A Night Out Partying – 19th October 2019

We had a pretty busy day today.

Daly was still working days so it was just us girls during the day. Rachel was coming round this morning, we were going to bury Tinsel. I didn’t like the idea of burying her without Rachel being round. That’s why she had been safely stored in the fridge. That is such a weird sentence.

Rachel was round ours by the time we actually got up. I expected her to be. She normally comes round to ours at about 10am on the days she comes round. Bella was all excited when she saw Rachel was round.

First things first though, it was down to sorting out Tinsel’s burial. I left it up to Rachel to choose where she wanted to bury her. It was her cat so I thought it was best to let her choose. She chose a pretty spot under mum’s cherry tree and then she set about digging. Sadly she didn’t get far, obviously being near a tree meant we found roots. That meant we couldn’t dig down very far so it was time to move on to location number two. Next to mum’s yellow rose bush.

We had much better luck this time. Rachel managed to dig a hole big enough, although it was so awkward to watch Rachel dig. I wanted to help her but as it was her cat I didn’t want to take the control away from her. Eventually she managed it and I went and got Tinsel. Rachel had some goodbye cuddles, Tinsel was still all snuggled up in a towel – I was not touching a dead cat. Bella came out to join us. Rachel put Tinsel in the hole and pour the earth on top of her. I gave Bella cuddles and explained to her what was happening – that Tinsel was dead like Nanna, but she had died because she was old and we were burying her. I then saw this little bit of a twinkle in Bella’s eye, that mischievous glint and I quickly added we only bury dead things. They must be dead first at which point Bella lost interest and went back in doors.

Rachel and I both headed back inside. Rachel decided that it was time for presents for Disney. Bella went and sat next to Rachel to see what she was going to be given. Rachel reached into her bag and pulled out an Ariel cup with a little Flounder on top. She did say she would have bought Bella a lot more but uncle Oli had stopped her.

Bella was very happy with her present. She gave it to me so I could fill it with some juice for her. We did have to remind her that she had to suck the juice up through the straw rather than tip the cup up. She seems to struggle with that at the moment.

Well it was on to my gift. Rachel handed me an item wrapped in paper. It seemed quite big, I was under the impression it was heavy so was completely shocked when it turned out to be extremely light. I unwrapped and was extremely happy to find out that inside was a Thumper balbal. I love Thumper. He’s one of my favourite Disney characters. I especially loved this decoration and the grey and white of Thumper and the blue bird on his nose totally matches my Christmas tree colours. My tree is normally white, silver and blue.

Rachel had also got Daly a present but where he was at work and she would be leaving before he made it back, she left it on the dinning room table for him.

Bella was getting a bit bored of sitting around. She found one of her recipe books and sat with me looking through it. She settled on a page with cookies all over it. She wanted to make cookies.

I luckily had a biscuit mix in the cupboard we could make. I didn’t have the ingredients to make them from scratch so this was the next best thing.

First we poured the mix into the bowl and I added some butter to the mix. Bella got stuck in, mixing all the the ingredients together with her hands. That didn’t last long though, she was soon asking me to mix it all together. I wasn’t too thrilled about it. Acrylic nails and biscuit mix do not go well together.

Once the mix was all mixed together and had formed a nice dough it was time to roll the dough out. Bella has got very good at rolling dough out. She knows exactly what to do with the rolling pin, she just needs a little help to rotate the dough so it’s rolled flat eveningly.

We rolled the dough out and then it was time to cut out the biscuits. Now this was one of those packets where there is a template of a shape, like a unicorn or a llama, on the inside of the box and you have to cut out the cupboard shape and then place it over the dough and cut round it to make the biscuits. Now we have learnt from experience these are not fun to do.

Instead I let Bella go through all the biscuit cutters we had and she settled on a gingerbread man cutter. She is obsessed with gingerbread men at the moment. We decided we’d use that to make our biscuits.

Bella did very well placing the cutter in the dough and cutting out the biscuits. I had to give the cutter a little wiggle everytime to make sure the dough was cut.

Once the biscuits were cut I placed them on some baking paper on a tray and popped them in the oven. Bella didn’t really want to help with that bit today. She was too into the TV so I popped the tray in instead and set the timer for 12 minutes.

The next step after they were cooked was to decorate them. Bella started with some rainbow sprinkles. However because it’s coming up to Halloween I pulled out the Halloween sprinkles. We also had a couple of cup cakes left over that Bella had been snacking on that I thought we could decorate as well.

