The Travel Blogs – Settling in and Our First Night – 28th October 2019

We settled into our caravan for the week. Bella settled straight into watching CBeebies on the TV and laying on the floor with her colouring book. I had packed a bag full of toys for her so she was able to have a home from home. She had her picnic set, her baby with it’s changing bag and travel cot, some bricks and her doctors set.

We were planning on going out for a nice fancy dinner tonight to celebrate our five year anniversary, it had actually been Saturday but Daly had been working. However because of how tired we were from the drive and unpacking the car we didn’t feel like making ourselves all pretty and going off site. Especially with what a nightmare it was to park near our caravan. So we sorting out unpacking our things and then decided to head up to the main facility to get some dinner.

We wrapped up warm. I popped Bella in her cosy unicorn onesie that Grandma and Grandad had bought her. As it was dark and I’d brought with us some glow sticks and let Bella have a few around her arms.

We set off. We were quite a way away from the main facility so it was a bit of a trek.

We set off round via the roads up to the main facility. Luckily we discovered a short cut. Well we thought and hoped this route we found was a short cut. We could just see that this path weaved through the caravans up the hill.

We headed on up it and discover it did lead up the hill towards the main facility. It was a very steep hill though. I was exhausted walking up it, I mean I was huffing and puffing up the hill. Daly carried Bella up the hill, there was no way I could have done that. It would have killed me.

Eventually we reached the top of the hill and made it to the main facility. Our first port of call was the mini market to buy some tea bags, bread and some milk so I could at least have a cup of tea and some toast for breakfast for Bella and I.

Then we headed into the main facility to get some dinner. I had managed to convince Daly to get Burger King. The other restaurant they have on site is Papa Johns but I really didn’t want pizza. I went a queued up to order while Daly tried to Bella away from the arcade machines.

The guy behind the till seemed a bit stressed and I don’t blame him. It was busy. I ordered our dinner and then I stood over to one side to wait for my order to be prepared. Bella and Daly came and joined me to wait.

After a few minutes the man turned back up with our drinks and set about getting our food together. He still seemed stressed but he had good customer skills. He seemed relieved I wasn’t a stressy customer. It was like you could see the weight lift off him when he realised I was happy to wait patiently and wasn’t going to moan about my order or how long it was taking.

Once we had our order we walked back to our caravan down the very steep hill. Daly carried the bag of food and Bella down the hill while and carried the drinks and tried not to stack it. That was not easy. I really suck at walking on hills.

We made it back to the caravan in one piece and with all our food and drinks still in tact. Once we’d walked inside, I sorted out dinner. I got Bella to sit up to the table and handed out the food.

Daly came and joined us at the table. I passed him a straw for the his drink. Now he was all prepared for the rubbish paper straws you now get from McDonalds that disintegrate 10 minutes into your drink. He was extremely surprised to discover it was a plastic straw inside the paper wrapper.

We had a yummy dinner and I think I can safely say I’ve converted Daly to Burger King. We both ordered large Bacon Double XL meal while Bella had a chicken nugget meal. As well as our meals I also ordered some onion rings. We tucked into our dinner and enjoyed.

Once dinner was over we chilled for the evening with a couple of drinks. It’s nice being able to have a small drink together. We had been given a couple of small bottles of drink from a friend and I thought this holiday would be the perfect chance to stop and enjoy them.

We all snuggled up on the sofa to watch TV while Daly and I enjoyed our drinks. Bella and I decided to play around with my camera and snapchat filters. Of course Daly got in on the act so at least we managed to get a family photo of us on our first night.

Soon Bella was bored of photos and went about playing with her toys. I sat on my laptop going through photos while Daly sat on his laptop watching Youtube videos. Not a very family way to spend our evening but we were just too tired to actually spend anytime interacting with each other.

Bella soon got fed up of playing and just before bedtime she decided to snuggle up on Daly’s lap and watch videos with him. They looked so cute cuddled up together.

After a little bit of snuggle time with daddy it was time for Bella to head of to bed. It was a little bit of a challenge with her being in a room just feet from where we were sitting watching TV but Daly and I kept telling Bella it was bedtime every time she opened the door and came out of her room. After a few times of Daly and I taking her back to bed she finally got the message.

We had a few more times where she would open the door but she wouldn’t come out of the room. When you finally looked at her she’d slide back into her room and shut the door.

A nice chilled out way to start the holiday. Hopefully the rest of the holiday will be just as chilled and full of family fun time

Night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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