The Travel Blogs – Fun in the Live Lounge – 30th October 2019

We started with a little bit of a lazy morning this morning. Bella woke up like yesterday and I woke up to her rattling our door handle. I crawled to the end of the bed and let her in. Instead of wanting to get up and watch TV she wanted to get into bed with us. She snuggled up with Daly. I’ve found though that once she’s woken me up I want to get up. I set about starting some breakfast and of course a cup of tea.

While Bella and Daly were snuggled up in bed I had popped the kettle on and cracked on with some washing. Even though the only thing we’d eaten in the caravan was a bit of breakfast and lunch yesterday we’d managed to accumulate a bit of washing. That’s the good thing about a small space, it’s easier to keep clean.

I enjoyed myself this morning as our caravan has a music system built in. I used the AUX port to plug in my phone and blasted my music out through the speakers in the ceiling. It just made the morning so much better.

Bella and Daly eventually emerged from the bedroom and we set about to our normal morning routine. I got Bella all dressed so she was able to get going once us adults were ready. Bella seems to be really into her colouring at the moment. She spent her morning colouring in her Paw Patrol colouring book quietly at the table. It’s so lovely to see her keeping herself busy and being creative.

We’re off to the Live Lounge this morning to take part in a few activities. One of them being a picnic with one of Haven’s seaside squad. I made Bella’s and popped it into her Shimmer and Shine lunch box that we had bought with us. We packed her changing bag and then we set about making a move out of the caravan.

Just before we went Bella decided she wanted to wear her bat outfit. That was completely fine as this whole week is Halloween so she can totally wear her Halloween costumes.

It’s such a cute little outfit. I had picked it up from the range a while ago. It came with a bat wand, a little bat hair band with bats on sticks, some bat wings, and a skirt with pink holographic bats on it. It matched quite nicely with her little pink and white outfit I had dressed her in.

We were finally ready to go up to the Live Lounge. Bella happily run ahead of us.

We got up the hill and made our way into the main facility. I was exhausted from walking up that hill. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with it all week. It kills me.

We walked into the Live Lounge and found a table to sit at. There was already a few people in the hall as there had been an activity already. We managed to get a table right at the front though which was nice for us.

Daly disappeared off to the shop to go and get us drinks while I sat with Bella waiting for the entertainment to start. He soon returned with some coke for him and a Costa latte for me. It was one of the first time I’ve had a Costa from a Costa Express machine. Turns out it was pretty nice, it tastes pretty similar to the normal Costa.

The first activity of our day was a Halloween story time. While we were waiting they were playing music through the sound system and a lot of the kids were dancing. I was singing along and grooving to all the old Disney songs but Daly didn’t want to join in with me. He wouldn’t even join in with the dance for the Ice Cream Freeze by Hannah Montana. It’s not that hard to do, there are instructions in the song.

Soon it was time for storytime and Bella went and sat right at the front of the stage to watch. It was an alternative version of the three little pigs. Instead of pigs there were 3 witches and a spider trying to tickle them. They called children out of the crowd to act out the different parts of the story.

Bella really liked the story and sat nicely watching the story and the children act out the parts. She got a little bit confused when the children were called up to the stage. I had to tell her that it wasn’t her turn and she needed to sit back down. That made her a little sad but like I said she loved listening to the story.

After the story we had to wait about 30/45 minutes for Barney Bear’s picnic. In this time a few families left but quite a few stayed. The kids were running around the dance floor playing tag and dancing to the music. Because of the number of kids that had stuck around the fun squad brought out some toys. Bella was one of the first children to be given a hula hoop to play with. The fun squad members also brought out a couple of scooters which some of the older children used to go round the whole lounge.

Bella played with the hula hoop trying to hula hoop but not getting very far. I mean the hoop was huge, Bella could barely hold both sides at the same time. She dragged me up on to the dance floor with her and we played with the hoop. I showed her how to hula hoop and she gave it another go. There was another little grl on the dance floor who was very good at hula hooping.

Bella spotted another mother daughter team using the hula hoop as a train. Bella decided she wanted a go. It was a little hard with the height difference between Bella and I but we gave it ago.

After a while the funstars came out and played a game with all the kids. It was like musical statues but when the music stopped they had to pretend to be scary spiders instead. Bella did a great job joining in and stuck with it the whole game through. At the end all the children were given a sticker for joining in.

Bella proudly came back to the table with her sticker she had won.

It was nearly time for Barney Bear to come out. Everyone sat on the dance floor, bringing with them their picnics. Bella sat with Daly down on the floor and started to tuck into her lunch.

Barney Bear came out with his own picnic and sat on the stage enjoying it with some of the funstars.

Everyone enjoyed their picnic but it was soon time to tidy up. Once everyone had cleared their picnics up we were given the oportunitie to have our photos taken with Barney Bear.

We asked Bella if she wanted to go and surprisingly she said yes. We thought she might be a bit scared but she did it. She had to wait in the queue for a little bit but she soon got called up on stage. She posed nicely with Barney Bear and his cheese.

Once Barney Bear had finished with his appearance Bella sat back down with us at the table and finished her lunch. She finished up and then we dressed her back in her little bat outfit, she had taken it off when we got up to the Live Lounge.

We headed on back down the hill to the caravan.

As we got near our caravan Bella and Daly had a race to the door. Bella ran after him and it was so cute watching a little bat run after him. It was time for mummy and daddy to have some lunch.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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