Cooking Pizzas – 5th October 2019

We had a snuggly morning to start with. Rachel’s cat, Tinsel, decided it was too cold when we got up this morning. She came and snuggled on my lap. She’s been doing that a lot lately. Knowing we are paying for the heating I’ve been resisting putting it on but that means the cats are coming for snuggled more often. I mean if I crouch on the floor to see what Bella is up to Misty, my cat, will jump on my back to curl up putting me in kinda a tricky position. Tinsel won’t however, she’s starting to feel her age. She struggles to get up on the furniture and is very slow. Her sister, now that’s a whole different story, she still thinks she’s a kitten and bounces around the house.

It’s nice having the cats snuggle. It makes the morning feel so cozy. So we snuggled up on the sofa together while I enjoyed a cup of tea, Bella played on the carpet and we watched TV.

I knew I needed to do some shopping. We at least needed something for tea if nothing else. Daly had told me to go and do a mini shop and then we were going to do a full shop when Daly is off work. I raided the cupboards to see what we needed. It turns out we didn’t need much especially as I’m trying to run down the freezer and the fridge so I can give them a damn good clean.

I looked through the freezer and made meal plans for the coming week so I could buy exactly what we needed and then I tried to make a shopping list. I say tried, Bella decided she wanted to add to my list her own ideas.

While I was sorting out the shopping list I received a phone call from Daly. He was coming home from work with a migraine. His dad was driving him home in our car and then I was going to drive Grant home. We thought Daly was going to get one of his migraines recently. He’s been having issues with his eyes when looking at the computer screen at work. Luckily Daly’s migraines don’t last very long. He can normally sleep them off pretty quickly. I was hoping he’d be able to come home, sleep it off and be 100% in a couple of hours.

I got Bella ready so we could take Grant back home once he’d turned up with Daly. As soon as they turned up Daly tried to snuggle up on the sofa but I told him they by the time I got back from his parents he better be upstairs in bed. We got in the car with our shopping list and took Grant back home.

We decided to stop for a little bit there as I knew Daly should be in bed asleep and I wasn’t going to say no to a cup of tea. I really have fallen in love with tea again. I swear that’s all I’m drinking at the moment.

We stayed at Dawn and Grant’s for a little bit. I sat and enjoyed a cup of tea while I chatted with them and Bella happily played in her kitchen. Of course we ended up with the picnic in the centre of the room on the futon.

After about 45 minutes I decided we should probably get our shopping sorted so we could go back home and check on Daly.We said goodbye to Grandma and Grandad and headed out the door. Just outside their front door Bella found a dandelion. Bella had to stop to pick it. She was so proud of her little yellow flower. Now because I had said we were going shopping before we left home Bella had to grab her hat and bag. Apparently her hat and bag mean business when it comes to shopping.

I had decided that for dinner tonight we were going to make pizzas rather than buying ready made ones. So while we were shopping we picked up a variety of toppings for our pizzas. Bella had decided she wanted to get some peppers for her pizza and I picked up some pepperoni.

We completed the rest of our shopping picking up items such as pasta, bread, fresh vegetables and a few bits for Bella’s lunches. Once we’d finished we headed home with me hoping to find Daly in bed. Luckily he was, so I didn’t have to shout at him.

Bella went back to her playing on the carpet and me, I went back to enjoying another cup of tea. As dinner time rolled around I decided it was time to get on with making these pizzas.

Bella helped me. While I pulled out all the ingredients out she read the recipe to see exactly what we needed. I love this cook book we’ve got. It’s one of the First Usbourne books. It was given to me when I was little so it’s lovely I’m now using it with Bella. I don’t think I ever used it myself when I was little so although it’s old it was obviously a brilliant gift for me.

I made the sauce and popped it on to the hob to cook while we set about making the dough. Bella, thankfully, doesn’t mind getting messy. She happily got her hands messy mixing the flour with the butter. That was until she had enough and I had to get my hands messy. Now that I don’t enjoy. I hate getting messy.

Once we’d completed the dough and I had mixed it all up, it was time to roll the dough out. I decided we would make two large pizzas rather than little ones. I split the dough in half so Bella could roll out one base.

It turns out she’s pretty good with a rolling pin. She rolled her base out with me, every now and then, helping her to make it a circle. Or at least some sort of circle like shape.

We rolled the bases out, then I pasted the sauce on top. I sent Bella off to play for a little bit while the sauce cooled down and I prepared the toppings.

After about 15 minutes I called Bella back. I had arranged bowls of pepperoni, peppers, ham and cheese and just stood back and let Bella go for it. She happily added her toppings and instructed me to do the same with my pizza.

When Bella wasn’t happy with my toppings she added to mine as well.

We finished up with the toppings and it was time for cheese. It seemed Bella wasn’t too into the cheese. She didn’t add that much to her pizza or mine but at least she put some cheese on it.

She was so proud of her finished pizza. She helped me pop them in the oven (before I lit the gas) and then headed back off to play.

Daly had woken up while the pizzas were cooking and returned back downstairs. He seemed much better and was looking forward to some pizza. I told him that Bella and I had made the pizzas and he seemed ok with that. I was a bit worried he’d be a bit unsure as we’d never made them before but if he’d had a major problem I had two Chicago Town pizzas in the freezer he could have.

He settled down on the sofa while I went and checked on the pizza. Saturdays are the only evening we eat sitting on the sofas in the living room and watch TV while we eat. It was tradition with mum so we could watch Strictly Come Dancing and I’m still carrying it on.

After about 20 minutes in the oven our pizzas were cooked. I pulled Bella’s one out first and thought we’d try that one. I cut it up into slices and then took it in to the living room for us to enjoy while we watched Strictly.

It’s so funny, as soon as I turned the channel over Daly complained that he had to watch the rubbish that is Strictly. And then what happened. Daly sat on the sofa and became completely absorbed in watching the dancing. So funny.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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