The Travel Blogs – Celebrating Our Anniversary – 29th October 2019

We chilled out after swimming. Daly went and chilled out in bed while Bella and I had some chill out time in the living room watching TV. After a while I decided I was going to have a shower to get ready for tonight. We decided that as we didn’t go out for our anniversary meal last night we’d do it tonight. I didn’t fancy going with my hair full of chlorine.

I went into the bathroom and started up the shower. Daly had appeared out of the bedroom to spend time with Bella. Now the shower heated up very quickly. It turned out that it was very good to heat up. A little too good and it refused to cool down. I tried to get in the shower but it was too hot. I tried changing the temperature to cool it down but it wasn’t doing anything. It was still scalding. I ended up washing my hair in the sink. I never actually had my shower.

Once I came out of the bathroom I gave Daly the challenge of getting the shower to a temperature that I could with stand. And he couldn’t. He couldn’t even hold his hand under the shower head for too long. In the end Daly rang up to the main office to get someone from maintenance down to look at it.

I decided I was going to chill out a little bit more and snuggled up in bed and popped on the TV. It wasn’t long before Bella came and joined me.

Bella and I had a little bit of a play time with Snapchat’s filters. She really likes the dog filter. We had a good half an hour playing with different filters and taking photos.

The maintenance man soon turned up and started work on the shower. It turned out it needed a new valve. While the maintenance man got busy in the bathroom I started on my makeup. Can’t go out for a fancy meal without my face on. I finished my make up and then it was time to get some decent clothes on.

Before I got dressed though, I got Bella dressed. I had packed a pretty dress for her to wear. A cute little knit one that I had bought from Primark. I got dressed in a knit skirt and top and Daly smartened himself up. Then it was time for shoes.

I asked Bella to bring me her boots so she could put them on. However she didn’t bring me her boots. Instead she popped on my boots and went walking around the caravan. It was very cute and extremely funny but was getting us nowhere fast to going out.

Eventually Bella played ball and we managed to get out to the car. We jumped in and set the SAT NAV to the Brewers Fayre near by. I had looked at going to a Harvester but the nearest one was in Eastbourne. The Brewers Fayre was about a 12 minute drive away. It turned out it was pretty easy to get to. We made it to the restaurant and parked up. Their car park wasn’t too big so once again it was a little bit tight for us to park but we managed it.

Just as Daly had parked and he was in the back of the car finding my nice boots the owners of the car next to us returned. It’s a shame that they hadn’ returned to there car two minutes earlier, it would have made it a little less tight to park. Oh well we managed to park and had plenty of room either side to get in and out.

We walked round to the entrance of the restaurant. It was one of those Brewers Fayre next to a Premier Inn, although thinking about it every Brewers Fayre I’ve ever been to has been linked to a Premier Inn. Anyways, we made our way up to the entrance but Daly tried to go in through the Premier Inn entrance. I had to aim him in the right direction for the Brewers Fayre door. And in we went.

We walked in and found the check in point. A lovely waiter showed us to our table. It was busy but luckily there was still plenty of room. We were shown to a 6 seat table near the play area. We grabbed a high chair for Bella and then set about looking at the menus.

Bella wanted spaghetti bolonasge, Daly decided he was going to have his usual of a New Yorker burger (a cheese and bacon burger) and I for once decided something different. I normally have a gammon steak or a New Yorker burger but today I wanted smothered chicken (its chicken covered in bacon and cheese and some BBQ sauce)

Bella was told she was allowed to go and play in the play area once we had all decided what we were going to have. Bella went running off to the play area and I went up to the bar to order our food and drinks. There was a bit of a queue but it didn’t really matter, it just meant Bella had longer to play.

I ordered up at the bar. Sadly they didn’t have any spaghetti bolognese but luckily I had looked at other options for her. I order her some nuggets instead along with some vegetable sticks as she had asked for some cucumber. Once I’d ordered I headed back to the table. Daly was playing on his phone when I got back. Lol I had o of course capture the moment so I could make out Daly was ignoring me on our anniversary.

Eventually he looked up and I got a semi nice photo.

And then I made Daly sit next to me so we could at least take one decent couple photo. Daly and I chatted while Bella played. I kept an eye out for Bella as I could see the play area from where I was sitting. After about 20 minutes of playing I could hear some crying coming from the play area. It sounded a bit like Bella but normally Bella would come and find me if she was crying so I didn’t really think much of it but continued to keep an eye on the play area.

It turns out it was Bella crying in the play area. She came out in floods of tears followed by a little boy. Daly tried to comfort her but Bella walked straight past him crying mummy. I gathered her up and gave her cuddles asking her what happened. She was still crying and wasn’t able to tell me. The little boy told me he had accidentally knocked Bella over going down the slide. I told him it was ok, accidents happen and thanked him for letting me know. He looked very distressed, I think he thought I was going to tell him off or be angry.

It turns out it was pretty good timing, not that I wanted Bella to get hurt but she was back at the table just in time for our food to turn up. We popped her in the highchair and it was time to tuck in.

Daly’s burger looked yummy. But it always does.

My dinner looked very yummy. I made a good choice. Daly gave me his coleslaw from his plate as he doesn’t like it. I have to say the coleslaw is way better than Harvesters, theirs has gone down hill over the past few years.

Bella enjoyed her dinner of nuggets along with her vegetable sticks. She very liked the cucumber dip that came with it. It made a nice change to ketchup.

We enjoyed a lovely family dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I could ask for a better way for us to celebrate. It was a few days too late but it can’t be helped with Daly working. We make the best of what we have though.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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