The Travel Blogs – Breakfast time before fun at the Castle – 28th September 2019

Bella woke us up this morning. She decided it was time to wake up at 7am. Not my idea of a good morning when I had slept like hell. I had spent the time I was actually asleep tossing and turning. I had been waking up every hour or so sweating buckets or freezing cold. It was like I was sick or something. So yes, I didn’t sleep so great.

Bella woke up crying at 7am and I was out of bed like a shot hoping she wouldn’t wake Leanne. We had both agreed that we were going to get up at 8am. Sadly Bella’s crying had woken Leanne but once I’d settled Bella back down to sleep, we all kinda dozed for a bit resisting actually getting up. I’d popped the light on next to me so Bella wasn’t completely in the dark and she could play quietly.

When 8am came we decided to actually start getting up. Leanne went through her morning routine getting ready and dressed while I sorted out Bella. Well I didn’t really have to do much apart from change her nappy. I refuse to dress Bella before breakfast so she would be going to the restaurant in her pyjamas. I changed Bella’s nappy and then settled her on the bed so I could focus on getting myself ready.

Bella found her Bible and settled down on my side of the bed reading it. I really don’t get why she loves hotel Bibles so much.

Once Leanne and I were dressed and awake enough, we made our way through to the restaurant. It was very busy in there this morning. Last night the restaurant had been dead but this morning it was packed. We were seated at a little square table in a corner and then it was time for the fun to begin.

To start with Leanne sat with Bella at the table while I found Bella some breakfast. We knew she was the one of us that was most likely to be really ratty if we didn’t feed her soon. I went and got her a bowl of fruit salad and an extra banana. I figured that was probably one of the best things for her. Bella always has fruit for breakfast so I knew she should eat it.

Once I gotten Bella her breakfast I set about getting us all some drinks. Bella was asking for some juice so I went and got her some tropical juice in a glass. Bella was finally sorted. Time to sort the adults out. Of course we had to start our morning with a cup of tea.

I got Leanne and I both a pot of tea each with a mug and some milk. Now I hit a little snag while I was preparing the pot of tea. They had a whole little stand of teabags. All different flavours and types. I grabbed one of the Twinings Breakfast Tea to pop in the pot. It was just after I filled the tea pot with water I realised that it said Decaf Breakfast Tea. I was sure Leanne would want her morning dose of caffeine. Luckily I’m not suppose to have caffeine so this pot of tea became my pot of tea. I made Leanne’s pot of tea making sure to use an Everyday Tea instead.

I returned to our table with the pots of tea and the mugs and then I went off to the buffet to get my breakfast. I have to say I love a good cooked breakfast when I’m away. I hate breakfast normally but having a cooked breakfast after a night in a hotel room is just good.

The cooked buffet was your standard English Breakfast: beans, eggs, sausages, bacn, hash browns, tomato. There were a few other bits like mushrooms but I don’t like them. I don’t think I saw any black pudding though. I know they normally like that in Birmingham. I grabbed my cooked breakfast and then went back to relieve Leanne so she could go and get her own breakfast.

In the past, when it has just been Bella and I we’ve been able to get a table right next to the buffet so I can leave Bella at the table but still see her while I’m grabbing our food. But today we weren’t able to do that so we were acting in shifts.

Leanne went to get her cooked breakfast. When she returned, she asked if I would like any toast. I felt bad saying yes as Leanne had already waited ages to have her own breakfast but she was making some for herself. Eventually we were able to eat our breakfast as the three of us.

Bella was refusing to touch her fruit but seemed very interested in my toast. I gave her a little bit and then thought I’d try her with a little bit of cooked breakfast. She had it in the past so I thought if she wasn’t prepared to eat the fruit maybe she’d eat some eggs and baked beans. Once again the answer was no. We managed to get her to eat a little bit of scrambled egg but then she was over it.

She started being very tired and grumpy at the table. She kept asking for her blanket. We had left her blanket in the room while we ate breakfast and I had nothing else to comfort her with. In the end I got her out of the high chair to come sit on my lap while I finished eating my breakfast.

That worked for a little bit but then she kept trying to get down so I popped her back in the high chair. I wasn’t having her run around the restaurant. Luckily Leanne was on hand to cheer her up again while I ate Bella’s fruit so it wasn’t wasted.

Bella and Leanne played with the sugar packets, turning them into shakers. Leanne was encouraging Bella to shake her sugar packet high and low. That seemed to do the trick. Bella soon cheered up and stopped crying.

We finished up our cups of tea and then went back to the room to finish getting ready. I got Bella dressed into her outfit for the day and packed all her toys up. I was trying to pack everything into our bags so I’d have less to carry but it didn’t seem to work. I still had a holdall, two backpacks, a handbag and a bag of food.

I asked Bella to check the room before we left, to make sure she’d picked up all her toys. Last night she had been crawling under the bed from one side to the other so I figured she may have left one or two under there. She did a quick glance and was then back by the door with Leanne ready to go to the car.

I did a final sweep of the room like my mum had taught me to do. Checking under the blankets, under the beds, in the travel cot. Turns out Bella didn’t do to good a job of looking under the beds. I discovered one of her toy unicorns chilling out under the bed. Once we’d found the unicorn and the rest of the room had been checked it was time to leave.

Bella wanted to carry Leanne’s bag to the car. It was one of those wheelie suitcases but it was too heavy for Bella. She kept ending up on the floor with how heavy it was. Not that heavy for an adult but for a two year old she probably felt like she was carrying the world.

We checked out at the main desk and I had a mini heart attack about paying for parking. We quickly sorted the parking issue and headed out to the car. Once we’d packed the boot and Bella was strapped into her seat it was time for us to complete the reason for this trip.

We were off to Warwick Castle!

Love CiCi x

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