Typical Thursday – 3rd October 2019

Today was one of our typical Thursdays. First up ballet followed by Nursery.

Now it’s definitely starting to feel like autumn now. I had been putting off putting Bella in tights for ballet but this morning it was needed. It was so cold outside. The fact she will not wear anything over the top of her ballet outfit doesn’t help.

Anyways we got up and got dressed this morning and then headed off to ballet. Bella was eager to go inside like normal and as soon as she was out of the car she was marching into the building to air with everyone else.

Soon it was time for us to enter class. We headed in and found our spot in the corner where we could change into Bella’s ballet shoes. She ran off to find a spot on the mats ready for class to start.

Bella was a bit overactive today in class. She seemed to be very excited to be at ballet. I could barely get her to sit still. She still joined in though which was great. I always worry she’s not going to join in and just make trouble so it was nice she was still focused on the activities Miss Paige was asking them to do.

Bella became really excited when it was time to practice her jumps. She happily skipped/jumped across the mats around the room but the best bit was the tunnel. She was so speedy going through the tunnel. She ended up getting impatient with the other little girls but she managed to hold it in and wait for her turn.

Bella did very well with her jumping/skipping. Once that activity was finished it was time to get the shakers out. Bella had green shakers today. She joined in nicely shaking her shakers and banging them together when she was told.

Once we’d finished with the shakers Bella did a good job of putting them away. Then Miss Paige pulled out the parachute. Bella was very excited. She loves parachutes. They were suppose to all be sitting around the outside of the parachute and shaking it nicely but Bella disappeared underneath. I tried to pull her back out but she was too fast for me.

A lot of the other children also disappeared under it so Miss Paige let them all go underneath. She even got her bubble gun out and sprayed bubbles around over the children’s heads.

After they all enjoyed bubbles underneath the parachute they were asked to come out from under it and sit on top. Us adults all sat round the edge shaking the parachute so it was like they were sitting in the sea and the waves were lapping at them.

That activity soon finished and it was time for Twinkl and Ted to come out for the goodbye song. Bella looked after her Twinkl brushing her hair and teeth and then wrapping her up for bed. We said goodbye to Twinkl and Ted and then Miss Paige gave everyone their sticker.

Bella said goodbye to her friends and then we headed home for lunch. While Bella enjoyed her lunch and a little bit of down time before nurser I made the most of the down time and had a cup of tea. I seem to be enjoying a cup of tea more often recently.

I got Bella dressed for nursery, for once in a little dress. That was a bit of a hunt though. All of Bella’s long sleeved dresses seem to be Christmas ones. I didn’t think I could really put her in a Christmas dress this side of Halloween. I eventually found a nice long sleeved dress more appropriate.

Once Bella was dressed she played for a little bit with her baby and pram before I took her off to nursery.

I used the time while Bella was at nursery to chill out. I haven’t been feeling very chipper and motivated to do anything at the moment so I thought I’d make the most of some time when I actually didn’t have to do anything.

I knew I should probably do some house work but I just feel so naff that I don’t want to do anything. I just want to sleep or switch off.

It was soon time to go pick Bella up. I went and collected her. She was having a little issue with her tights. They seemed to be driving her up the wall but she had had a good day at nursery.

I needed to pick up something for dinner. I decided on some chicken breasts so we popped into the Co op to pick some up. Bella ran round the shop trying to get me to buy her some chocolate even though she’d come out of nursery with a packet of sweets.

As normal not an exciting Thursday. A normal Thursday.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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