The Travel Blogs – Let’s go Swimming – 29th October 2019

Lunch time! I sorted out some lunch for Bella and sat her up to the table with it and then had some lunch myself. I had bought some cheese scones at Tescos so I thought I’d have one of them for lunch and a cup of tea. I wasn’t feeling too hungry so a little scone was ideal.

Bella sat at the dining table and ate her lunch of a yoghurt, sandwich and some animal cookies. While she was eating she was watching the TV. Not the best parenting but we were all tired for some reason so TV was a nice distraction. Especially as it was the kids channels it was just some background noise.

Daly and I finished our lunch and then I asked Bella what she wanted to do this afternoon. She didn’t seem too sure what she wanted to do. I showed her one of the communication boards that I had made with all the activities that were available on site. She was hovering between the soft play and swimming.

Then she grabbed a map of the site. and laid it out on the floor. She pointed at various items on the map. Her big focus seemed to be the main facility. She then kept saying Swimming Pool. Daly wasn’t completely convinced that that was what she wanted to do but after another attempt on the communications board and Bella continuously saying she wanted the Swimming Pool.

I gathered our swimming stuff that was already packed in a bag and Daly ot Bella’s shoes and jacket on her and then we set off out of the caravan. Bella decided she wanted to carry the key to the caravan.

We left the caravan and Daly helped Bella lock the door.

We walked around the caravans and Bella scoured the ground for interesting things. It turns out she found a few daisies that she wanted to pick. She stopped a few times to pick some daisies.

Once she’ happily picked two daisies she carried on walking. I was lucky enough to be the one she gifted her daisies to. It was a very cute gesture. Daddy was a bit upset he didn’t get any.

We made our way up to the main facility and into the swimming pool. We had never used the swimming pool before so it was a new experience for us. We walked in and the man behind the till checked our passes and then showed us where to go.

We found a changing room and got dressed into our swimming costumes. Bella was very excited to go swimming. Once we were all dressed we found a locker to put all our clothes in. We took our towels with us poolside though.

We walked through to the swimming pool from the changing rooms. Once we were poolside I laid the towels on a rail near the edge of the pool. I mean it was freezing outside and it wasn’t too warm inside by the pool. I was just hoping the water was warm.

We climbed into the pool and the water wasn’t that warm. Daly was the first one to brave it fully. Bella was having none of it though, she wanted to get out and sit on the side. So to encourage her, I sat in the pool. Turns out it was cold as you got into the water but then the warmth of the water took over from the cold from the air in the building.

Bella was trying to climb all over Daly and I wanting to sit on the side. Now Daly and I tried to get her to calm down, we played about in the water, splashing each other and bobbing along the side of the pool. I found the little filter that blows bubbles into the pool, I sat in front of it as the water coming out of it was slightly warming than the surrounding water.

Bella finally warmed up when we got her to lay on Dalys back and he swam back and forth across the pool. That seemed to be the cracking point. She became the little girl I used to know that went swimming with Nanna. It was so nice to see, she used to be a proper little water baby.

Daly wanted to see how deep the pool actually was. He swam up to the deep end. It turns out, not so deep. When Daly stood up the water only came to his waist. It’s crazy how shallow the pool is but I suppose it’s because the site is used predominantly by families with young children. They can’t have it too deep because they’d have little kids out of their depth constantly.

We enjoyed splashing around in the pool for nearly a whole hour but we soon became a little too cold and we decided we should probably get out. Daly wanted to do a length of the pool though. I jumped out with Bella using the steps in the shallow end and then Daly climbed out of the side of the deep end and met us.

We gathered our bits from the locker and got dressed. Then it was time to walk back to the caravan. On the walk back Bella decided she was going to pick up leaves rather than daisies. And this time Daly did get a look in but he wasn’t happy with the leaves he was given. They were slightly broken and sorry looking but Bella also wanted to pick up some leaves for me. Mine were pretty traditional autumn leaves. Oh well at least she was picking Daly something.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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