The Travel Blogs – Our Caravan – 28th October 2019

Now as I mentioned in the last blog our caravan was huge so I thought I would give you a little bit of a tour.

First up is the living room and dining room. Now this is a very good size. We have a large corner sofa, big enough for two adults to lie on. It has this big puffy cushions that all sat separately. Bit of a pain when a toddler’s leaning on them as it means they fall forward but they are very comfortable to lean on. In the opposite corner of the room to the sofa is a corner dining room table. A kinda triangle shape with corner sofa/seating and then a puff seat. This was better than last year, last year we had a little bench table and chairs. There is a gas heater in the middle of one of the walls. We needed that on though as it was freezing. In the corner was a TV with a DVD player and there were plenty of windows, it meant the caravan was nice a bright.

From the dining room/living room there is a galley kitchen. Again the kitchen was larger than last year. It has plenty of storage space but sadly the drawer wasn’t well stocked. There was no potato peeler which was the biggest thing to me. Also the grill was not the the grill that came with the cooker unit in the caravan but I don’t think we’re planning on using it so it’s no big deal. All the crockery was in the cupboards above everything but annoying the cupboards had to be held open. Luckily we have to hands so no big deal just a mild annoyance.

Now after the kitchen, still moving though the caravan was the bathroom. Now again compared to last year the bathroom was huge. It had a shower that went along one wall in the bathroom, and a nice shelving unit perfect for popping all our shower bits on.

Moving along, the next room is a twin bedroom. Bella decided this is going to be her room. The room has a little storage heater unit and a plug socket about each bed which is handy for Bella’s night light.

Next to Bella’s room is the master bedroom. This is smaller than last year but that’s probably due to the extra rooms in the caravan. Again there is a storage heater unit but unfortunately only one power socket on Daly’s side of the bed. Behind the door is a TV, only a little biddy one but that’s still quite a treat.

Moving round the caravan, the next door leads to another twin bedroom. I wanted Bella to chose this room but oh well, she knows what she wants. We didn’t really explore this room once Bella decided she didn’t want to use it.

The final room in the caravan is a toilet. I’ve stayed in a caravan before where the master bedroom had an ensuite toilet but never just an individual toilet. I’m guessing in a caravan for six guests though a space toilet can be very handy.

So that’s our caravan. Time to move in and set up home for the next week.

Love CiCi x

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