Spooky Season – Safe Trick or Treating in Town – 25th October 2019

We’re going Trick or Treating today. I’m so excited. We did it last year at our town’s shopping centre so I was looking forward to doing it again this year.

We got up earlyish for us but Bella wanted to watch TV. Not get ready to go out in her witches dress. I let her watch TV for a little bit while she had her breakfast but then I pulled out all her Halloween costumes and asked her which one she wanted to wear. I think I’ve gone a little over board this year. She has a witches costume, a pumpkin costume, a cat costume and a bat costume. It meant she had lot of choice this morning. She settled on her choice for Halloween this year. The witches dress she had chosen.

I got her dressed and just as I was getting dressed I received a text from uncle Zach. He works at the shopping centre and was wondering if we were still coming by I messaged him that we would be on our way soon, we were just getting dressed.

Soon we were all ready and it was time to leave the house with my little witch. She even had her broom so she could fly away. I’d also hunted out her Halloween bucket from last year so she had something to store her sweets in.

Now recently Bella has got really funny about going in the car for anything. She will scream when I tell her we’re going in the car. She wants to walk everywhere. Looking back we should have walked into town but we didn’t.

I drove into town. I was plannig on trying to park in Sainsbury’s as my car is quite big and I am not the most confident parking it especially on a busy last day of Half Term. Sadly Sainsburys didn’t have any child spaces left or wide spaces so I thought I would try one of the other car parks in town. Now this other car park did have spaces but I like to reverse in and our boot door is huge so if I reverse into a space with a car behind me I can’t open my boot. Not good when I need the pram out of the car. There were no appropriate spaces so I thought I’d try Sainsburys again. Again no children or wide spaces left but instead I parked in a quiet corner of the car park where I had space to maneuver to get out and I could open my boot easily without anyone coming past.

We got out of the car, got the pram out, gathered our bucket and broom and headed off to find uncle Zach. As we walked into the shopping centre Bella spotted one of those ride on toys. Now as all we had today was the trick or treating I had no problem with that. While Bella was playing Zach came out of his office and joined us. I eventually got Bella off the toy and we walked up to where the events normally take place.

Ahead of us was a huge queue for face painting. Now we were not having our faces painted but I bumped into a friend from carnival with her daughters. We stopped and chatted for a bit and then I headed off with Bella to see if we could find out about this trick or treating.

We found a table where the children could decorate their own trick or treat bags as well as a card with information about a Halloween treasure hunt. Bella nicely decorated her trick or treat bag with a pumpkin.

Once she’d finished her trick or treat bag we tried to figure out what we were suppose to do. While we figured that out and started to walk around the shops Zach was doing the same from his end and also finding me a pen so I could fill out the treasure hunt.

It turns out that any store that had a picture in it from the treasure hunt wasn’t given out sweets and any shop with out a picture was giving out sweets. I prefered last year where there was a poster in the shop window telling you you could trick or treat there but it was still fun.

We walked around the shopping centre hunting for pictures and saying trick or treat to staff in those without pictures. Zach following us a few steps behind. He works as security so I said it either looked like Bella had her own security guard or we were being tailed and going to be thrown out.

Bella did well trick or treating and Zach and I hunted for the pictures for the treasure hunt. Bella had lots of fun and I love these sorts of events. It’s lovely for the kids and me.

Once we had completed our rounds of all the shops, had all the pictures and collected all our sweets we handed in our treasure hunt form and headed back home.

Joe had been trying to get hold of me while we were out but obviously I had been trick or treating and not at home, so instead he’d managed to get Daly out of bed to help him out. About 10 minutes after we got home from town Daly and Joe turned up in their cars.

Bella had been cold when I got her home from town as she’s still a bit poorly so I had dressed her in her unicorn onesie that Grandma and Grandad had bought her. She was nice and toasty in that thing. I had a fluffy unicorn running around my house and once I’d put some shoes on her she was outside run around with Jess.

While I was inside still trying to get all the washing dry I heard my name called from outside. The boys were playing around with the cars still but Bella and Jess had been play around in another of the cars. I came out to find a unicorn chilling in the boot of a car. She was so cute and so tiny. I could just see this little head popping out.

After some more playing around with Jess it was time for her to go as Joe and Jess had things to do. We said our goodbyes but not for long. We knew Joe and Jess would be back later that evening to pick up the car on our drive.

This blog feels a bit disjointed and I really don’t know why. We had a great time trick or treating but for some reason I don’t seem to be able to express that in my writing today or maybe it’s just me. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more with it with tomorrows blog and it will feel like it flows better.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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