Ballet Day – 19th September 2019

Babyballet time this morning. Bella was very eager to get to class today. She’s been so good in classes at the moment. It’s an absolute joy to take her. I know she’s going to join in and I barely have to get involved at all any more. We didn’t have too much of a fuss getting dressed in her ballet outfit. We tried out her new ballet leotard today. Her old one is getting far too small for her and she’s managed to stain it so it was time for a new one.

Her new ballet leotard is a little too big for her. I used to get her outfit from Sainsbury’s but for some reason they’ve stopped selling their ballet leotards and skirts in blue. I don’t think Bella would mind pink but she just looks so good in blue. I ordered her new one off of ebay so of course the sizings are off. It’s a shame no one is selling the next size up in the auction part of the site. I don’t mind buying second hand as long as we can get her a blue leotard.

It was a bit chilling today and for some reason Bella has no tights so I pulled out her little leg warmers I had knitted her before her first class. I have been thinking about buying her a Babyballet hoodie and the matching joggers but it’s a lot of money. So leg warmers and her ballet cardigan were going to have to cut it.

We were early to class for once so we entered the building via the main doors. They are automatic doors that don’t work so that was a great use of funds. Spending money on doors that don’t work the way they are suppose to. Obviously they open but if their going to be electric and open themselves you actually expect them to do that.

Bella was brilliant in class again. She joined in a focused. Miss Paige was very impressed with Bella’s new leotard and her little leg warmers. She certainly looked the part for ballet.

It was soon time for the shakers to come out. Every week Bella seems to end up with blue ones that match her outfit. Bella followed the instructions, shaking high and low and even banging the shakers together when Miss Paige asked.

There was a new treat in class today. Miss Paige pulled out a mini parachute for them all to play with. Bella was very excited. She could remember playing with the parachute at toddler sense. Today however the parachute needed to be lifted up and down slowly rather than shaking it rapidly like she would at toddler sense.

Bella sat with me, on my lap, helping me raise the parachute up and down. She was eager to get under it though. After a little bit of raising the parachute up and down it was time for everyone to go under neither. Bella was giggling and shrieking as she ran around underneath.

They were all encouraged to lay down on their backs and try and kick the parachute. Bella tried hard at this but for some reason she doesn’t really like to lay on her back. She ends up laying back putting her weight on her hands so she can still see what is going on.

After lots of fun with the parachutes it was time to finish up class for the day. Every one went and chose a Twinkl or Ted to dance with to say goodbye at the end of class. Bella received her Twinkl from Miss Paige and joined everyone in the centre of class.

The final song of class is a version of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around. Bella followed all the instructions to put Twinkl to bed, remembering to brush Twinkl’s hair and her teeth.

When we got home for class Bella had a little bit of time to play before we had to get ready for nursery. Bella has been really enjoying playing picnics. I bought her a little picnic set for her first Christmas. She used to use it all the time with mum. They’d be sat in the middle of the living room playing picnics, sharing the food between them.

She’s recently started playing with it again and setting up her little picnic mat with the plates and cups. We played picnics for a little bit before she had to tidy up for nursery.

Not a very busy day today. The rest of the day continued like a normal Thursday.

Anyways, night all and let’s she what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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