Spooky Season – Pumpkin carving – 26th October 2019

Not a very pleasant start to our morning today. I had to take Bella to the doctors for her flu vacination. But hey if it keeps my daughter from getting ill I’m going to do it.

We got up and dressed quickly as we were walking down to the doctors. And with a pram sometimes that adds minutes. Bella wasn’t too happy about going out, moaning she wanted the TV. I don’t know what has got into that girl and constantly needing the TV on. I managed to get her dressed and out of the house though with time to spare.

She seemed quite happy with the fact we were walking somewhere for once. I suppose that’s a positive, she’d rather walk than drive – not that she walks though. She was having breakfast on the go today. We didn’t have time to eat at home so instead Bella ate her first dose of fruit on the way to the doctors.

Even though we walked the long way to the doctors we were still early for Bella’s appointment. They were doing a whole flu clinic so instead of the normal waiting room, we were queuing up in the corridor and being called in to one of 3 rooms where nurses were waiting. It was good though, the queue was being got through really fast. Pretty much as soon as we joined the queue we were called in.

Now we had brought baby and blanket with us as I was unsure how Bella was going to get on with the nasal application of the vaccine. Bella has been funny with the saline nasal spray in the past so I could see this being a disaster. We got in to the room and I placed Bella on my lap. And she was as good as gold. No issue what so ever. She sat there and let the nurse put the spray in both nostrils and was still happy even when we left. Turns out we had no need for blanket or baby.

Now because she had been so good in the doctors and we hadn’t managed to get Bella a gingerbread man yesterday while we were trick or treating I said I’d take Bella into town and to Costa. She was so excited. I’m definitely turning her into a mini me. She loves our mummy daughter dates to Costa.

We walked into town and made it to Costa. Now when we arrived there were two of three people in front of me and only two members of staff in the whole place. One of the baristas was behind the till taking money and making the drinks while another was cleaning tables. As another person joined the queue behind me the man behind the till let his stress show and shouted for his colleague to join him behind the tills. Now the bloke was a complete professional though despite being stressed and it being clear to see the way her reacted to his colleague and the situation he was a star with the customers.

You know when you can tell the cashier is stressed, you expect them to be snippy with you. This barista – nope! He may be shouting and snapping to his colleague, ok bless her she may not have wanted that or deserved that, but he was wonderful with the costumers. It was like a sudden light bulb, as soon as he had to speak to a customer he was all smiles and cheerful. Saying things like have a great day. I was really impressed.

Now while all that was going on and I was waiting for my latte and tea cake, Bella disappeared to find a table. Normally she will disappear towards the back of the shop but today she wanted to sit upstairs. Sadly upstairs was closed off so she had to find a seat downstairs. She chose one near the window but close to the till so I could keep an eye on her.

Once my latte and tea cake were ready I went and sad down with Bella and gave her her wafers and gingerbread man. I allowed her to have both because she had had doctors. That threw her though, she was all prepared to give up the gingerbread man so she could have the wafers.

We sat and enjoyed our Costa. Bella and I chatted as best we could about her gingerbread man and how the doctors had gone. Before long Bella had finished her wafers and eaten half her gingerbread man. It turned out she didn’t want the rest of her gingerbread man so I wrapped it up and placed it in my handbag for later. I still had my latte left so I carried on sipping away.

While I was finishing up my latte Bella was getting restless so I let her wander and look out the window as long as she wasn’t bothering anyone. There were occupants and both tables in the window and I didn’t want her to bother them or knock into them. Bella was pretty well behaved though. She was happily looking out the window and telling me all the things she could see. Her talking is coming on so well, it makes me so happy to think how quiet she was even just three months ago.

Once I’d finished my latte we took a little walk to look around Peacocks. I wanted to see if I could find any tights for Bella as she seems to struggle to keep the ones she has up. We went into the shop and I tried to get Bella to follow me to the kids section. She however got distracted.

