Busy, Busy, Busy – 4th October 2019

We had a few jobs to do today.

The first job of the day was for me to go down to the hospital for my next B12 jabs. Now I really haven’t been enjoying these so I had told Daly he had to come with me to hold my hand. I hate injections, they scare me so bad. Even though I became a bit of a pin cushion when I was in hospital after having Bella.

The hospital isn’t too far from ours and it can be a nightmare to park near so I told Daly we needed to walk down. So we got up and ready to take a little walk for me to be jabbed.

We took a nice little walk down to the hospital. Luckily it wasn’t raining. The weather is so hit and miss at the moment.

As I was checking in I saw Bella was due for her flu vaccine. I was going to book her an appointment right there and then but the queue was so long so I decided to just check myself in and head through to the waiting room.

Bella was getting a little antsy in the waiting room but luckily I’d found her iPad recently and popped it in her backpack. I pulled the iPad out and Bella happily played sitting next to Daly.

It wasn’t long before I was called in to get my jab. The nurse was very nice. Daly kept taking the mickey out of me because I was squeezing his hand. I’ve come to the conclusion that Daly should have a B12 jab and then he’d know how much they hurt. They burn as they go in and then make your whole arm feel weird and dead.

Once we’d finished at the doctors we walked back home. We had a little bit of a chill time before I had to go out to do a photo shoot. I was chilling on the sofa all cozy with a cup of tea and sorting out all my equipment. I’m still trying to get my head round all this photography bits and paperwork but I’m making it work.

While we were relaxing on the sofas I could hear Bella in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what she was doing though. I could hear a bit of banging and knocking. Daly was busy so I wandered into the kitchen to see what I could find and I found this …

Bella had dragged Daly’s screwdriver set into the kitchen. She had managed to pull one of the screwdrivers out and was trying to fix the cupboard. She looked so proud of herself when I caught her. It was cute but not 100% safe. Daly came and joined me and both of us had a bit of giggle before Daly removed the tools of Bella and shooed her into the living room.

It was time for me to go for the shoot I had booked so I said my goodbyes and headed off.

Zach and Cathy were coming round that afternoon to visit. They were they were there by the time I got home from my photo shoot. Bella had been happily playing with the pair of them and set up her Frozen seat in front of Uncle Zac watching the TV.

We sat and chatted and had a good cup of tea. There is always a cup of tea when Cathy is around.

Bella decided at one point after Cathy had got up to sit in her seat. So Cathy pretended her seat was lumpy and that Bella had disappeared. Bella gave Cathy a hug from behind so Cathy decided to pick her up and pretend Bella had well and truly disappeared. Cathy walked round the whole of the downstairs looking for her, even trying outside.

Of course Bella was on her back the whole time.

They stayed for a little longer before calling it a night and we said goodbye to Cathy and Zach. Not long after they left we were heading out. Daly had found a new parcel shelf for his car on facebay so he was off to pick it up. We decided we would go as a family,

It wasn’t too bad a trip to go pick up the parcel shelf. We found it ok and Daly had a chat with the woman he was buying it off. Eventually he stopped chatting and we made to head home via some food.

Daly had put McDonalds into the SAT NAV and we headed off. As we were on the way to the McDonalds in the SAT NAV we saw one up ahead of us on the route. Daly and I had a mini argument about whose fault it was that we’d nearly driven past this McDonalds to get to the one of the SAT NAV but we parked up and got out.

Inside we ordered and sat down by the window and waited. We’d used their table service. I hate waiting to pick up my food when Bella is with us. Don’t mind if it’s just adults but with a toddler, with how chaotic their collection points are, table service is easier.

Bella didn’t seem quite herself during dinner. She didn’t really want her Happy Meal which is very unlike her. She just played with her food and kept switching between sitting with Mummy and Daddy. She just wanted cuddles.

The othe clue she wasn’t 100% was she didn’t finish her Fruit Shoot. Normally that Fruit Shoot is gone within seconds of her getting her Happy Meal but even when we got up to leave the restaurant she still had half a Fruit Shoot left. Hopefully she’s not too poorly, just coming down with a small cold or something. That we can cope with.

Not a full day, well not blogwise anyways. I will only mention certain shoots on here when they are close friends or family.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow hold for us.

Love CiCi x

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