Aylesham Carnival – 21st September 2019

It’s Aylesham carnival today. My alarm went off at 8am this morning which is pretty normal for a carnival day. Only thing was I had no idea if Daly had brought my car home after his night shift. The car had been having it’s brakes replaced which had been a bit of a mission. The day I was going to get the car back kept being pushed back and back by various delays and issues so I didn’t even know if I’d be able to go to Aylesham. I had wondered if I was going to get a phone call saying my car was ready or not last night but I’d guessed my upset on Thursday night when they rang to tell me of another delay had scared them off talking to me.

I figured by 10am I should probably get up and investigate to see if I had a car. I went into Bella as she was awake and playing quietly with her toys. I got her ready to come down stairs and start our day. As I was opening her curtains I looked out on the drive to see my car sitting there. That gave me a little bit of a motivation to get going.

Bella had her breakfast while I got hold of Jess who had asked if she had come down to Aylesham carnival with me. I set about running around the house and picking up the various bits I needed for the carnival. You know things such as my camera, Bella’s changing bag, spare clothes. Luckily I tend to leave the same sort of stuff kicking around in the same place or even things such as spare clothes in the car. After about 30 minutes of running around packing the car, I stopped and got Bella ready to go out. We bundled in the car and gt ready to set off. I messaged Jess to let her know I was leaving but going via Sainsbury’s and she agreed to meet me there.

I met Jess at Sainsburys and we took a little wander around so Jess could pick up some lunch and I could grab some snacks and nappies for Bella. Somehow we’d managed to completely run out at home. We got our selves situated in the car and headed off to Aylesham. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we made it in good time. I’d completely blanked when it came to parking, which I always panic about, but my memory clicked in just as I pulled into the village.

We parked up near the hall and got out so we could walk down to the arena in the village green. All of the courts were on the green doing their curtseys. Dawn was with the Teynham court today as their princess. We walked down to the green and met up with Grant. Bella was excited to see her grandad.

Around the arena were hey bales, Bella kept jumping on and off of them. She had been sat on Grant’s shoulders to watch grandma do her curtsey but she soon got bored and got down. She had brought out one of her toy phones and kept sitting down and posing to pretend to take photos.

Once all the curtseys were finished, Bella and I decided to hit the funfair games. All the courts had headed off to the hall for something to eat before the carnival stated at 5pm. Grant and Jess came with us to the funfair.

The first activity Bella wanted to do was the bounce house. I hate those things. Normally Daly goes on with her but he was at work. I tried to persuade Bella to go on by herself, there was only one other child on the bounce house so I didn’t think it seemed too scary. I was obviously wrong though. She cried and tried dragging me on with her. The lady running it said I was able to go on with her so sadly off I went.

Bella very quickly warmed up to it and was bouncing and running around happily. A few bigger boys got on and Bella started to follow them around to see what they were up to. I pretty much just stood around in various spots on the bounce house. Just before we had to get off a little boy about Bella’s age came on to the bounce house. Off Bella went chasing him around and then vice versa. It was lovely to see her playing when she’d been so scared to get on in the first place.

Once Bella was off the bounce house it was time to hit the stalls. Bella had spotted the Hook a Duck stall and wanted a go. Grandad helped her to hook her duck. Bella told him which duck to hook and then helped him lift it out of the water.

Bella does like little ducks. Once she’d hooked her duck it was time to choose a prize. I took her around the edge of the stall to see what she wanted. I had seen a little make up play set that I thought she was like. Instead she chose a little soft toy elephant. Bella didn’t let that thing go for the rest of the day.

We had our elephant so we looked for the next ride/activity. Bella had seen some little go kart like things but I told her she was too little to go on them – this resulted in tears but not for long. She quickly spotted the car merry go round. I remembered taking Bella on it last year at the carnival.

We went over to the ride and Jess and I stood there asking her which vehicle she wanted to go in. It turns out she chose the little Coca Cola truck, the same vehicle she chose last year at Aylesham Carnival. Bella had a great time going round in her little truck, ringing the bell and waving at us. Her little elephant did a bit of the driving.

After the cars/vehicles Bella wanted to go on the planes. They weren’t really planes though. They were these weird looking pilot people. Bella had decided she wanted to go on the blue one. She dragged Jess and I over to it as it came to a stop to let the last group of children off. These weird dudes went up and down but they had a mechanism in the front seats to allow the kids to move it up and down.