Bella had great fun adding all the different types of sprinkles. We had black and orange shavings, little orange pumpkins, white ghosts and black bats. I had popped them all in a bowl together so she could sprinkle them on as she pleased and we didn’t end up using too many sprinkles.

They looked pretty good when we finished.

We left the cookies to dry and went back to playing in the living room. Rachel had to head home so we said our goodbyes and off she went.

The rest of our afternoon was pretty chilled and then Daly came home from work. When he got home he reminded me we had a party to go to tonight for one of his work colleagues. I had completely forgotten but luckily we had a bit of time before we were going.

Bella carried on playing while I put some pizzas on for dinner and Daly went and had a shower. Now because pizzas are so easy to cook, I mean they’re just chuck in the oven and wait, so I decided to use my time productively. I put my face on. Also doing my make up out in the kitchen meant Bella couldn’t see what I was up to and cover her face in highlighter, she loves that stuff.

I managed to complete my make up by the time the pizzas were done and Daly had returned from his shower. We all sat down and tucked in to our dinner. Once that was finished with it was time to get dressed. Daly moaned that I had shrunk his suit trousers but he didn’t have any others to wear so he had to suck it up. I found a pretty top to wear with a skirt. I have dresses but not really any nice tops to wear with a skirt or trousers so I always find getting dressed for a night out a bit of a nightmare. I popped Bella in a pretty dress I had found in ASDA George’s sale a while back. She looked so cute in this little white and black dress.

We headed off to the party with Daly driving. Luckily it wasn’t too far. It was a hall near where I used to live on the other side of town. Daly parked up and we walked in. Well Bella and I walked using the paths whereas Daly just jumped over the wall to get to the entrance. Obviously his trousers hadn’t been shrunk too much.

We went in and said Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl Andrea. We found a spot to sit with another couple of friends with us and I sent Daly off to the bar. While Daly was at the bar I had a lovely long chat with Andrea’s mum. She is so sweet, she’d made Bella a few knitted items in the past and was offering to knit me more if I wanted.

Bella had disappeared of playing with the rest of the kids that were at the party. Bella managed to make friends with a bigger girl and I could see from my seat that the girl was looking after Bella and helping her on and off the stage and playing games. I was actually able to relax which was nice.

At one point during the evening there were a bunch of balloons released from the ceiling, of course this drove all the children wild. They were scrabbling around trying to collect all the balloons up. The boys were running round hitting each other on the heads with them and seeing how many they could collect. Bella joined in with trying to catch a balloon. She ended up scrabbling around under the tables trying to catch a balloon.

She eventually managed to capture her balloon and joined the rest of the children running around with them. It was lovely to see her playing with other children and not be running back to me or being shy and refusing to join in.

Soon it was time for food. I told Daly to go up to the table to get Bella some bits but she wasn’t really interested. Daly ended up chatting with our friends so I went to get me some food. Considering I’d eaten pizza for dinner I was still hungry. I gathered a little plate of sausage rolls, sausages, a few veggy bits and some sandwiches. I settled down and enjoyed my munch while the party carried on around me.

It was soon time to cut the cake. We all stood up a sang while Andrea blew out her candle. Sadly our friends were heading off so we said our goodbyes. Just after the cake was cut, Andrea’s mum came up and gave Bella some sweeties. Bella instantly wanted them opened so we opened the packet up and Bella happily munched away at the table.

Now after all the munching of food and sweeties was done it was time to dance. Bella had been up on the dance floor all night with the rest of the children but now it was time for the adults. I have to say the DJ was brilliant. He had all these mixes of old 80 songs and the way they flowed together was brilliant. It definitely got me in the party mood.

I ended up on the dance floor first with Bella. She wanted me to dance with her. After a couple of songs, Daly and Andrea joined us and we all had a good boogie. It was nice for Daly and I to let down our hair together. I don’t think we’ve done that since my Birthday party.

I took a little break and sat back down at the table but Bella, Daly and Andrea carried on dancing. Soon they gave up and took a break as well. Daly and I sat at the table chatting while Andrea did the rounds with her guests.

We decided we were going to call it a night soon, Bella was starting to get a bit grumpy and tired. I was proud of her though, she had managed to last two hours past her bedtime. Daly had told Andrea that we were going to leave but not before they had a boogie to Apachi. They had been raving about it all night.

Bella got up on the dance floor and joined them for their last dances of the night. Then it was time for hugs, kisses and goodbyes.

We had a brilliant night and it was wonderful that Daly and I could actually relax. It is one of the first times we’ve been out in ages where we’ve both been able to chill. I’m so happy that we got to celebrate Andrea’s birthday and have a great night with friends and Bella got to play with other children.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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