The Travel Blogs – Off we go to Hastings – 28th October 2019

We are off on our holiday today. To Combe Haven holiday park just outside Hastings. We went there last year for our first family holiday and had a lovely time, so we booked a return trip this year. So we are off on holiday over Halloween. Bit gutted as it means we wont be able to take Bella trick or treating but I’m sure there will be lots of fun activities for us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Daly finished a night shift this morning at 5am so we left him sleeping while Bella and I got up. Uncle Liam had stayed the night as he is house sitting for us and keeping an eye on Mistletoe. He was asleep downstairs in the living room on the sofa bed. We tried to be quiet but it turns out Liam was already awake so we didn’t have to worry. I needed to finish packing all the last little bits. Luckily due to my lists I didn’t have much to pack this morning. I completed all the packing and then Bella and I watched films with uncle Liam.

We ended up watching Descendants 3. I had put on films as I have become a bit fed up of Nick Jr at the moment, there’s only so much Blaze you can watch. I mean there are only three Blaze episodes on Now TV and I had been watching them almost solidly for the past 2 days. So it was quite nice that we were all able to just chill and watch Disney films today.

Eventually Daly woke up and I was able to finish packing his bits. Then we were ready to go. Luckily Daly had gone and filled the car up with Diesel last night. It meant that once we were up for going we could just get out and go. I finished the last bit of loading the car and then Daly and I were twiddling our thumbs. We had planned on leaving about 2.30pm but by 1.30pm we were both kicking our heels. I told Daly we could leave whenever, it was up to him. So at about 2pm we made the move to leave.

We said goodbye to Liam and the cat and then we hit road. Daly was in a good mood, an annoyingly good mood. He was making jokes and chatting rubbish but he was happy. I past the time but videoing Daly’s antics, I mean that always seems to annoy him.

Daly was driving to Hastings. I don’t like the country type roads for the journey. I mean they aren’t proper county roads but they are all thinish and with nature everywhere. I don’t enjoy that type of driving so Daly was doing it today. I’m sure I could drive those roads, I mean they are similar to the roads I took when we went to Greatstone Beach but I’d rather not and Daly loves to drive.

While we were driving Bella was sat in the back of the car watch Treasure Planet on the DVD player. She seems to really like that film, she’s watched it a few times recently. In fact I think it’s been in the DVD player since we went to Birmingham. When we asked her what DVD she wanted to watch on the journey all she had asked for on the journey was a Disney film and Treasure Planet fitted the bill. I’m so grateful we have the DVD player as it means she is able to be entertained on long boring journeys.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to Hastings. Daly was slightly confused as we headed towards the caravan site. Last year we had come in a completely different way, so it obviously meant that the way the SAT NAV was sending us today was not a familiar route. I pointed out that last year when we had turned up, we had been earlier in the day in the hopes we could check in early. We had been traveling through Hastings about lunchtime then but today we had arrived at Hastings at school kicking out time. That meant the traffic on the roads increase so we must have been sent a different way to avoid the school traffic.

We followed the SAT NAV and eventually we ended up on the route Daly remembered from last year. We followed it and soon arrived at the park. As we turned up and turned in to the car park, a security guard stopped us to tell us where to go. Of course Daly instantly built a repore with the guard and chatted happily away to him. We parked up in the car park and Daly went to check us in.

Soon Daly came back with our caravan key. This year we were the complete opposite side of the caravan site to last year. We were down by the lower entertainment venue.

We drove round the site and soon came into the little caravan area we were staying in called Blue Quarry. Now last year the site was pretty quiet. We had come down at the beginning of October so most children were at school. This meant we had only had to fight with a couple of cars in a large parking area by our caravan to park. However this year it is ‘half term’. Now I call it ‘half term’ in inverted commas because most of the schools in Kent, Sussex and in fact a lot of the South East area were on half term last week. I am aware that some schools have two weeks for half term and also a few school do have different dates for half terms so I suppose it is still half term for some. It’s stupid. I remember when all schools across the UK used to have the same holidays. Anyways because it is ‘half term’ it means the site is extremely busy. Daly had a choice of two spaces in a very tight parking area. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but Daly managed it.

We got out of the car and walked up to our caravan. Now Daly had read that we were in caravan 38 and spotted this big caravan with like a massive full length bay window that he thought was ours. It turned out though we were actually in caravan 38A and the caravan he had seen was 38.

We found our caravan and headed inside and very pleasantly surprised. The caravan was a lot larger than last years caravan even though we thought we’d booked a lower spec caravan. The thing was huge.

Bella was extremely happy she could get out of the car and run around. And even happier when I popped the TV on for her. She happily settled on the sofa to watch TV while Daly facetimed his parents to show them the caravan and I started to unpack the car and bring some of our bags up to the caravan.

So we’ve finally made it to our home for the week. The Travel Blogs have officially begun. Hope you enjoying this series and I’ll see you in the next one.

Love CiCi x

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