The Travel Blogs – A trip into City Centre – 27th September 2019

Once we finished at the Sealife centre we got settled into the the car ready for our next port of call. We were heading into the city centre and to the Bullring. That is the huge shopping centre in the middle of Birmingham. I’ve been here once before but didn’t do any shopping.

We settled Bella in her car seat with a cake bar. That girl can certainly eat today. She seems to be snacking non stop. Oh well as long as she’s happy and settled down I don’t mind. I knew she wouldn’t be too happy about the next activity of the day. I did not want her walking around the city centre which means she was going to be stuck in the pram while we were shopping.

The city centre wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I thought I was going to be completely on edge with my anxiety but it wasn’t that crowded. It was like be just in our own town centre. We took a look around the Bullring first, we knew we wanted to go to Primark but we just weren’t quite sure how to get there. We ended up on the top floor of the Bullring walking around. As we completed a loop of the top floor Leanne spotted the disney store. Of course we had to go take a look.

We made our way back to the lift and dropped down to the floor with the Disney store. It was quite a big store. We took a look around. They already had all their Christmas decorations up which Bella was quite taken by. I liked their Halloween items. I also really liked their Avengers bits. Bella still will not tell me which Avenger is her favourite but I’m guessing she’s a bit little. I mean she’s too young to even watch the films so she can’t really have a clue who any of them are. I really want a Stark Industries hoodie but they didn’t have anything like that. I’m going to have to have a google for it and see if I can get one.

They had a sale on a lot of items in the Disney store, including their dress up outfits. I love the Aurora costume and Bella fancied the Cinderella costume. They are not too badly priced by the ones you can get from Argos is about half the price. We finished up by looking at the soft toys. Bella went through all the princess dolls telling me their names.

We finished in the Disney Store and headed off to find Primark. We headed to one of the exits as we figured we’d soon find it. I mean it’s supposed to be the largest in the world so it’s not as if it can be hidden. We made our way out into the wet street and low and behold we found it.

Across the road was the big blue sign we’d been looking for. We headed over the road and made the move to head into the store with the plan to do some serious damage to our bank accounts. I mean the worlds largest Primark – some damage should be expected. I know how much I can spend in a normal Primark so I feared the worst for my account.

Now when you walk into a store and come across some street signs directing you round the place that makes you think it’s got to be huge and yes it is huge. It’s spread over five floors with other little bits inside the store such as a coffee shop, barbers, a cafe you know it’s going to be big. We had come in on the men’s clothing on the ground floor. Well the lowest floor, it was declared to be floor -2.

We made our way over to the lifts so we could make our way up to the womens clothing which started on floor 0. We headed on up. As soon as we stepped out it’s a bit overwhelming to try and work out where to start. The floors are huge. We decided to start by making our way round the edge of the floor. This floor seemed to be jumpers and everyday clothes. There were a lot of clothes. But that is certainly to be expected with the weather getting colder and winter coming.

Leanne and I found a few items we liked the look of but nothing we really saw that we wanted to buy. Or if I did it wasn’t in my size. We decided this floor was a bit of a let down so we headed up one floor.

This one was a bit better. This was your floor with the accessories, shoes, make up etc. Leanne got all excited when she found the socks. I mean why is it people get so excited for socks. I’m one of those people and even I can’t explain why they’re so great. I just love them. Leanne found some slippers and I hunted for some cotton tights. I love the really thick ones from primark. They are so nice in the winter and I love to wear skirts in the winter. Skirts go better with boots I think.

There were quite a few skirts on this floor but nothing I really liked or thought I would actually wear. This whole trip did actually get me thinking why do girls like to shop so much. I mean I don’t know of any guys that go shopping for clothes almost weekly so what is it about us girls that just like to do it to pass time.

As we carries on looking through the clothes I soon stumbled upon the adult Disney section. And again there was either nothing I liked, or if I did like it they didn’t have it in my size. I found a really cute Disney skirt I liked but they had only sizes 6 through to 12 and where it tight I wanted to at least try a size 14 on.

However disappointing the Disney section was nothing prepared me for what I discovered behind it …. Christmas!!!!!

Omg! It made me so happy to see all these Christmas decorations. I went through their Disney Christmas decorations first. They had a Disney decoration advent calendar which had a different Mickey Mouse bauble for every day in the run up to Christmas which I knew my sister would probably love. They also had full Christmas tree sets. They had a red and black set and a pastel set. I loved the pastel set but my Christmas tree is blue and white. I’m reluctant to add colour. I wish wish I’d taken photos of all of it for you but we’d had a long day.

