Packing – 26th September 2019

Ah! We’re going to the land of Brum tomorrow. Today will be getting all the final pieces in place before we head off up North tomorrow.

Bella however has a normal Thursday planned which means getting up and ready for ballet. Now she seemed quite a morning person this morning so I was hopeful that ballet and the rest of the day was going to go well. I got her dressed in her little ballet outfit and myself ready and then in the car to drive to class.

In the car she had found her My Little Pony book which she must have left in there the last time we took her out in it. She happily sat reading it to herself in the back seat.

We were slightly early to class again this week. That seems to be going well at the moment. It’s so much better turning up 5 minutes early to class rather than 10 minutes late. I got Bella out of the car and she walked into the building proudly carrying her book and water bottle. We sat down and changed her shoes and then found a spot on the mats.

She decided to sit right in between two other mums who were talking but they were ok with us popping ourselves down. I sat back a little bit so they could continue their conversation without my head being in the way. We had left Bella’s book and water bottle with her bag sat at the side of the room.

They didn’t last over there very long though. Bella was not in a great mood it turns out. Considering she normally is very good at ballet and joins in today was a bit of a battle. She disappeared off about 10 minutes into the class, over to her bag and came back with her bottle and the book. I took the book off her as in ballet we do not need a book, but I let her keep her water bottle. As she wasn’t happy I’d taken the book off her Bella threw herself on my lap and had a mini tantrum. I could tell she was tired with the way she curled up on me.

Luckily the tantrum was short lived. She soon joined back in with the class when we turned the dance to ‘The day I went to sea’ into ‘opps up side your head’ She liked sitting in a line and doing the dance. I didn’t enjoy it that much though. Bella is getting heavy and lifting her into the air from a seated position is not easy at all.

The rest of the lesson seemed to continue without a hitch. We made it to the end of the session with hardly any more tears although it was still easy to see she was tired. The last activity of the class was saying goodnight to Twinkl and Ted. Bella didn’t really want to say goodbye to Twinkl though. She started to play with her instead. Making up her own little game. Apparently Twinkl was thirsty as Bella shared her bottle with her.

After a drink it was time for Twinkl to go to bed. Bella wrapped her up in the scarf she had used earlier in class and rocked her to bed.

I had to use the line that if she didn’t join in she wouldn’t get a sticker a few times. But we made it to the end of the class with very little argument.

We headed home for our usual snack and then lunch. While Bella was eating her lunch I looked over my packing list for Birmingham. There were a few little bits I needed to pick up for our trip.

I couldn’t focus on packing for long though I needed to get Bella ready for nursery. I swear she’s had a growth spurt recently. For some reason all her tops are so short in the body. It got me all worked up before she went to nursery with me freaking out that she didn’t have any clothes to wear. I managed to find a long sleeved top that would fit her and finished getting her ready.

I dropped Bella off at nursery and stopped and had a quick chat with her nursery nurse about her progress. I always end up leaving feeling really anxious after I’ve chatted to a member of staff but I have no reason to.

Now because there were a few bits I needed to get to finish packing and the whole situation with Bella’s clothes I took a trip to ASDA. I popped over there quickly to pick up some vests and tights for Bella. I also got her a few sets of tops to see her through for the time being.

Just as I was leaving Daly gave me a call to say he was going to pick up one of our friends who I had done a photo shoot for. He needed to come round and choose his favourite photos and sign the release to say I’m able to use the photos I took on my facebook page. Daly told me not to be long at ASDA as he wasn’t going to be gone long and also that I didn’t have enough diesel to go very far anyway.

On my way home I had planned on topping up the diesel in Daly’s car but I had a bit of a situation when I got to the pumps. I had no idea how to open the fuel cap. I tried for a few minutes before giving up. It was a nice idea, I just didn’t manage to execute it.

I got home just before Daly returned with Tony and set about sorting out the computer so Tony could sign the release and choose his photos from our shoot.

We completed all the boring paperwork and photography fun and then chilled out on the sofa chatting and chilling.

It wasn’t long before Daly headed off to pick Bella up from nursery. She had been a little funny going to nursery. Normally she’s all excited but today when I asked her if she was going to nursery I just got a flat out no. Daly said she had had a good day at nursery when he picked her up. She had been no problem so my fears were unneeded.

Once Bella was home and Daly had taken Tony home I carried on with the packing. This time I got all our clothes together and pilled them all up so I could pack them into my holdall. I asked Bella to find me some toys that we could take with us and we packed them into her Minnie Mouse bag.

That was how our afternoon went. Bella helped me with the packing and then I started on dinner. Daly needed to go out and help Joe with something so I had organised dinner for an hour earlier than normal. I was doing us pork chops and I did think about doing it as a mini roast but decided I didn’t want to put myself out too much knowing I had lots still to do before bed.

We sat down to have dinner and as soon as Daly was done he was out the door. It didn’t me though I knew he was busy today so couldn’t stay and just sit with us. As well as helping Joe once he had finished there he had darts so busy evening for Daly.

Bella came back to helping me with the packing. I’d found most of the bits we needed. Bella was ticking off all the items on my list well and drawing all over my list.

Once we’d finished packing the pair of us needed baths. I didn’t want to have to wash my hair while we were away because that requires taking more stuff. Bella helped me fill the bath and chose her toys. She has found the glow sticks that I let her have in the bath. She wanted to snap all the glow sticks but I told her she could only have four. Otherwise they just get wasted. She counted out four sticks and I was so impressed because she actually managed to find four. I helped her snap them and then we gave them a good shake so the started to glow.

After Bella’s bath I let her stay up until her hair was all dry, otherwise it drys in weird positions. Then once it was dry I sent her to bed. She crashed straight out so I can definately say she was tired today. I just hope she’s in a better mood tomorrow.

Once the little one was down and asleep it was time for my bath. Not as relaxing as normal knowing I needed to double check my packing and wanted to gather everything together ready to pack the car in the morning. Daly had used my car to go out in meaning I couldn’t pack it. And knowing he was switching to nights I had no idea what time he was going to come home.

So after a quick bath I took a quick double check of everything. Piled up all the bags and sorted out our outfits for tomorrow before I went to bed.

It’s all fun and games tomorrow. And ladies and gentlemen the Travel Blogs will be back tomorrow.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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