The Travel Blogs – Arcade Fun – 30th October 2019

After dinner we decided we were going to go down to the lower venue and have a drink. Daly took his darts with him so he could have a throw about and I knew Bella was looking forward to running around the soft play again.

We wrapped up all nice and warm and walked down to the venue. Bella was all cosy in her unicorn onesie. It was very cold outside.

We got down to the lower venue and Bella disappeared off to the soft play. I had to chase after Bella to get her to take off her onesie and shoes. Once I’d managed to get her dressed appropriately off she ran again. I went and found and table to sit. There was a little seating area behind some glass windows that looked out on the soft play so I thought that was a good place to sit. I could see what Bella was up to and relax.

I went up to the bar and ordered myself a drink. We’re on holiday so I decided a WKD would suit me. I went and sat down at my table and relaxed watching Bella.

Daly went up to the bar a little after me and went and got a drink. He sat with me for a little bit. Bella had been very taken by the Dumbo grab machine near the soft play. She had already got me to part with a couple of pounds trying to win her a Dumbo. She soon dragged Daly up to help her.

He gave it a go with Bella watching on wanting to play herself. Sadly he didn’t manage to win her a Dumbo but we gave it a go. I said we needed mum. I used to take mum to the sea side and she’d come home with at least 3 toys out of grab machines.

Daly decided he wanted to go and play darts so he headed off to the other side of the venue with his drink to go and play a game of Around the Clock with himself. I continued to sit and watch Bella play. The bar was starting to fill up with football fans who had come down to watch the Chelsea game. This also meant the soft play was filling up with children and a lot of them bigger than Bella.

Now that didn’t bother me but it’s the fact the soft play is tiny so a lot of little kids and big kids in a very tight space did not seem safe to me. Bella seemed to think the same as she soon came and found me.

We decided we were going to head over to the dart board where Daly was.

There were a few 2p machines in the corner by the dart board but the change machine wasn’t working. After using all the 2ps we had in our purse and wallet we had to tell Bella we’d run out of money. She wasn’t too happy about it.

We told Bella if she wanted to carry on with the 2ps we’d have to head up to the main facility. There is a whole arcade up there with rides and games. We decided that rather than calling it a night that’s where we’d go.

We piled on all our layers of clothes and set off to the main facility. We didn’t use our normal short cut. Instead we tried to use our sense of direction to find a new route up. Surprisingly we managed it without having to follow the roads round.

Daly carried Bella up the hill. She seems to be like me and hates hills. Daly carried her over his shoulder and she decided she was going to pretend to fly. It was so cute seeing her leaning over his back with her arms out stretched.

We got to the facility and Bella and I headed in while Daly quickly popped to the shop and also made friends with the security guard. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

As we walked in Bella found a train ride that goes round and round. She jumped straight on and I strapped her in. She’s a bit funny about ride on rides but seems to like ones that go round and round. I popped in the pound and off she went driving her little train.

As we were at the main facility there was entertainment in the Live Lounge. We thought Bella was going to want to play with all the machines but instead she marched straight into the Live Lounge.

Daly had met us out by the train so we both followed Bella into the Live Lounge. Daly found somewhere to sit and we left him all the coats. I went down to the stage with Bella. They were doing some sort of contest/game with everyone so the dance floor was full of children and adults.

We were first graced by the fun stars having a dance to get the crowd pumped. Bella enjoyed the dancing. The male fun star really got into it. It was so funny to watch I was cracking up through out. I filmed a bit of it and told Daly that if anyone was ever feeling down all they have to do is watch that video and it’ll put a smile on their face.

After some dancing there was a group game. the audience had been split into two groups. The blue team and the yellow team. Bella and I were on the blue team. The first game was to bat a beach ball from one team to the other. We had 60 seconds to try and get the ball over to the other team.

We had 3 rounds. We won the first round and then lost the second. We did get to hit the ball although I got a little over excited hitting it and Bella ended up getting a little knock. She was ok though.

After the game Bella had had enough of the Live Lounge so we headed back into the arcade. I got Bella a pot of 2ps and her and Daly hit the machines. They played on one of the machines and Bella even managed to get out two prizes as well as some 2ps. Daly tried to teach her to fill the coin slot and tap the coins in rather than posting them one at a time.

Turned out Bella wasn’t too interested in the 2p machines. Instead she wanted to give the arcade games a go. She had another go on the train. She does love that ride it seems. And because it’s a ride she enjoys and she’s having good time I’m happy to spend a pound every time.

The ride soon finished and she had to get off. She wanted to have another go on a grab machine so Daly had a go on a sweet grab machine but sadly didn’t win anything.

We decided to leave the grab machines. Bella found the bowling machine. We have one at our local arcades that she enjoyed playing with Cathy and Nathan so of course she wanted a go today. I gave her the money and let her get on it.

She tried hard to roll the ball down to the pins. Sadly Bella wasn’t able to hit any of the pins, she did however rack up a few gutter balls.

Daly helped Bella out. They were taking it in turns. Bella would roll first and then Daly would complete the play. They managed to win a few tickets before moving onto the next game.

The next game we moved on to was the clown game. You have to throw balls at the clowns heads to knock them down. Daly loves this game and so does Bella. It was lovely to watch them play together. I helped a little bit but I wasn’t very helpful holding coats and bags.

Sadly the ticket section wasn’t working on this machine but we weren’t too bothered. We were just having fun.

Next up Daly wanted to gave a go on the basketball game. Daly gets right in to it. When I take Bella to the arcade I let Bella play but Daly gets to into to let her help him. So sadly she had to watch. She ended up browsing the other games near by while Daly tried to win tickets.

Now Bella had seen this bean bag toss game and she really wanted a go. I’d never actually seen this game working so didn’t get how it worked but I gave into let Bella have a go.

It turns out it was a pretty good game. You had to toss the bean bags into the holes at the end of the run. I didn’t quite know which hole you were suppose to aim for but it was fun throwing bean bags in the holes.

It was quite fun to play a game as a family. We all got into it. Daly and I were able to get the bean bags into the holes, while Bella threw the bean bags and they would land on the conveyor belt and come back to her.

Turns out we did pretty well on this game. We managed to win loads of tickets. We even ended up having a second go with how much we enjoyed it and how well we did.

Once we’d finished in the arcades and won plenty of tickets we thought we’d call it a night and head back to the caravan. Daly carried Bella home on his back as she was in no mood to walk.

When we got back to the caravan Bella looked like she was trying to forwards roll so I thought I’d teach her. I used to coach cheerleading, so I’ve taught plenty of people to forwards roll. That’s the reason I wont send Bella to gymnastic classes at the moment. They’re all mother and toddler sessions where they don’t learn anything they just jump around the place and have soft play. So until she’s at the age where gymnastic classes will teach her skills I’ll be teaching her at home with her own build in qualified cheer coach with gymnastic training.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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