I knew Bella would struggle with this as well as steering and not bailing out of the ‘plane’ Luckily a pair of children also wanted to go on the blue ‘plane’ so we let them go in the front seat and Bella sat behind them. She had a brilliant time. In the past she has tried to get out if the ride doesn’t start instantly. She starts to get antsy and gets nervous as the wait goes on. Today however she patiently waited and Jess and I didn’t have to convince her to stay in her seat. We did however look after the elephant as she was struggling to hold it and steer.

Once we’d finished at the funfair, Grandad disappeared off and we headed up to the hall to chill out in the garden. Bella was running around throwing her elephant in the air and then running across the grass to wear she’d thrown it. Jess and I were just chilling out on the grass watching her play.

That was until Jess got dragged into playing with her. Bella does love her. They played with the elephant with Jess making it tickle Bella. She was giggling and screaming every time Jess went near her. We had to keep reminding her to be quiet as the courts were in the hall eating and could probably hear Bella’s screams.

We played in the garden until I received a message from our friend Drew asking me where my car was. Where we have the big lightbar on the roof of my car it means I can’t actually drive at the national speed limit. I want it off before I go to Birmingham next weekend, I refuse to drive all that way with a maximum speed of 60 mph. Drew and our other friend, Smurf, had put the light bar on the car but hadn’t had time to install a clip so we could remove it without having to completely un wire it.

We headed back to the car and I took it down to the beginning of the line up where Drew and Smurf were with their cars. Jess walked down to meet us at the line up with Bella. That made life a little easier for me as I didn’t have to fight Bella into her car seat for such a short journey.

I parked up behind the boys cars and Drew dived in the boot to get to work. While he was working Smurf sat in the boot eating his lunch and leaving his rubbish for Daly to deal with. Grant had rejoined us and we all chilled out watching all the courts walk past us up to the floats while Drew worked.

I started to feel a little bad, with my stomach starting to hurt. I took a walk up to the shop to get myself something to eat to see if that would make my stomach feel any better. I discovered that the fridges and chill off them actually made me feel better. Sadly that all changed when I stepped back out into the heat.

Turns out eating something helped a little. Once I’d finished eating, Jess and I decided we were going to take a walk up the line up to see all the floats. We walked up and saw all the different entrants. There were tractors, carnival queens, the guides and scouts and even a scrappage company.

Bella’s favourite float we saw was a mini bus thar she really wanted to climb on. I had to drag her away which resulted in tears. At the end of the line up we bumped into our friend Stephen and stopped to have a chat. He was responsible for closing the road to stop anyone driving down the line up.

While we were chatting Bella went back to throwing her elephant in the air and running after it. After some chatting we headed back down to the start of the carnival and where the car was parked. Every now and then Bella would disappear behind a tree but we eventually made it back.

We found Miss Teynham and her princesses on a Stagecoach bus just behind Miss Aylesham’s float. A few of the courts didn’t have their floats with them so they were sat on an open top bus together. Paige was there looking after the Teynham court. Bella spotted Grandma on the bus and wanted to say hello. Paige ran off with Bella to take her up to Dawn before we made our way back to the car and waited for the carnival to start.

We didn’t have to wait long before the start of the carnival. It turns out I had a brilliant spot to watch the carnival from. I was able to stand in the road and watch it come down towards me. To start the carnival smoke bombs were set off and the float came through it. It was quite impressive. I thought it was a brilliant way to kick it off.

We enjoyed watching the carnival as it past us. There was lots of colour and a range of floats and entries which is always great to see.

Bella enjoyed the music and had a little boogie to the time warp as one of the floats blasted it out. Jess was sat in the boot of the car teaching Bella the moves and impressively she was able to pick them up pretty easily.

After the carnival had past us I took the car back up to the hall so we could chill out there and wait for all the courts to return. Jess and I sat in the car enjoying my music while Bella bounced around in the back seat. Well that was until she decided she wanted to go sit in the car with Grandad.

After a while the open top bus turned back up at the hall to drop the courts off. Jess was the one who spotted it. The rest of us seemed oblivious. We walked up to the hall for the evening part of the day.

Now nothing really exciting happened at the evening. The usual dancing, raffle and awards. Most of the evening I spent sat outside on the hall’s steps watching Strictly come Dancing on my phone as it was the first night of the live shows. Bella enjoyed dancing and playing with the younger court members.

Jess and I decided to call it a night when it came to drawing the raffle. We hadn’t bought any tickets and I was most definitely ready to call it a day.

We had a lovely day at the carnival but I’m sure my high light of the day was taking Bella to the funfair.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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