As well as all the Mickey Mouse decorations they had a few other Disney sets and single Disney ornaments. I also found all their normal Christmas ornaments. Bella even got excited at that point. She could see Santa. They had so many lovely decorations but until I know what decorations I have for this year I don’t really want to buy many extra ones.

As well as the Christmas decorations they also had a small area of Halloween decorations. I took a look through those but there wasn’t much.

We moved on through the home range and into the shoe area. I have been on the hunt for some nice flat winter boots. Especially some waterproof ones but I really can’t find any I like and it;s so frustrating.

Just as we’d finished on that floor and were making our way to the lifts we came across a little Mean Girls section. Now Leanne and I love Mean Girls. We send each other quotes all the time. That film was one of the greatest from our teen years and will never faiL to be epic. They didn’t have too much,bags, keyrings, some water bottles and some other bits. I think it would have been made even greater but a few clothing pieces but it’s still cute all the same.

We headed up to the next floor. The floor with the children’s clothes. And once again I didn’t really find anything I liked. I normally end up buying Bella at least something when I go shopping but even on a huge floor of children’s clothes I didn’t really find anything I liked. We walked around the floor to see what else we could find.

We soon found the section Leanne had been looking for – the Pyjamas. I’d been looking for the Friend’s pyjamas. I absolutely love mine and had seen they had some Monica and Rachel sets. If they had had them in my sizes I would have bought a set of each. But once again none in my size which sucks.

There was nothing else really to see in the store. We had gone through all the shopping sections we wanted and were heading to the checkout.

One last thing they had in Primark that we had planned of visiting but we didn’t was the Mickey Cafe. It looked kinda cool but there was no menu or anything near the entrance and we didn’t feel like sitting down for a break, we just wanted to get to the hotel and have a break there.

Now to let you in on what I bought in Primark. I only ended up spending £30 which is very disappointing considering I had planned on spending a lot more. As we said in size it’s overwhelming but it’s not as special as you’d expect it to be. I’ll be a lot happier just heading to the Lakeside or Westwood Cross Primarks in future.

We made our way back out to the Bullring and back to the car. I had already google that there was a restaurant at the hotel so that was our heading. We were going to get settled at the hotel and then chill out in our PJs in our room.

Anyways I was going to let you in on what I bought from Primark.

So here we go ….

Spooking Halloween Decoration

In their Halloween section I came across this cute decoration. I’ve bought a few decorations like this in the past for Christmas. I liked this as is something different. Not your normal Halloween decoration.

Mickey Mouse Baubles

Now as I said further up my Christmas tree is always blue and white. I saw these baubles and thought I had to get them. I have a few Disney character decorations that go on my tree so I thought it would be a nice way to tie in the character decorations with the blue and white of my tree.

Bambi decorations

I bought a set of these from Primark last year. These are slightly different from the set I bought last year so I thought why not. I mean I love Bambi and Thumper so they should totally be on my tree.

Stitch decorations

Daly is a huge Stitch fan so I thought I’d get these to go on our tree. I mean I like Stitch as well and I mean he’s blue so he totally goes.

Cotton Tights

These are the best tights ever. I love these ones so much. They’re nice thick cotton tights, perfect for keeping you warm in the cold winter. I struggle to find these every year in Primark so I bought two pairs to at least keep me going until I bought some more.

Fluffy Thumper Socks

Who doesn’t love fluffy socks, I mean who doesn’t love socks? These were so cute and not as fluffy as the pair I normally get. I think they are actually bed/slipper socks, they have the little bumps on the bottom for anti slip. I just they were so cute with the little bunny ears.

Thumper Socks

Of course I also bought normal Thumper socks. I mean you always need socks and I can’t go wrong with Thumper.

Santa Letter Set

I started a little tradition last Christmas with Bella to write a letter to Santa. We send it to the Post offices’ address for Santa and Santa writes back. I got Bella to chose toys out of the catalogue last year and then we cut them out and stuck them in her letter. I’d been looking for a set with a blank letter as a lot of them have just spaces to fill in what the child would like santa to bring. Bella isn’t there yet so I prefer my way. I love picking up cute little sets like this because of all the extra Christmasy bits you get.

We weren’t too thrilled with Birmingham city centre. Lets see what fun we get up to in the next blog. Coming up … food and chill time.

Love CiCi x

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