feels like they aren’t going to instantly shatter. Oh well, Leanne and I are heading off for a girly weekend soon so I’m going to get new nails done for then.

Bella decided just before bed she wanted to be Tinkerbell. She was happily dancing around the living room, fluttering up and down like a fairy. She found a gymnastic ribbon in her dressing up box so returned with that and gave dancing a go. She was spinning around swirling the ribbon and shaking it around to make pretty shapes. It got a little bit tangled by Bella didn’t care.

We’ve had a lovely chilled out day, just Bella and I. Although it was a sofa sort of day we managed to get lots done as well.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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