Mummy Daughter Day – 16th October 2019

We decided to have a mother daughter day today. Rachel is in Disneyland and Daly is working so it’s just the two of us.

Our day didn’t start how we wished. We have two cats, that we got about 18 years ago. They are called Mistletoe – my cat, and Tinsel- Rachel’s cat. Now Tinsel had been getting thinner and thinner recently, but she had been going down hill for a long time. Mum used to joke about which one of them was going to die first, her or Tinsel. Well Tinsel kept going but sadly this morning we woke up to her dead in our kitchen.

I had sent yesterday having cuddles with her and watching her breathing as I could tell it wouldn’t be long. Because of that we had been keeping her in over night. My old cat, Kilda, went missing when she got older so we never actually got to say goodbye. She just disappeared off to die.

Sadly she had died so my morning was spent sorting Tinsel out. She had made a bit of a mess, so I cleaned the kitchen up. I had wrapped Tinsel up in a towel that she had been sleeping on and Bella and I chatted about the fact that Tinsel had died because she was old. Bella seemed a little upset to start with but she’s never been a huge fan of the cats.

We have a spare fridge in the garage and I decided to use it as a make shift morgue as Rachel was in France. I didn’t feel it was my place to bury Tinsel without Rachel so popping her in the fridge was the best I could do. Luckily we barely use it so it was virtually empty anyways. Once Tinsel was settled I set about ringing Rachel.

I had planned on ringing Oli first so he could prepare Rachel and then I’d speak to her, but who answered Oli’s phone – Rachel of course. So bang went that plan. Luckily Rachel seemed ok so I didn’t have to worry about her breaking down in the middle of Disneyland.

Once I told Rachel about the sad situation we had a little chat about how her holiday was going and then said our goodbyes. I didn’t really want to sit in the house. In my opinion the house smelled of death and I hated it, it reminded me of when mum died and was making me feel sick.

It didn’t help my Christmas cards had turned up. Last year while mum was in the Hospice I found these lovely colour your own Christmas cards. I wanted to get some more this year. The Wisdom Hospice were amazing with mum and Bella and I. They were so supportive, made sure mum was as comfortable as she could be. We loved the staff and the Hospice itself is so homely, it is actually a really nice place, even though mum was champing at the bit to get home.

I asked Bella what she wanted to do and we decided we were going to go have some fun at the arcades. I didn’t really feel like doing much with the feeling of death being around but the arcade sounded good. Besides it would be nice to be around the sea air.

We jumped in the car and set off to the seaside. On our way down to the beach and arcades we stopped at the big Tescos. I needed to do a little bit of shopping and Bella always loves looking at the Halloween displays. We needed to pick up some birthday cards. Bella was very insistent that she carried the cards and put them through the till. The mood I was in, I refused to argue with her. She was being well behaved so who was I to stop her shopping.

Once we’d finished in Tescos it was time to hit the arcades. I didn’t have mush money on me, so Bella was a bit restricted on what she could do but it didn’t bother her.

As soon as we walked into the arcades an old man who had been playing on one of the 2p machines gave Bella a lolly he had won out of the machine. I don’t encourage her to take things from strangers but I was with her and assured her it was ok.

We first started with one of the 2p machines full of sweets as prizes. Bella and I took it in turns to pop the 2ps into the machines. Sadly we didn’t win any sweets but we did get a few 2ps back out of the machine.

Bella loves collecting all the coins out of the bottom of the machine. She jumps on them before I get there. Once she’d collected all her coins up we moved on to the arcade games.

The first arcade game Bella wanted to play was a game where you had to throw balls to knock down the clown heads. Daly normally plays this game but Bella wanted a go today. I sat Bella on the stall so she could reach and I helped by throwing balls. Only problem was I was using my left hand to throw. Luckily I’m a little bit ambidextrous.

