PJ’s and toys kinda day – 20th September 2019

We’re having a chilled out day today. Daly’s on nights so it’s the perfect excuse for a chilled day.

Our first activity of the day was drawing and stamping. I’d been making a lot of lists in my notebook recently for activities such as our weekend away in Birmingham coming up and our holiday. Bella enjoys adding her own little bits to my lists but today she wanted to make them colourful as well. She had found all her art supplies and along with that her stamps. I had caught her yesterday afternoon stamping all over her FiFi house which I wasn’t happy about. I had told her to stamp on the paper. And of course stamping on mummy’s paper is far more fun than the paper that mummy gives her.

Bella enjoyed stamping away, telling me all the different animals that were on her stamps – bees, hippo, panda. My packing lists are now beautifully decorated.

Bella soon got bored of stamping and we trued to match all the lids to the correct stamps. That’s a bit harder to do than it seems. Bella however managed to match the correct coloured lids to each of the stamps. We put them away with the rest of her art supplies and popped them in her playroom.

Bella chose the next toy of the day. Her picnic set. We settled on the carpet and Bella shared out the food. It turns out Bella has a preference of which colour plate she has and what food on it. She always has the yellow plate while I have the blue. And she always has the healthy food, having the melon and the orange. It sucks though because it leaves me with a lot of carbs lol.

We played picnics for a while and then it was time for us to have our own real picnic. Well lunch. I sorted out Bella some lunch and she settled down to eat it.

Now we managed to avoid having the TV on all day today which is nice. I get fed up when we have Peppa Pig, which is the new favourite, on all the time. I will only let Bella have Nick Jr on rather than constant Peppa Pig on the Now TV. She gets really annoyed with the adverts but sadly kid you’ve got to put up with it.

Now today I was trying to encourage her to play rather than just sit in front of the TV. I was enjoying reading when I heard a lot of chaos from behind me, in the playroom. Bella had found all her babies and wanted them out. She was trying to drag her babies travel cot into the living room and the high chair. I helped her bring them into the room so she didn’t cause too much destruction.

Bella happily spent her whole afternoon playing with her babies. Dressing them, changing them, putting them in and out of the car seat and in and out and in and out and in and out. And asking me to do the clip up and then undo it and then do it up and then undo it.

Bella played with her babies all afternoon looking after them. But after a lot of playing it was time for a break. I popped the TV on for her and Bella settled down.

After a while of Bella being quiet I figured Bella had fallen asleep. Instead she was just curled up at my feet under her blanket, resting. She’s so cute when she snuggles up like that all peaceful.

We had a busy day playing followed by a very chilled out evening.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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