Feeling a little under the weather – 17th September 2019

I’ve been having a bit of a down week this week. And a bit ill. Well I say ill but I’m not really sure if I’m ‘ill’ I mean it could be a migraine that will just not bail or my narcolepsy. Although I don’t know why my narcolepsy wouldn’t be playing up so much.

Anyways Tuesday was not a good day. I woke up feeling very nauseous and dizzy. I managed to make it downstairs with Bella but that didn’t last long. I ended up spending my morning curled up on the sofa in the living room while Bella played. I’m so grateful Bella is such a good girl when mummy feels sick. She didn’t bother me as I dozed in and out of sleep. Instead she played quietly in her playroom with her kitchen, playing tea parties with her toys.

Daly had several jobs he needed to do today but he offered to take Bella with him so I could rest up. I found him some clothes to dress Bella in and sorted her bag out while he got his shoes on. Bella however didn’t want to wear normal clothes. She wanted to wear one of her princess dresses. She settled on her Anna dress. Daly got her dressed and then we sent her to find some shoes. She decided she wanted to wear her fluffy ugg boots.

I said goodbye to Daly and Bella at the door and then I disappeared back up stairs to bed. I snuggled down under the covers and started with reading a bit of Fanfiction on my laptop. I think I had a slight of a migraine as I was struggling to focus on my laptop screen and read the stories. It was horrible I felt so dizzy and shakey. After trying to read for a little bit I gave up and settled down to sleep with some music playing softly.

I was woken about 4 hours later by Daly returning home with Bella, He asked if I was ok to have Bella back as he was off out with the car to get the brakes done on it and if I was ok to cook Bella some dinner.

I came downstairs to find Bella curled up on the sofa asleep where I had been dozing in the morning. I settled on the other sofa and popped Friends on the TV. That was how our afternoon/evening went. Bella slept for an hour and a half after Daly had dropped her home. She never woke up for dinner.

Daly rang me to let me know my brakes hadn’t been completed but that he and Joe were on their way back with Jess. Bella was happily playing and I’d given her a few snacks as she didn’t seem to fussed about food.

Us adults sat down and discussed what we’d like to eat as none of us had eaten. I wasn’t too sure if I actually wanted anything to eat. I had a bit of a craving for some salty McDonalds chips rather than chip shop chips. As I wasn’t sure how much I was going to eat I got Daly to get me my normal nugget meal. I knew if I didn’t finish it someone else would. Bella was excited to get a Happy Meal. She’s really liking the little books that come with them at the moment.

So our evening ended up being a late one with a picnic of McDonalds on the floor. It was nice having Joe and Jess round though. It’s nice when we have company. I was still feeling rough though so I ended up going to bed pretty soon after Bella did. I obviously need my sleep at the moment.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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