In Peacocks they had a lot of Frozen 2 merchandise which seemed to take Bella’s interest. She found the soft dolls and started gathering them. She picked up an Elsa and an Anna doll. She refused to let them go. I tried to get her to let go of them but she was having none of it. She wanted me to buy them for her but I refuse with Christmas coming up soon. She even found an Olaf. I told her she needed to ask Santa for them and we’d see what he could do.

Finally I managed to get her to let go of them so we could go and look for these tights. Sadly they didn’t have any white tights. Instead they had all these colourful sets. What is wrong with plain coloured, neutral items for kids.

As we’d failed to find anything I wanted to leave. Bella, however, had completely other ideas. She ended up running around the shop and playing hide and seek. I didn’t want to play though. Bella wasn’t listening to me and I couldn’t get any where near her to catch her to stop her running off. For five minutes she ran off and hid from me. It was getting to the point that I was going to send Zach a message and get security to drag her out because I was loosing the will.

Luckily, just before I sent a message to Zach she came close enough so I could catch her. She was soon picked up and placed in the pram. And to stop her escaping I strapped her in. I didn’t need her diving out and I accidently running her over.

We walked home but on the way I past Sainsburys. I was humming and haing about whether I should pop in to get some milk but instead I decided against it. I figured I could survive two days without milk before we went on holiday.

We made it home and had a pretty chilled out afternoon. Well Bella had a chilled out afternoon. I was packing as most of the clothes were dry now. In fact during the afternoon I managed to completely pack Daly’s suitcase, and all of Bella’s apart from a few odd pieces of clothing that were still drying. I made an extra list of items I needed to pack into the almost complete suitcases.

At least being almost packed meant I was getting my living room back. For the last few days my living room floor had been covered in piles of clothes, airers and suitcases. It had started to drive me loopy. Especially as I wanted to leave the house fairly tidy. I don’t really want to come home to a messy house.

This evening we had our diner and settled down to watch Strictly Come Dancing. It was Halloween week although the themed part isn’t as good as it has been in the past. They used to go all out with the costumes and proper play to the Halloween theme but this year the costumes and themed dances weren’t that great. They seemed to focus more on the actual dance. I don’t think I can really complain though, during movie week they went full out with the costumes and theme and the quality and content in the dances was rubbish.

Now where we are going away, I didn’t really want to take Bella’s pumpkin away with us. We decided we were going to carve it tonight while we watched TV. I laid out the ground sheet so we didn’t get any pumpkin guts on the floor. I’d collected all the tools we needed and found the stencils for pumpkin faces.

First I cut the top off the pumpkin and then loosened up the guts so Bella could scoop them out. We’ve bought those special pumpkin carving tools so we used the spoon to get all the guts out. Bella was struggling a little with the spoon so decided to use her hands but quickly changed her mind.

She found it a little tricky to get the guts out, even though I had loosened them up for her. In the end I ended up scooping out most of the guts. While I was scooping, I asked Bella to choose her face for the pumpkin. Now we had five choices and Bella was swaying between a pumpkin with star eyes and one that was a cat. Eventually she settled on the cat pumpkin.

I used the pokey stick the draw out the template of the cat before we cut it out with the little knifes. I let Bella try to cut out the mouth using the little knife. Bella gave this a really good go but she struggled. She couldn’t quite get the idea of sawing while moving the knife across instead she just kept pushing it back and forth. Obviously she was fully supervised the whole time.

Once she’d given up with the cutting I carried on and cut all the pieces out. To keep Bella involved I got her to pull out the pieces I had cut out. She pulled them out and then told me where I needed to cut next time. Eventually all the pieces were cut out and we were left with our cat pumpkin. Bella was very proud of her pumpkin and it’s currently sitting in the corner of our living room.

Tomorrow is the last full day of packing I have and then it’s off on holiday we go. So the next blogs will be another series of the Travel Blogs

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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