Spooky Season – Pumpkin Picking – 22nd October 2019

Today we are pumpkin picking. We had planned on going as a family, Daly, Bella and I but Daly had decided he didn’t want to come. Our friend Liam was staying with us and was currently at work and we didn’t want to all be out when Liam finished because he’d end up sat on the doorsteps waiting for us.

Rachel was still off work until Thursday. I started organising our dinning room. It’s the only room downstairs we haven’t done anything with. While I was tidying I sent Rachel a message asking her to come up if she could. There were a lot of ornaments that used to be mum and I didn’t want to just get rid of them without Rachel being able to let me know which ones she wanted.

It turned out Rachel was downtown when I messaged her so she walked up once she had finished. We cracked on with the dinning room while Daly decided he was going to clean my car. He hadn’t washed it for at least two weeks so it was apparently bugging him.

After a long morning of tidying and sorting and filling boxes to go to the charity shop. We decided to call it a break once we’d cleared out all the units but I can’t really say the dinning room looked tidy. It actually looked worse with boxes all over the place and piles of things I wanted to kill. Rachel ended up filling two bags with items that she wanted to keep.

I was fed up of looking at items and trying to choose what to do with them. I swear we need a skip outside the house to put charity stuff in. I mean I don’t even know how many times I’ve filled the car with charity shop boxes.

Anyways, once we’d given up with that we got Bella all dressed up in her little pumpkin picking dress and I got dressed myself. Now just as we were leaving the house and I headed to the car, Bella flipped. Screaming and crying that she didn’t want to go in the car. She wanted to walk. I know the farm we were going to is only round the corner but I thought using the car would be the easiest way to transport the pumpkin home. I mean it is easy enough to walk round to the farm it just meant we had to get the pram out so we could use that to transport it home.

I got the pram out of the car and Bella said goodbye to Daly. I had made sure I had grabbed my camera. I mean this was a perfect opportunity to practice with my portrait lens. Once Bella and I had said goodbye to Daly. Rachel, Bella and I started to make our way round to the farm.

We walked through the alleys and came out by the main road next to the farm. We had to cross this one dodgy junction though. There is a road we have to cross but because of the path of the road and the bushes being over grown and next to someones back garden fence you can’t see if anything is coming down the road until you’re in the road. Now this isn’t great with a toddler in a pram so I sent Rachel into the road to find out if anything was going to kill us. Turns out we were good. I mean Rachel didn’t end up splatted on the road.

We carried on down the road to the farm. We reached where the main road connected to the country road the farm is on. Now there is no pavement running along this road to the farm but thankfully it’s only a few meters from the junction. We walked on the grass for a little bit to avoid any cars but then we had to walk in the road. Rachel walked down the middle of the road behind us so they would see her before they ended up on top of us.

We finally made it in to the farm and set about choosing our pumpkin. Rachel grabbed a wheel barrow and Bella ran off towards the pumpkins she could see. Unfortunately these weren’t the pumpkins we were allowed to pick. The pumpkins we needed to head towards were off to the left of the farm and Bella was heading straight up towards the orchards.

I let Bella and Rachel head off together to go find our pumpkin. Bella and Rachel headed up and down the rows. All you could hear from Bella was her shouting ‘pumpkins’ Bella was more excited about pointing out the pumpkins than choosing one. Funnily enough the same thing happened last year.

Luckily we had Rachel with us who found a nice pumpkin and called Bella over to her to see if it was good enough and that Bella was happy with it.

It turns out Bella was pretty happy with the pumpkin Rachel had found. Rachel picked it up and then Bella tried to take it off her. Bella wanted to carry her pumpkin down to the wheel barrow.

It turns out Bella wasn’t strong enough to carry the pumpkin and she actually ended up dropping it and it started to roll across the field. Rachel ran after it and picked it up. Then Rachel carried it down to the wheel barrow.

Bella was very proud of her pumpkin. She happily posed with it in the wheel barrow and showed it to the harvest teddy we had brought with us. I was hoping to be able to capture a few harvest photos of Bella and the bear and maybe a few pumpkins in the area.

Once we had our pumpkin and we had settled it in the wheel barrow I grabbed the teddy and took Bella with me other to a few pumpkins that were all sat together. I tried to get her to sit on top of the pumpkins to get a few cute photos of her. At first she didn’t want to sit on them but she was happy for teddy to sit on them.

After I took a few photos of the teddy on the pumpkins Bella was willing to sit with teddy. Now for some reason Bella has taken to making this funny grimace instead of smiling. I’m not sure where that has come and it kinda spoilt the photos. It didn’t ruin them but I would have liked to get a few with a nice smile but they were still cute.

When we’d finished with our little photo session Bella wanted to take a walk with teddy through the pumpkins. She was pointing out all the different sizes and colours of the pumpkins. It’s nice how into Halloween Bella has become.

It was soon time to go home. As a treat we popped Bella in the wheel barrow so we could wheel her back. She managed to stay in the wheel barrow long enough to take some cute photos and a few selfies.

Bella didn’t like sitting the end of the handles though. She shuffled around and wanted to sit the end of the wheel. This, however, managed to make the wheel barrow a little bit unstable. That scared Bella though.

Being scared of the wheel barrow tipping over, and with good reason with how unbalanced it was, Bella got out and walked down to the store so we could pay for our pumpkin.

I let Bella pay for her pumpkin. I gave her the money and then she passed it over to the lady. I like to do this when Bella is buying something, it gives her a little bit of ownership. We paid for our pumpkin and made to leave. Bella had other ideas.

We had paid for our pumpkin at the outside till they had at the farm, but they also have an indoor shop. Bella wanted to go into the shop but we had no need to. Instead we popped her in the pram and placed our pumpkin in the basket underneath. We started on the short walk home.

Once again Rachel walked in the road in front of us so we didn’t get run over. We slowly made out way back to the house via the main road and then the alleys. We got home and showed Daly the pumpkin we had got. He was still washing the car and waiting for Liam.

It turns out about 10 minutes after we’d got back from the farm Liam turned up. It turned out he’d come home the same way as us. Being dropped of on the main road to save his boss from coming all the way round to our house. We currently have road works at the top of our road and means our road is a very long dead end rather than a small dead end off a cut through road.

We had good fun pumpkin picking and it’s lovely having Liam here. We had a pretty chilled out evening with the boys playing on the PlayStation.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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