I have to be as I busted my right shoulder 5 years ago and wasn’t able to use my right arm at all. I also have issues with my right wrist which is an old cheerleading injury that flares up every now and then meaning I am unable to use my right hand/arm.

We only won about 2 tickets on the clown game but Bella didn’t care. She’s not too fussed about the tickets.

We moved on to Mario Kart. We always play this when we go to the arcades. Bella loves this game. She gets to sit on our lap and enjoys steering with minimal help from us.

Bella managed to come first in her race. She seems to be getting better and more focused every time we play Mario Kart.

We finished with Mario Kart and moved on to Air Hockey. I love Air Hockey. I find it such a laugh. They have a mini Air Hockey table at the arcades we go to so it meant I was able to play against Bella.

Bella got really into it and did really well defending her goal. Of course I managed to slip quite a few past her but she scored a few against me and I wasn’t going too easier on her. She wanted to change ends just as the game finished which meant she won, sneaky little girl.

After Air Hockey Bella had a little jump about on the Dance Revolution game but I was not putting money in it.

The last activity we played in this arcade was a mini foosball table. You put a pound in and it released a bouncy ball. Then you had to get the ball up a tube to the football pitch and then whoever scored a goal with the ball won the ball. I was hoping Bella would win a nice Disney ball or won with a cartoon on but instead she won a pool ball. Oh well, she didn’t mind and that’s what mattered.

We had done all the arcade games we wanted to do in this arcade so we headed over to the next arcade. We don’t really use the other arcade but we thought we’d give it a look.

Inside Bella wanted to go on the 2p machines but she only had a handful of pennies left. She used them up in a machine but sadly didn’t win anything. She did however find a water squirter game that she wanted a go on. You have to squirt water at the zombies to kill them. I quite enjoy this game as well but I was quite happy just sitting and watching Bella play. She fired her water at the zombies and got them, although I had to help a little so she lasted longer than five seconds.

Next to the water blaster zombie game was the giant keyboard game where you have to tape the correct keys in time with the screen. I love this game. I had a go on it and came away with the highest place on the score board. I don’t even think it’s that hard a game but I always seem to come out top or pretty close.

Sadly we’d now used up all our money so we headed down onto the beach. Well first we stopped at the car so I could pick up an umbrella. It was starting to rain and I didn’t fancy getting wetter than I had to.

Once we had the umbrella we took a nice walk along the beach. The sea was almost, if not, at high tide. Bella and I took a nice stroll and then Bella wanted to sit down for a little bit so she could enjoy the sea and the lovely rain. I loved it. Something relaxing about being by the sea in the rain. It just made me feel so much better after the start of our day.

After we had sat on the beach for a bit, we took a walk along the pier. At the entrance to the pier there is an old style organ. When you put a penny in the donation box it starts playing a song and it has various doors with children’s TV characters hiding behind. Everytime you put a penny in a wheel spins and chooses which characters pop out from behind their door.

I let Bella use up the last few coins I had in my purse. She popped a penny in 3 times and each time a different character popped out from behind their door. I loved the face that you could put in a penny or a pound and the outcome would be the same. It really dd remind me of a classic British seaside.

Now as it is the end of the season everything on the pier was closed but Bella still enjoyed running along the pier and jumping up to put her head through all the boards you get at the seaside. I think her favourite one was of the crab at the entrance to the pier. Thanks to Peppa Pig she likes to run around shouting naughty crab.

We walked all the way down the pier and then back up. We thought we’d call it a day with the weather becoming worse. I didn’t really want to go home but I didn’t really want to see anyone. Oh well, I bit the bullet and headed home anyway. Daly was going to be late home from work and pick up his own dinner so I was going to get Bella and I McDonalds. I wasn’t feeling cooking which is really bad of me.

We headed home via McDonalds and it turned out we only got home a few minutes before Daly. Now Bella’s McDonalds Happy Meal box was one of the coolest I had ever seen. It was a pumpkin. Which then got Bella all excited for Halloween again. Oh well, as long as she’s happy.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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